Book 3 Chapter 4.3

Book 3 Chapter 4.3 - Swamp

What would happen if they met? Su’s rationality told him that he had to stay away from Pandora, that his current ability wasn’t enough to face the terrifying little girl. However, his instincts were urging Su to continue heading northwest. Su already vaguely sensed the Scorpions of Disaster’s formation a few days ago. Back then, there were a few times when they could break out from the enclosure and return to the base, but as he struggled to make a decision, he let those chances go one after another. 

Su brought out the portable intelligence system and set it to a specific frequency. He sent out a message, the contents extremely simple: How are things going?

Soon after, a line of message returned. “I can continue for at least another month, leader! N958 really is fucking great, but what a pity it is that we can’t go inside. There are scorpions everywhere around it, fuck!”

Su laughed and put away the intelligence system. Kane really was a good fellow, just that he was a bit too wordy....

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