Book 3 Chapter 3.4

Book 3 Chapter 3.4 - Righteousness In Vengeance

Lynch suddenly loosened his grip on on Helen’s hand, and the dagger in his hands magically disappeared as well. He straightened out his body and sat like a disciplined soldier. Meanwhile, Helen just happened to pull back her hand and sit down once again. She didn’t have any abilities, at least not any Combat Domain abilities. However, she moved the same moment Lynch moved his hand, precise to the limit of her body’s abilities. 

The corners of Lynch’s eyes jumped a few times. He rubbed his beard, and as if nothing had happened just now, he said, “Meeting me here, do you want me to work for you? If that is the case, then I don’t believe I have any reason to refuse. Can I hear the conditions?”

Helen said, “It seems like you are a bit smarter than what I expected. I know what kind of price you’ve asked for before, so let’s just take seventy percent off of that, no time limit. During this time period, you have to obey all of my orders, and you cannot accept anyone else’s commissions.”

Ha, basically slavery!” Lynch loosened his shoulders and said, “It seems like I don’t have the ability to refuse. However, rather than accepting these conditions, why don’t I just have my way with you and then fight against Su to the death?”

A somewhat impatient look appeared on Helen’s face again. In an indifferent voice, she said, “Fight against Su? Do you have the ability to do so? Moreover, I can tell you that going on me won’t bring you the slightest bit of pleasure, neither mentally or physically. You will find that it won’t be able to make up for your losses at all.”

Lynch laughed embarrassingly and downed a large glass of strong liquor before saying, “Fuck! I don’t have that kind of courage. Living is still too fucking interesting! Last question, why did you choose me?”

“Su wouldn’t always be a sniper, so I need a new sniper. You barely met the standard.” Helen’s words were just as brutal as before. 

“Fine then! Count it as me being unlucky to have met you monsters! I’m leaving. If you need me for something, you know how to get in touch with me.” Lynch stood up to leave. 

“Your matters shouldn’t have ended yet, right?” Helen looked at Lynch with a gaze that looked like unmoving ice. 

Lynch looked at the hand Helen placed on the table. He struck his own head with his palm and walked back with large strides. He poured the strong alcohol onto the table, and then he fired a bullet at the flowing alcohol. The strong liquor immediately ignited. This type of alcohol with special ingredients was much stronger than normal alcohol, so when it burned, its temperature was far greater than when ordinary alcohol was ignited. 

Lynch pressed his left hand down on the flames without the slightest hesitation. The high temperature flames licked at his palm, immediately creating chi chi sounds. It was obvious that Lynch didn’t have any heat resistant abilities, or maybe he did, but wasn’t using it. Only when the center of his hand had been charred black did Lynch slowly retract his hand. When he saw an expression of satisfaction from Helen’s face, he immediately released a sigh before turning around and leaving the bar. His movements were hurried to the extent where he appeared somewhat flustered. 

With the dragonriders’ medical technology, Lynch’s left hand could definitely completely recover. However, the pain and suffering the burning process brought about wasn’t something just anyone could endure, especially for a sniper equipped with Perception Domain abilities who had a much greater sense of pain compared to others. 

Helen continued to slowly drink her own alcohol. However, there was already no one who dared to have any ideas on her. 

When darkness surrounded Dragon City, Su received a line of information from his intelligence system that stated 300 thousand was transferred into his account. Su looked at this screen for a long time before deciding to close this intelligence system. 

He knew that this 300 thousand was half of what Ricardo received from Tidan. However, were two Black Dragonrider lieutenant colonels really only worth that much? Perhaps when they were alive, they truly could intimidate most people, but now that they had died, their families and assets were similarly assessed and divided up. 600 thousand and 6 million didn’t really make all that much of a difference. 

This was the result of defeat. Subordinates would be buried or become slaves, while women would become the playthings of others. While children… children would be completely eliminated. 

Su stood in front of a window. He reached out a hand and pushed open the window, allowing the ice cold winds of night to blow against his face and body. A rare cigarette was ignited. He took a deep breath. The cheap cigarette’s poor quality tobacco released a strong and stinging smell, but it instead gave Su a familiar and reminiscent feeling. When he was in the wilderness, he was only willing to smoke the poorest quality cigarettes, and even then, it would be an extremely long time before he would smoke another one. 

Inside the smoke, his experiences in Dragon City seemed to resurface one after another. Su knew quite well that everything Ricardo said was correct. He couldn’t take on the consequences of defeat at all. Meanwhile, if he wanted to continuously win, apart from needing a bit of luck, he also needed an ice-cold heart. 

An ice-cold heart that was practically devoid of emotion. 

Su connected the portable intelligence system to the personal system inside his place of residence and began to carefully read through all of the equipment, technology, abilities, equipments, and supplies he had the authority to access. The most important thing was establishing a new armed force, to re-equip the three subordinates, and to stock up on necessary supplies and ammunition. Su discovered that the equipment for a single person was already extremely expensive. If he wanted to create an entire armed force, even if it was just a small measly troop of a dozen or so individuals, his 300 thousand would easily be used up, and that would just be the beginning stages. Those dragonriders with several hundred subordinates, unless they had the support of their families, it would be impossible for them to support such a large army solely by relying on themselves. 

The personal intelligence system was sent over by Helen to help Su deal with normal documents and form combat operations. After all, the portable system was always connected to dragonrider headquarters, so using that to create a plan posed a bit of a security issue. However, with the thinking speed and data processing Su’s brain could currently handle, he could already complete this task without the need for an assistance from an intelligence system, but he still accepted Helen’s gift to avoid letting her learn about the secrets of his brain. Su didn’t doubt in the slightest that even with his relationship with Persephone, if Helen had an interest in his brain, she might put him under anesthesia, cut him open and remove large portions for research. 

Only after working late into the night did Su finally produce a new plan. He could establish a small troop around 20 or so individuals in size and provide Li and Li Gaolei with the minimum amount of combat equipment. Once he implemented the plan, Su would only have 30 thousand left for emergency use. In terms of the difference in scale, the new troop’s combat strength and the previous army that numbered over a hundred couldn’t be compared. However, Li and Li Gaolei’s strengths somewhat increased, and Su even more so developed a seventh level ability, so their overall strength shouldn’t be that much weaker than what it was in the past. This was, unless they ended up accepted a few special missions, in which case the smaller scale of the army would affect them a bit. 

After finalizing some final details, Su rubbed his somewhat sore forehead, inwardly admiring those dragonrider bureaucrats whose bellies were growing larger by the day in general headquarters. Only when he did it himself did he discover that things like putting together a plan, allocation of equipment, creation of an army, and pairing of abilities were actually this complicated. 

After storing this plan into the personal intelligence system, he turned it off. In reality, he had already stored an identical copy of the plan into his eternal memory area. Now that his memory area had increased, apart from the automatic stockpiling of the sceneries of places he passed by, there was still thirty percent of empty space that hadn’t been used. 

As soon as he closed the intelligence system, Su suddenly sensed two people hurriedly walking towards his residence, arguing over something as they came. A minute later, slamming sounds could be heard on the door, completely disregarding the gentle electronic voice that had already sounded to inform the owner of their arrival. 

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