Book 3 Chapter 5.1

Book 3 Chapter 5.1 - Dream of Changes

On their way back, the silent calling felt even stronger. That was a force that seemed to tug at every cell in his body. However, this made Su’s decision to head back even more firm. His will was incredibly resolute, forcibly suppressing all of his body’s cries as he walked towards the base one step after another. 

Su didn’t want to take meaningless risks. He knew that his existence was extremely important for many people right now, and perhaps it would become extremely important in the future. 

Su knew that Pandora wanted him, and he similarly longed for Pandora. However, all of his reasoning told him that Pandora’s true strength was far, far above his current self’s. The result of a battle between them was self-evident. That was why Su decided to avoid Pandora and let dragonrider generals deal with...

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