Book 3 Chapter 22.8

Book 3 Chapter 22.8 - The Ignorant Don’t Feel Fear

A weak engine sound rang through the clouds. Two unmanned drones moved through the clouds full of radiation, passing by the two vehicle fleets and flying forward. The communication device on Henry’s wrist lit up, and a doughty looking officer shouted loudly, “Your distinguished self, we discovered a hidden fleet 1300 meters out. The number of vehicles and composition of the fleet is completely identical to our target!”

“Stop the vehicle!” As soon as he saw the photograph the drone transmitted, Henry immediately screamed outwards!

Following a sharp screeching braking sound, the fleet came to an abrupt stop on the road. Henry directly jumped off the off-road vehicle, and then several dozen fully armed soldiers hurriedly leapt out from the off-road vehicles as well. They followed behind Henry towards the location where the vehicle fleet was hidden. 

“It seems like there is trouble!” Li Gaolei laughed bitterly, and then he stood up from his place of hiding. He suppressed his voice and quietly ordered a soldier, “Send a message to Colonel Su to have him hurry over as soon as he can!”

That soldier immediately opened the communications device, but his face immediately became pale. “It’s not working! They are interfering with all communication in this region!”

Li Gaolei looked at the rather bloated off-road vehicle that was parked on the road, understanding that this was a special vehicle used for electronic warfare. It seemed like the other party expended quite the capital. In addition, from the vehicle’s markings, it didn’t seem to be the insignia of the Black Dragonriders or some family, but instead that of the Blood Parliament!

Li Gaolei forcefully suppressed the unease in his heart, and then he said to Li and the soldiers, “Defend your positions! I am going out to take a look.”

After giving this order, Li Gaolei walked out from the bunker towards the dozen or so fully armed soldiers. Henry moved extremely quickly. When Li Gaolei only walked out 20 meters, he already stood in front of Li Gaolei’s face!

Henry sized up Li Gaolei, and then with a frown, he asked the people beside him, “Who is this fella?”

Standing at Henry’s side was a doughty officer with a face covered by his beard. He gave the intelligence system in his hands a look and said, “Li Gaolei, fourth level weapon control ability, one of Su’s three core subordinates.”

Henry suddenly erupted into unexpected laughter. With a shrill voice, he cried out, “Su’s subordinate? Su’s core subordinate?”

Henry suddenly turned around and grabbed Jast with a single move, dragging him forward. He then pointed at Li Gaolei, and then with his mouth almost sticking to Jast’s ear, he roared, “Do you have eyes? This fella is named Li Gaolei, Su’s core subordinate! Core subordinate!! His core subordinate and fleet were hidden right by our side, yet you fucking told me to continue forward? Huh? Where kind of damn place did you want us to drive to?”

Jast seemed like he almost couldn’t breathe. The hollering by his ear was comparable to thunder. A thin streak of blood flowed out from his ears. The sturdy dragonrider uniform’s collar now completely became a noose, and under the arm that released six levels of ability, his weak body didn’t have any power to retaliate. Even without all the powder on his face, it would still be as white as paper. 

“Su… Su is in front…” Jast’s hands grabbed rigidly at Henry’s arm as he spat out these words one after another with great difficulty from his throat. 

“Su my ass!” Henry’s left hand raised upwards, and then it heavily slapped Jast onto the ground. His right fist slammed heavily down on Jast’s face. Sounds of bones fracturing could be heard just from this very first strike. 

Henry’s right fist continuously rose and fell. Everyone could only hear the muffled sound of smashed flesh and bones breaking, as if it was an apple that was being beaten to a pulp. Jast didn’t even have the chance to scream miserably, and he could only see his legs twitch involuntarily. 

Li Gaolei stood there calmly, but the corners of his eyes were slightly twitching. 

After smashing out more than ten times in a row, only then did Henry seem like he vented out the resentment in his chest. He stood up and adjusted his shirt that had become somewhat wrinkled. Only, the places his right hand made contact with would always have a glaring blood-redness left behind!

At this moment, the officer reported to Henry, “The biological scan has reported that there are 17 people total, 15 males, 2 females.”

"Two females!" Henry’s eyes lit up. He looked at Li Gaolei, and then he slowly revealed a sinister smile. His left hand casually pointed outwards and ordered, “Search!”

Li Gaolei stopped the soldiers that were about to take action, and then with a sunken voice, he shouted, “We are Colonel Su’s subordinates, and this is the colonel’s private fleet, so no one has the right to carry out a search! Who are you all?”

Without waiting for Li Gaolei to finish speaking, Sousa quietly flashed out from Henry’s side, and then he moved in front of Li Gaolei’s face with inconceivable speed. He then sent a hook, heavily blasting it at Li Gaolei’s abdomen!

An absolutely crazy and explosive force slammed into Li Gaolei’s body! He immediately spat out a mouthful of yellow liquid, but Sousa disappeared from Li Gaolei’s face like a specter, not allowing a single drop of the yellow liquid to drop onto his uniform. Before Li Gaolei’s body completely bent, Sousa already appeared behind his body, sending a right fist heavily down onto Li Gaolei’s back!

With a tong sound, Li Gaolei’s tall sturdy body smashed fiercely down onto the hard ground! Dust and crushed rocks immediately flew into the air, and the sharp and clear sound of bones shattering sounded!

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