Book 3 Chapter 5.1

Book 3 Chapter 5.1 - Dream of Changes

On their way back, the silent calling felt even stronger. That was a force that seemed to tug at every cell in his body. However, this made Su’s decision to head back even more firm. His will was incredibly resolute, forcibly suppressing all of his body’s cries as he walked towards the base one step after another. 

Su didn’t want to take meaningless risks. He knew that his existence was extremely important for many people right now, and perhaps it would become extremely important in the future. 

Su knew that Pandora wanted him, and he similarly longed for Pandora. However, all of his reasoning told him that Pandora’s true strength was far, far above his current self’s. The result of a battle between them was self-evident. That was why Su decided to avoid Pandora and let dragonrider generals deal with this mysterious and terrifying girl. This was definitely not what Pandora wished for, and things that the enemy did not like were usually good things. 

“Leader, you good?” Li Gaolei looked at Su with a bit of worry. Ever since they started the battle, he had never seen Su’s steps be so strenuous and difficult. It was clearly level ground, yet it was as if Su was walking through a swamp. However, what was strange was that Su had a radiant smile on his face, and this charming smile even made his face light up a bit. 

“I’m fine, just a bit tired from walking. However, this fatigue makes me quite happy.” Su smiled as he replied. 

Su’s reply was just as strange as his smile, but Li Gaolei simply shrugged his shoulders, no longer questioning him any further and instead vigilantly watching his surroundings in preparation for potential battle. 

Within a certain abandoned inhabited area, the giant Martham who Su previously encountered was currently sitting in a room that had long been left behind. He looked throughout the tattered window towards the gradually darkening world. Those somewhat muddled and different eyes contained sullen and deep emotions that didn’t seem to match his enormous body. 

Martham’s left arm was currently separated from the elbow down. The front half of his arm was placed at the center of the room. The palm was split open, revealing a sparkling and translucent oval-shaped crystal that released faint radiance. This crystal was currently projecting Pandora’s image. Pandora looked like she was asleep underwater, her body floating up and down and her hair scattering about in the air. 

Her eyes were closed, as if she was fast asleep. However, a precise and robotic voice sounded in the air. “Su is currently leaving. He rejected my summoning.”

“I’ll go and cut him off. Do you want him dead or alive?” Martham asked while standing up. However, in this slightly smaller room, his enormous body could only half squat on the floor. 

Pandora’s voice was just as sweet to listen to as before. “Su has to be captured alive. You can carry out all measures you deem necessary, including your own death to ensure that Su remains alive.”

Martham’s body shook a few times. He knelt down in front of Pandora’s projection and asked, “Why must you capture Su?”

“That is not something you need to know.”

Martham became silent. Only when Pandora’s projection disappeared did he collect the arm and reattach it to his body. The parts of his flesh that had already completely separated began to wriggle, and a few minutes later, they completely merged together. Even the skin grew over both parts again, as if his arm had never been separated before. 

Martham suddenly stood up. His incredibly hard head smashed through the ceiling with a loud noise, and even his shoulders smashed through! Then, he walked forward with large steps. The house made of cement, hollow bricks, and wood seemed just like a paper-mache as it collapsed under Martham’s movements. 

When night was about to descend, Su was hiding in the ruins’ shadows. His left hand was firmly wrapped around the throat of a Scorpions of Disaster soldier, while the short blade in his right hand was inserted between the gap between his ribs, accurately piercing through his heart. Through the blade of the knife, Su could even feel the forceful beating of his heart. The pulse was powerful and had a clear rhythm, but within this strong force was an exceptionally flourishing vitality. This type of life force was just too exuberant, to the extent where even Su felt that it was a bit strange. 

Su lowered the body that was still warm down. When he removed the soldier’s helmet, he saw a young man’s face. He had a rather clean appearance, with a face that could be considered handsome, only, during the moment before his death, his facial expression became somewhat distorted. From his bone structures, this young man should be about sixteen or seventeen years old. In the wilderness, this age was already considered mature, and the body would have already fully developed, so there shouldn’t be such exuberant vitality. This level of vitality was like that of an infant that had not been weaned yet. 

There were 11 soldiers total in this Scorpions of Disaster troop. This was the sixth one that died under Su’s hands, as well as the final one. There were men and women included in these six soldiers, and they all looked young and rather clean. Their movements were nimble, and their physical strength weren’t bad. Their weapons and equipment were simple and effective, with firepower that wasn’t weaker than those of most Black Dragonrider ordinary soldiers’. However, just like the other soldiers that were being controlled, these soldiers’ reaction speeds were a bit more simple and sluggish. Of course, this was only when compared to what they were capable if they had complete freedom, so their reaction speeds weren’t much inferior to those of ordinary soldiers. 

Exceptionally exuberant vitality was something this troop of soldiers all shared, and only today, when he completely relied on close combat to eliminate his opponent did Su vaguely sense this point. In the past battles, Su would always rely on calm and precise snipes to eliminate his opponents. Even though he no longer had a custom made sniper rifle at his side, an ordinary new era rifle, in Su’s hands, could still display most of the effects a sniper rifle could. 

Unknown whether it was as a result of that silent calling, Su’s instincts became exceptionally fierce. When he encountered this Scorpions of Disaster troop, he immediately threw aside the rifle and pulled out his military dagger before slinking into the ruins’ shadows. When he threw himself onto the first Scorpions of Disaster soldier, Su still didn’t understand why he suddenly felt a strong urge to fight in close combat. 

After eliminating the final scorpion, Su stood on the roof of a building. He swept his eyes over the surroundings, his faint green gaze glowing like a drifting glimmer of radiance. Su’s body was also only faintly discernible, making him look like a ghost. 

The vague sounds of gunshots sounded from the distance, concentrated and intense. It was unknown which dragonrider was currently engaging with Scorpions of Disaster in combat. Su had no intention of helping out, because dragonriders were all used to fighting alone instead of coordinating with each other. If a dragonrider didn’t notify the other dragonrider before joining in the fight, it was quite likely that he or she might end up facing attacks from both the Scorpions of Disaster, as well as the dragonrider and subordinates. However, this battle was taking place right between Su and the base, so if he wanted to avoid this battle, not only did he had to make quite a detour, he might even end up encountering unnecessary battles. 

The information regarding nearby dragonriders quickly flowed past Su’s head. Even though there were lower and higher ranked officers, regardless of which one it was that was fighting, Su had confidence in completely destroying them on the battlefield. That was why Su decided to continue heading straight for the base. 

When Su’s military dagger had just pointed in the base’s direction, an extremely uncomfortable feeling covered his body. This type of feeling was solid and heavy, as if a mountain made of dirt was heavily pressing down on Su’s body, making it hard for him to even breathe. The moment he received this feeling, the giant Martham immediately appeared in Su’s consciousness.

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