Book 3 Chapter 3.6

Book 3 Chapter 3.6 - Righteousness In Vengeance

Su slept for a bit. Early in the morning, he was woken up by the vibrating portable system. Su opened the intelligent system, and what appeared on the screen was an unfamiliar blonde young woman. Her cool and elegant appearance was somewhat similar to Persephone's, but far less radiant. With a pure and refined aristocratic tone, she said, “Greetings, Lieutenant Commander Su. I am Black Dragonrider general headquarters General Morgan’s secretary. The general hopes that he can meet with your distinguished self. I hope I did not disturb your distinguished self’s rest. Goodbye.”

Her tone of speaking was cold and arrogant, but what she said completely chased away any sleepiness Su was still feeling. There was only a single General Morgan in the Black Dragonriders, and that was General Josh Morgan. However, based on what Persephone told him, General Morgan rarely meddled with Black Dragonrider affairs in recent years, and the job of expanding into foreign areas became the responsibility of some younger generals. General Morgan’s vast and terrifying subordinates were also scattered across various places of the family’s property, rarely grouping together to carry out any large scale operations. 

Why was General Morgan looking for him?

Su put on his Black Dragonrider uniform and carefully cleaned up his outer appearance before leaving his residence and heading towards dragonrider general headquarters. Regardless, General Morgan definitely wouldn’t have people hiding in his office to plot against him, because there was absolutely no need. 

At eight fifty, Su stood outside General Morgan’s office located on the seventh floor. He knocked on the door. 

The blonde secretary that appeared on his intelligence tablet just now opened the door. When she saw Su whose posture that was as accurate as a statue, her eyes couldn’t help but light up. A hint of a smile appeared on her face that was originally like an icy mountain as she said, “Lieutenant Commander Su, the general is waiting for your distinguished self.”

When Su walked through the door, the blonde secretary only slightly moved to the side, her impressive chest almost brushing against Su’s arms. It was to the extent where when he walked into General Morgan’s office, Su only had two impressions of this woman, first that her chest was extremely large, and second that her collar was extremely low. As for how she looked, Su didn’t remember at all. 

When he walked inside, Su saw a thin elder. The general’s uniform was hung on a clothes rack, and there wasn’t a tie on his light colored shirt either. He seemed to be sitting behind his office table in a rather carefree and comfortable manner. Even though he possessed a pair of hawk-like eyes, the feeling they gave off was one of generosity and warmth without a trace of intimidation. Through the office window, one could see a boundless great sea that stretched towards the horizon. One could vaguely make out an enormous warship wreckage that floated on the ocean surface day after day, forming a dignified and desolate scene. The clouds in the sky were extremely thick, so the entire ocean surface was dark. White foam appeared on the icy cold ocean surface wave after wave, continuously battering against the broken seawall. 

General Morgan noticed that Su was observing the scenery outside the window. He lightly tapped on the bronze bell on his table before saying, “The scenery here isn’t bad, but only when there is sunlight would there be a truly magnificent view. I frequently think to myself how during the olden era before war broke out, people could see such a spectacular scenery every day, yet they didn’t know how blessed they were.”

“I read from books that people from the olden era were extremely busy. They would almost never stop to observe the scenery around them.” Su said. 

“That’s correct, only those from our era understand how precious sunlight is. Have a seat, Lieutenant Commander Su.”

After Su sat down, the blonde secretary walked in. She carried two cups of coffee, offering Su one of them. 

“The coffee here isn’t bad. I suggest you give it a try.” General Morgan said with a smile. 

After having a taste of the coffee, General Morgan placed the coffee cup aside and said to Su, “Lieutenant Commander Su, you have been inside the Black Dragonriders for over half a year. During this half a year, you and your subordinates have added quite a bit of trouble for me.”

Morgan tapped a few times on the screen beside him and said, “Let’s ignore the older things for now. There were two Black Dragonrider lieutenant colonels that died under the hands of Ricardo and yourself. Before that, after a captain was beaten down by you, due to psychological shock and depression, he decided to retire. A dragonrider candidate from the William family had his bottom blasted apart from one of your gunshots and needed four months to recover, thus delaying his entry into the Black Dragonriders. Oh, right, even more people from the Fabregas family had died under your hands.”

General Morgan paused for a moment before continuing, “Your subordinates are quite formidable too. Let me see, right, during the incident that took place in the evening the day before yesterday, your two subordinates smashed apart all of gray street, killing two people and injured thirty-eight. They even seriously injured a private first class rank dragonrider, haha, truly something. Hm? This is a bit interesting… ‘area defense strengthening?’... isn’t this a Combat Domain rare fifth level ability? This girl named Li is only 18 years old, en, her talent is quite excellent!”

General Morgan’s interrogation was actually quite severe. Su knew that this meant that he was likely to interfere seeing the most recent internal conflict. However, the general’s tone then lightened up and became gentle again, leaving Su a bit unsure about what he was trying to say. Su chose his words extremely carefully, not wishing to add another enemy onto Persephone’s list because of his own actions and said, “General Morgan, I must give an explanation. After entering the Black Dragonriders, due to reasons everyone understands, I was put into battles I had to win. As for my subordinates, the matter on that night the day before yesterday, it was also the other party that provoked them first…”

“I know about all of these, you don’t have to worry. Wait, what is this now…” General Morgan cut off Su’s explanation and suddenly noticed something from the report. He carefully read it, and only after a while did he raise his head. With a smile, he said, “Area control, this is an ability with quite the potential for growth. Lieutenant Commander Su, you’ve gotten yourself two subordinates with strength that rivals formal dragonriders! Even I am a bit jealous.”

Su didn’t know how to reply to that statement and could only remain silent. 

General Morgan sat up straight and put away his smile. With a serious voice, he said, “However, my intention in bringing you here is to tell you that this internal struggle should come to an end! Strictly speaking, the Black Dragonriders isn’t that large, and the number of dragonriders isn’t large enough. Compared to our enemies, we could be considered pitifully few! Black Dragonrider officers shouldn’t be dying due to internal struggles, and right now, too many had died. The number has already reaching an intolerable level.”

Su continued to remain silent. He stared at General Morgan, his left eye not revealing any fear, only calmness. 

“I know that these fights did not arise completely because of you, which is why you can relax. From today on, I will inform the relevant parties not to do any more stupid things. Meanwhile, I hope you can use your fighting strength on our enemies. There is a map here, and on it is displayed our current battle situation, as well as the distribution of our enemies. You can look over it and then choose a direction.” General Morgan pushed a thin sheet of paper in front of Su. 

Su picked up the map, but didn’t look at it. Instead, he looked at General Morgan and said, “General, I believe your distinguished self knows where my worries lie.”

A smile continued to rest on the elderly man’s face. “At the very least, I can promise you that when you go out to fight, your people inside Dragon City will be safe.”

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