Book 3 Chapter 3.1

Book 3 Chapter 3.1 - Righteousness In Vengeance

When a dim light appeared in the sky again, Dragon City began to clamor with noise again. 

Dragon City was extremely large. This large city that used to contain over a million people now accomodated less than a hundred thousand. Most of Dragon City’s territory was still in an abandoned state. Only a small area of land was developed with water and energy supply, serving as its residents’ place of residence. If one wished to, Dragon City’s residents could choose to open their own places of dwelling, and the benefits of that would be that it was private and more quiet, but it came at the risk of being less safe. In addition, since it was far from the web of control, the price of resources would become extremely great. 

Many people of status from Dragon City all chose to construct their own residence. As long as there were enough resources, they could even reconstruct an entire block.


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