Book 3 Chapter 22.7

Book 3 Chapter 22.7 - The Ignorant Don’t Feel Fear

Li Gaolei immediately turned around and made a gesture. As a result, the soldiers that were originally rapt with attention began to conceal themselves even better now. 

A weak light shone in the distant darkness, and in the blink of an eye, it turned into a winding dragon of light. A line of off-road vehicles were currently speeding over. Just from the sound and outlines alone, one could tell that this fleet possessed both luxury and strength. The 100 kilometers per hour speed the off-road vehicles traveled at made it clear that these were all high level goods for crossing terrain, with a single vehicle’s price able to purchase Su’s entire fleet!

Li Gaolei relaxed a bit. To move through the dragonriders’ central region of control meant that this vehicle fleet should belong to the Blood Parliament’s forces, or some great family’s important figures. As for why they acted so cautiously, he didn’t want to have any type of contact with this fleet either. He instructed the soldiers to continue to hide themselves and wait for this fleet to pass. 

The place Li Gaolei chose for them to hide in was extremely well hidden, the distance close to a kilometer from the road. They had also carefully cleaned up the tracks along the way. If they didn’t come specifically for them, their whereabouts shouldn’t be exposed. Li Gaolei’s arrangements were measures one would only take during wartimes, and normally speaking, in the central region of control, there was no need for this type of thing. However, tonight, Li Gaolei always had this feeling of uneasiness, which was why he would rather be a bit more careful. 

On the road, the fleet made of eight off-road vehicles sped past. Even with the shock absorption systems, under this type of high speed, these off-road vehicles would still continuously jump in the air before landing again. The large tires continuously rubbed against the ground, to the extent where large amounts of sparks even flew outwards!

The vehicle fleet sped past Su’s hiding fleet in the blink of an eye. Li Gaolei who was hiding in the darkness noticed that the central off-road vehicle was opened. In the middle of the rear trunk stood a tall and skinny youngster, the black jacket and soft white shirt tightly sticking to his body as crazy winds battered against his body. The off-road vehicle was like a runaway wild horse, yet he stood steadily, as if his body was nailed to the vehicle. However, from his posture that was slightly leaning forward, one could see that he was rather anxious right now. 

Henry was indeed feeling extremely anxious, feeling as if there was a raging inferno burning within him. His eyes widened, carefully sweeping his eyes through the surrounding darkness. If he could, he would immediately get rid of all of the darkness in his path! Unfortunately, with his current three levels of perception ability, this was a completely impossible task. Even if his perception abilities reached seven or eight levels, it still wouldn’t be possible. 

Based on the original plan, Henry knew that it wasn’t time to start the hunt yet, and that it should be at least another hour or two before they would catch up to their prey. However, he already couldn’t wait any longer! Inside of his shirt pocket was a photograph that had already been soaked through with sweat, and on it was the silhouette of a girl. 

Correct, it was just a silhouette, and most of her appearance was covered by the spacious brim of a combat cap, but this did not decrease the impact her body displayed in the slightest!

In addition, unlike other people, Henry was clear on her identity, as well as her value! If her appearance was worth 100 points, then her identity would add another 500, and her value would add another 10,000 or even higher! However, in Henry’s ranking, her identity was first, appearance was second, and her value came last at third. 

Henry’s face that was handsome to the extent where it was a bit feminine, started to become a bit distorted due to his anxiety. He suddenly roared in a low voice, “Jast, you didn’t find their traces yet?”

The one in the front passenger seat was a skinny and shriveled male. The snow white face and brightly colored lips on his below average male body did not produce the slightest bit of sex appeal, instead only giving off strangeness. He extended his neck and tightly shut his eyes. As if he was talking in his sleep, he muttered, “Almost! I am about to find them! Keep heading forward! His scent is already becoming more and more concentrated!”

“You said that an hour ago!” Henry roared. However, Jast who was sitting in the passenger seat was already completely immersed in his own world, continuously muttering to himself as if he didn’t hear what Henry said at all. 

Henry’s face immediately fell. He looked at Jast with a pondering look. If it wasn’t because he still had a bit of use, Henry didn’t mind slowly pulling out his vertebra from his body. 

“Drive faster!” Henry roared at the driver. The one that was driving was a stout and strong black-skinned male. Right now, large beads of sweat continuously poured down from his forehead. Under this type of speed, he was doing his best to prevent this vehicle from flipping over, so how could he drive it any faster?

At this moment, the middle-aged man that had been sitting in the back of the car the entire time spoke. “Lord Westwood instructed us to slow down our speed and wait for him to hurry so that we can regroup. I do not feel that there is a need to increase our speed.”

“It’ll take another two hours before he will get here! I am not going to wait that long, I have to catch up to them before daybreak! Hmph, if that old fella dares to give me false intel, I swear I will dig up the corpses of every single one of his ancestors from their graves!” Henry said coldly. 

The middle-aged man said in an unhurried voice, “I believe that the intel he provided us is definitely accurate, as he understands quite clearly the consequences of deceiving us. However, we cannot go any faster right now. In addition, even if we caught up to them, I do not believe they will obediently cooperate with us.”

“Not willing to cooperate?” Henry’s voice became more and more cold. He sneered and said, “Then we will make it so that they have no choice but cooperate! Sousa, is a colonel too hard for you to deal with?”

The middle-aged male laughed and said in a reserved manner, “Other colonels might prove troublesome, but a colonel with eight levels of ability is still someone I can deal with.”

He stressed the words ‘eight levels’, and as a result, Henry knowingly laughed. 

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