Book 3 Chapter 22.9

Book 3 Chapter 22.9 - The Ignorant Don’t Feel Fear

The three soldiers that used a broken wall as a bunker originally wanted to pull the trigger, but they insteads saw that the hands of the officer at Henry’s side had unknowingly when acquired a unique model rifle. The rifle’s muzzle shifted over with great speed, leaving behind afterimages, and then it fired three blasts of fiery light!

Bang bang bang. After the three muffled gunshots sounded, everything above the three soldiers’ waist, as well as the corresponding areas of the broken wall simultaneously disappeared! In the moment before their deaths, they all seemed to recall for some reason that this rifle’s muzzle was shockingly thick...

Li who was originally walking towards Madeline rolled on the ground and then leapt out. Like a leopard, she landed behind the remaining half of the broken wall. When she landed, a large caliber pistol already appeared in her hands, and the muzzle was already aimed at Henry’s head! However, her expression continuously changed several times. Not only did she not fire, the muzzle slowly lowered. 

The officer with the thick beard pointed his gun’s muzzle at Li Gaolei’s head. He was currently staring coldly at Li. 

Henry crossed his arms. His fiery gaze only did a spin around Li’s body, and then it gazed into the vehicle fleet hidden in the darkness as if he was searching for something. He didn’t seem to treat the large caliber pistol in Li’s hands as anything important. Sousa stood at Henry’s side in a seemingly carefree manner. However, as long as Li made any strange movements, he could immediately move Henry out of Li’s trajectory. 

“Throw the gun away, come out, and kneel!” The officer shouted. 

“Li! Fire! Bring her away!” Li Gaolei suddenly roared! His roar was immediately cut off by a heavy military boot that smashed over from the side! The power of this kick was extremely great, sending Li Gaolei tumbling through the air several times before smashing once again onto the ground, once again unable to move a single step. 

“Stop!” Li shouted loudly. She flung her pistol away, and then she jumped out from behind the broken wall, standing in front of several dozen black and deep muzzles. 

Her face became pale. She was so angry her entire body was trembling, but she didn’t dare move. The rifle in the officer’s hands was close to 30mm in caliber, simply a hand cannon. If it fired at Li Gaolei’s head under such close distance, he wouldn’t be able to defend himself even if he had eight levels of defensive strength. In addition, the strength Sousa used to immediately knock down Li Gaolei possessed eight levels of speed and power. Under this overwhelming strength, Li didn’t have any room to retaliate. 

Li forcefully calmed herself down, and then she coldly said, “We are Colonel Su’s subordinates. You all…”

Henry broke out into hysterical laughter, cutting off Li’s words. He walked in front of Li and reached out his hand to raise her chin. From the gaps between his teeth, he softly uttered, “Even if it was Persephone that was here, I would still carry out the search!”

Li’s eyes immediately shone. Her left fist struck towards Henry’s ribs, and then her right hand already reached for his throat! As long as she could catch this clearly strange individual, everything would be easy to deal with. Only, as soon as Li’s body moved, her abdomen suddenly received a heavy blow! Everything in front of her eyes immediately darkened. When she was able to see again with difficulty, she noticed that there was only an icy cold surface! Not only her abdomen, but her entire body was twitching. Most parts of her body already no longer obeyed her orders. 

Li breathed with great difficulty, and then she understood that Henry actually had at least six levels of combat ability himself, and only then could she be knocked down by a single strike. 

“Get rid of those hindrances. You all, follow me!” Henry didn’t give Li who was lying on the ground another look and headed straight towards the vehicle fleet. The five soldiers that had been selected followed behind him in a fan formation. 

The bearded officer gave those soldiers that were still hiding behind the bunker a look, and then he suddenly roared, “We are the military police directly under the Blood Parliament! If you don’t wish to die, then all of you should get your asses out here and accept our inspection!”

These ordinary soldiers gave each other a look, and then they stood up with hesitation. They were just a few ordinary soldiers, so they didn’t really have that much loyalty towards Su, at least not to the extent of dying for him. Moreover, the Blood Parliament were the true lords of this place, as well as their true ruler. 

Just as they were standing up with hesitation, the officer suddenly revealed a nasty smile. The rifle in his hands began to open fire, blasting open these soldiers one after another with its powerful bullets. 

He had a strange habit, and that was firing single rounds at a time, yet the firing speed would be comparable to the burst fire of assault rifles. The shockingly accurate shooting even more so displayed his high level weapon control power! A few seconds later, there were already no surviving soldiers on Su’s side. 

The officer stood next to the curled up Li. He stooped down and grabbed her maroon colored hair, and then forcibly lifted her up. After giving Li’s face a look, he began to chuckle. He shouted towards the rear figure of Henry, “Young master! This girl isn’t bad, you okay with me playing with her for a bit? I promise I won’t kill her… no, promise I won’t cripple her, how about it?”

Henry didn’t even turn around. “No! Teacher Westwood has said that Su is worth spending large amounts of money to rope in. You can’t do anything to his people!”

“But… fine!” The bearded man muttered a curse and then tossed Li onto the ground. However, his eyes were still full of desire when he looked at Li. He refused to believe that there was still any hope of roping in Su after Henry had his way with Madeline. 

Henry already discovered tonight’s target, the girl sitting quietly in the off-road vehicle. Even though the glass, Henry could clearly see her azure eyes. Those were two bottomless ponds that his soul could sink eternally into. 

A strange flush emerged on Henry’s face, and his throat even began to released a wild beast like roar. He suddenly threw himself at the off-road vehicle!

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