Book 3 Chapter 3.4

Book 3 Chapter 3.4 - Righteousness In Vengeance

Lynch suddenly loosened his grip on on Helen’s hand, and the dagger in his hands magically disappeared as well. He straightened out his body and sat like a disciplined soldier. Meanwhile, Helen just happened to pull back her hand and sit down once again. She didn’t have any abilities, at least not any Combat Domain abilities. However, she moved the same moment Lynch moved his hand, precise to the limit of her body’s abilities. 

The corners of Lynch’s eyes jumped a few times. He rubbed his beard, and as if nothing had happened just now, he said, “Meeting me here, do you want me to work for you? If that is the case, then I don’t believe I have any reason to refuse. Can I hear the conditions?”

Helen said, “It seems like you are a bit smarter than what I expected. I know what kind of price you’ve asked for before, so let’s just take seventy percent off...

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