Book 3 Chapter 3.3

Book 3 Chapter 3.3 - Righteousness In Vengeance

Ricardo already watched enough and no longer worried about how Tidan was going to struggle for 100 percent profit. He made a gesture towards the people below and said towards Su, “Alright, there’s nothing left for us to do here. We should just let them torment each other! We still need to return and figure out what we do from here. The losses from the operation this time weren’t small, so our time right now is extremely precious… wait Su, what is going on with you?”

Ricardo discovered that Su was unusually tired. However, Su only laughed without saying anything. Ricardo began to think to himself, and then he looked around him, but didn’t notice anything. He didn’t look into it too deeply and led Su to an offroad vehicle before departing. 

On a distant street, a rather agile off-road vehicle started up before slowly driving away. Inside the vehicle sat a black individual that was already getting on in his years. The corners of his lips below a gray beard were tilted upwards, forming a vague smile. 

As he watched buildings pass by outside the window one after another, the black individual revealed a rather enigmatic smile. He sounded like he was talking to himself, but also as if he was talking to an invisible person. “It seems like accepting the bribe last time really was a smart decision. This fellow isn’t someone to provoke.” This wonderful and light off-road vehicle increased speed, making its way through great streets and small alleys, most of them being abandoned and extremely old roads. From time to time, the wheels would run on bulging rocks and cause the vehicle to rise high into the air, but they would always land once again on roads that were barely traversable, displaying how outstanding the skills of the driver were. 

The off-road vehicle quickly moved past a large abandoned region before stopping at the edge of a hidden alley. The black individual got off the vehicle and looked into the alley before directly heading inside. His body was quite clean, or at the least, there was no way he could hide any large weapons. Inside the alley were three bars that faced each other, and in front of every bar were two or three fierce looking men that were standing or squatting on the ground, staring at every person that walked into this alley. 

The black individual stroked the ash gray beard above his lips. He swayed back and forth as he moved past these men, not treating these men’s murderous looks seriously at all. He looked over the signs of the bars and eventually chose one that read ‘Fuck me!’ before slowly walking inside. 

As soon as he entered the restaurant, the black individual’s sharp ears picked up some discussions from the clamoring that interested him.

“Do you see that chick over there? She really isn’t bad! Honestly, this old one hasn’t seen such a pretty girl my entire life!”

“Then why don’t you go up and ask her how much she wants for a night? Either way, the women that come here aren’t any good people. Oh, actually, I should correct myself. No women are good people.”

The one that spoke first was a man in a dark red shirt. He sat by the bar counter, and after fiercely downing a glass of strong alcohol, he wiped his mouth while saying, “Fuck, I really don’t know why, but every time I look at her, it’s as if I’m hugging a block of ice. I really can’t get it up at all.”

The black individual cracked open a grin. He looked towards the corner of the bar, and sure enough, there was a beautiful woman sitting at a table alone. She drank quietly by herself, her eyes focused on the wine bottle in front of her the entire time. 

Even though he had only seen a picture, moreover a blurry picture, with his sight and memory, the black individual was still convinced that the one he was looking for was her. There was a man who, perhaps because he didn’t want to see anything happen between the black individual and the woman, sneakily stood up. Picking up a bottle of alcohol, he fiercely smashed it down on the back of the black individual’s head!

The black individual took a slight step forward, and that already avoided the sneak attack that came from his back. It was almost as if he didn’t even realize what had happened as he directly arrived in front of the woman’s table before sitting down. 

The alcohol bottle that struck out from the back shattered as it landed on the ground. The man fell weakly onto the ground, and from his throat came huh huh sounds, but nothing came out. His body curled up together. Both hands were covering his crotch, and his body continuously twitched about. 

Inside the entire bar, only two or three individuals saw that the moment the black man avoided the strike from the alcohol bottle, he pulled out a small and fine silent pistol, fired at the man’s groin, and then pulled back the pistol with lightning speed again. A vacant space opened up in the noisy and crowded bar. The people here were all looking at the man who fell and didn’t get back up again. Several guards looked towards the bartender behind the counter, and that older bartender shrugged his shoulders before saying, “Throw him out!”

The guards immediately moved forward, grabbing the injured male like a slaughtered pig before dragging him out of the entrance. 

The black individual picked up the bottle of alcohol in front of the woman and poured a glass for himself. He slowly took a sip and asked, “Helen?”

The woman continued to slowly drink. She nodded, but didn’t give the black individual a single look. 

The black man seemed a bit surprised at Helen’s icy coldness, but he didn’t seem to mind it too much. He looked at Helen in a somewhat meaningful manner and said, “I’m Lynch. Did you bring the money?”

Helen finally finished the glass of alcohol that didn’t have much to begin with. She then took out a card before placing it onto the desk. She pushed it towards the black individual and said indifferently, “All inside this card.”

Lynch cracked open a grin. His left hand didn’t accept the card and instead directly grabbed Helen’s right hand. “I believe the price we agreed on should be another 50 percent higher. I feel like using you to make up for that 50 percent isn’t too bad of an idea.”

Helen’s expression didn’t change in the slightest. She continued to maintain her trademark voice as she said, “Are you sure you have an interest in me?”

Lynch suddenly smiled sinisterly. With a fierce grab, he pulled Helen’s entire body onto the table. A lightweight dagger appeared in his right hand and pressed up against Helen’s chin. The tip of his nose seemed to be sticking to Helen’s cheek as he said in a suppressed voice, “Your act might work against others, but I’m different! I’ve played with many corpses, so the colder you are, the more excited I become! Can you feel it? Can you see how hard I’ve become?!”

No matter what Lynch said, Helen’s expression didn’t change in the slightest, and her gaze didn’t seem to fluctuate in the slightest either. 

“There are many ways to increase your worth. The one you are using right now is an extremely foolish method,” said Helen. 

Lynch’s smile was extremely wide, and the tips of his beard stubble were already brushing against Helen’s face. He was enjoying this current situation quite a bit. In a rather slow voice, he said, “Perhaps I’m not raising my own worth! Regardless, your choice to meet me here was a mistake. Even if I decided to fuck you right here, no one will dare to say anything. Perhaps bringing you away might be a better choice.”

“An extremely stupid decision.” If one only listened to her voice, one would feel as if Helen had been sitting calmly the entire time without any changes in position. “No matter what you do, Su will find out.”

“So what?” Lynch smiled. 

Helen continued to speak in an ice-cold voice. “He will definitely find you, and he wouldn’t waste too much time doing so. I believe you understand this point quite clearly.”

“And?” Lynch continued to smile. 

Helen finally frowned, and a rather impatient expression appeared on her face. “I believe that among the corpses you’ve played with, Maria’s was not included among them.”

Lynch was still smiling, firmly grabbing Helen’s hand. However, his body was somewhat stiff, and the physiological reaction he was rather proud of had completely disappeared without a trace.

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