Book 3 Chapter 3.2

Book 3 Chapter 3.2 - Righteousness In Vengeance

He took a step back, letting the woman fall weakly onto the ground. She continuously trembled while whimpering. He fetched a napkin from his pocket, and while wiping off the bloodstains on the whip’s handle, he asked the remaining four women, “Which one of you can tell me where Kafen’s money is? I like honest people. In front of my face, there will definitely be benefits in speaking the truth. 

All of the women, including the one on the floor, maintained their silence, not answering Tidan’s question. 

Tidan seemed to have quite the patience. He pointed to Ricardo in the distance and said to them, “It’s better if you all stop your delusions. There’s no one here to save you, not from dragonrider headquarters, not from the Blood Parliament, and there’s even less of a chance of it happening from Kafen’s friends. In fact, I highly doubt that Kafen had any friends. Even if he did, they were probably all killed by the people over there....

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