Book 3 Chapter 3.1

Book 3 Chapter 3.1 - Righteousness In Vengeance

When a dim light appeared in the sky again, Dragon City began to clamor with noise again. 

Dragon City was extremely large. This large city that used to contain over a million people now accomodated less than a hundred thousand. Most of Dragon City’s territory was still in an abandoned state. Only a small area of land was developed with water and energy supply, serving as its residents’ place of residence. If one wished to, Dragon City’s residents could choose to open their own places of dwelling, and the benefits of that would be that it was private and more quiet, but it came at the risk of being less safe. In addition, since it was far from the web of control, the price of resources would become extremely great. 

Many people of status from Dragon City all chose to construct their own residence. As long as there were enough resources, they could even reconstruct an entire block.

Those truly great figures, for example, Morgan and Rudolph, would reside in their family’s territory outside of Dragon City. As for Persephone, now that she had separated from the Arthur family, the amount of time she spent in Dragon City was quite limited. She had many pieces of private property in Dragon City, and when she came back to Dragon City, she would often stay inside the private hospital. 

Dragon City was extremely safe. The vast and complex subway passage would be cleaned once every year, and strict monitoring and defensive measures were set up. If the enemy decided to invade through the underground passageway, they would find that they instead entered an endless pitfall of death.

Around ten in the morning, Su received a letter in his own residence from Ricardo regarding the venue. From the request of the information provided, Su didn’t wear the dragonrider uniform and only brought simple arms. Su chose two short daggers and didn’t bring any firearms. After all, inside the city’s complicated terrain, it didn’t make too much of a difference whether he had a gun or not. 

Su arrived in front of a wide and cozy villa promptly at eleven as previously arranged. There were shooters situated at high points all around the villa, with seven or eight fully armed soldiers standing in front of the villa to monitor those who came out from the villa. There were several striking traces of blood around the entrance and wall, and below the bloodstains were several corpses. Based on their attire, they should be the villa’s guards. These guards didn’t seem to have any injuries, but their heads almost completely disappeared, seemingly directly blasted apart by some high powered bullets. 

While standing within the off-road vehicles, Su saw Ricardo, as well as the rapid-fire machine cannon in his hand. The end of the machine cannon was still warm; it seemed like the array of corpses was the work of this weapon. 

The people inside the villa were lined up under gunpoint. The villa that exceeded 2000 square meters was divided into three buildings. Thirty or so people lived inside, with a small portion being armed personnel that guarded the building, chauffeurs, chefs, and servants. The true residents of these buildings should be the five women and eleven children of varying ages. There were male and female children, the oldest one a girl that had just reached the age of eleven and the youngest still breastfeeding. 

Ricardo chuckled when he saw Su walk over. In a low voice, he said, “It’s enough if you just watch from the side. There’s nothing left for us to deal with already.”

Su swept his eyes over the people present and noticed that there weren’t that many people sent by Ricardo. Apart from some individuals who were clearly here to join the excitement, there were a few who seemed to belong to several different factions, some of them carrying quite a bit of undisguisable killing intent. There were even some who scanned their eyes selectively over the women and children’s bodies, as if they were picking out animals that were going to be used for labor. 

Su learned from the materials he was provided that this was Lieutenant Colonel Kafen’s villa, and his main household and children should all be here. However, he had never heard that Kafen had property in Dragon City, so it was likely that his main assets were hidden elsewhere. Those women and children should all be Kafen’s family. As a Black Dragonrider lieutenant colonel, Kafen truly was a great figure, and one had to admit that the quality of his women was quite high. 

Su looked around again, this time at the people scattered nearby. His expression changed slightly. In the beginning, because there were many people who didn’t reveal any abilities, Su ended up overlooking them. However, the second time he scanned this area, he noticed that there were quite a few individuals with unique auras, and there were even some who made Su experience strange feelings. Some of them brought him a dark and moist feeling, another sharp pain, and there was even one that gave Su an insect-like feeling. 

Even though these people looked like they didn’t possess any abilities, their identities and backgrounds were definitely not simple; this was the conclusion Su came to. From this distance, even Su’s long-range sensation exceeded its effective range. As such, the feeling he experienced from watching these individuals was vague, more so leaning towards intuition and a type of instinctive feeling. However, this wasn’t something that relied on luck, and was instead a new ability Su formed from the Perception Domain, spirit reaction. This wasn’t a formulated seventh level ability, nor was it on the rare abilities list. Su simply came up with the name of this ability based on his own judgment. 

Ricardo watched as Su observed the surrounding people. A hint of shock flashed past his eyes, and his body tilted towards Su before saying in a low voice, “Those on the outside are agents from various powers of Dragon City that came to observe our actions, as well as to see if they could obtain some profits from this place. As for that fellow…”

Ricardo pointed at a middle-aged male that was strolling about in front of the villa’s entrance with a downcast look. “He is called Tidan, one of the most well known reckless businessmen in the outskirts of Dragon City. I sold all of Kafen and Maria’s asset rights to him. Of course, there was a discount, and we are in charge of ensuring the safety of the recovery process, making sure that dragonrider general headquarters and other families don’t interfere. The price that everything sold for wasn’t enough to make up for our losses, but it’s better than nothing. In addition, with him here, the likelihood of him finding Kafen’s hidden assets should be higher than if we tried ourselves. People like us are only good for fighting. For politics and milking out the last drop of spoils, they are better off handed to a specialist.

Su gave the man named Tidan a look. Tidan was around 190 centimeters tall. He wore a rather older style wind jacket, and in his right hand was a short whip that was only half a meter long made from leather and metal wiring. It didn’t seem to contain much power, yet Su could feel a thick bloody aura from the whip. 

Everyone inside the villa was forced out and divided into different groups under gunpoint. The guards that had their weapons removed from them were moved to the side and squatting right next to the corner of the walls. 

The chefs, maids, and servants were moved to a different group, and the final group that became the focal group of everyone’s attention were Kafen’s women. The children were stuck to the wall and stood by the women’s sides. 

The day was extremely cold. When the women and children were forced out, they didn’t even have time to put on extra clothes, so they were all shivering under the cold winds. 

Tidan slowly walked past these five women, his snake like eyes carefully inspecting every detail on these women’s bodies. He walked back and forth a few times before standing in front of the oldest woman. An extremely nasty smile appeared on his face as he asked, “You are Kafen’s wife?”

The faces of the four other females immediately changed. They seemed like they wanted to argue about something, but the surrounding gun muzzles immediately made them understand that remaining silent was the smartest choice. 

The woman in front of Tidan immediately raised her head. She looked arrogantly at Tidan before coldly saying, “I am! If my husband was here, he definitely wouldn’t let you speak to me like this…”

Tidan’s smile became even greater. However, when this type of smile appeared on his face that carried sharp features, it made one’s eyes feel sore. He laughed like an owl and said, “If Kafen was still alive, perhaps I might be scared. However, do you know how Kafen died? Perhaps I can help you gain a deeper impression…”

Tidan turned the woman around. Then, the whip in his right hand quickly, violently, and cruelly smashed down on her buttocks, delivering so much pain that she immediately fainted before she was even given a chance to gasp. Then, Tidan’s right hand moved, immediately waking that woman back up. 

“Lieutenant Colonel Kafen allowed someone to insert a rod right in here, remaining upright in the tundra as a statue…” Tidan’s voice was so deep and low that it was like that of a devil’s. 

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