Book 3 Chapter 3.3

Book 3 Chapter 3.3 - Righteousness In Vengeance

Ricardo already watched enough and no longer worried about how Tidan was going to struggle for 100 percent profit. He made a gesture towards the people below and said towards Su, “Alright, there’s nothing left for us to do here. We should just let them torment each other! We still need to return and figure out what we do from here. The losses from the operation this time weren’t small, so our time right now is extremely precious… wait Su, what is going on with you?”

Ricardo discovered that Su was unusually tired. However, Su only laughed without saying anything. Ricardo began to think to himself, and then he looked around him, but didn’t notice anything. He didn’t look into it too deeply and led Su to an offroad vehicle before departing. 

On a distant street, a rather agile off-road...

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