Book 3 Chapter 22.5

Book 3 Chapter 22.5 - The Ignorant Don’t Feel Fear

“And what kind of price is that?” Ricardo looked calm. Even though the conversation wasn’t proceeding the way he had anticipated, it still wasn’t bad. As long as Helen was willing to bring up a requirement, then it wouldn’t be too difficult to deal with. 

Helen didn’t reply. At this moment, a robust black male walked in. Several servers tried to stop him, but with just a wave of his hands, these young waiters whose bodies weren’t that weak were sent flying several meters out, landing heavily onto the ground. He walked all the way to the side of the dining table and stood behind Helen. He crossed his hands behind him, and then stood perfectly straight like a sword. When he saw Ricardo cast his eyes over, the black man suddenly revealed a large grin, revealing a mouthful of snow white teeth. He smiled towards Ricardo. 

Ricardo immediately remembered who this black man was. He couldn’t help but cry out, “Lieutenant Commander Lynch!”

When he saw that Ricardo recognized him, Lynch smiled even more happily. His mouthful of white teeth flickered with dazzling radiance. A bad thought surfaced from the bottom of Ricardo’s heart. Why did Lynch appear here? Could it be that Helen already accepted him?!

Just as Ricardo felt as if his heart was going to smash apart, Helen finally said, “Lynch’s tastes are a bit more strange than that of an ordinary man, but it isn’t as unique as yours. Right now, you can carefully observe him and see what kind of price you will have to pay. Lynch!”

“Yes! Boss!” Lynch replied loudly. He took a large step to the side and stood at Helen’s side. His hands still rested behind his body, and his entire body became straight. He looked like the most elite of soldiers. 

Helen reached out her right hand. Her fine, long, and pale fingers lightly tapped on the dining table. This movement alone immediately made Ricardo’s mouth and tongue go dry and his body produce an unsuppressable and powerful physiological reaction! However, his skin was quite thick as well, so he didn’t mind the waiters seeing this strange change. However, what made his eyes go round was that Lynch’s camouflage combat trousers’ crotch position bulged high up, becoming as imposing as a small mountain!

Ricardo’s first reaction was that he himself unexpectedly couldn’t win over this black man! The second reaction was, could it be that Helen was interested in this fella because his thing was large enough?!

Anger insuppressibly surged again!

Helen tapped the table again, and then Ricardo felt as if a bucket of cold water splashed down onto his head. All of his lust immediately disappeared without a trace. What made him shocked was that Lynch’s response was unexpectedly just as quick as his own!

Ricardo’s eyes finally gazed over at Helen. This time, there was unconcealable shock in his eyes. 

“I adjusted his genetic composition so that his reaction is completely within my control. This was to avoid any unnecessary troubles and worry,” Helen said indifferently. Then, she added, “It was just a minor surgery.”

“Then, I…” Ricardo’s voice became a bit dry and rough.

“The same.” Helen replied. She stood up, and then she said a ‘thank you for dinner’ before turning around and preparing to leave. 

Ricardo suddenly jumped up. He grabbed Helen’s arm, and almost in a shouting voice, he said, “Helen! I am being serious!”

Under Helen’s ice cold gaze, Ricardo could only let go disappointedly. With Lynch here, he had no way of making Helen do anything. Even if Lynch wasn’t here, the scene from just now proved that Helen really wasn’t as powerless as she looked to be on the surface. 

What left Ricardo feeling rather surprised was that when she was ready to go down the stairs, Helen suddenly stopped. She gave Ricardo a look, and then she asked in a dull voice, “If there is a need, can I ask for your help?”

Ricardo was first stupefied, and then his eyes immediately began to burn furiously. He spoke extremely concisely. “You may!”

Helen nodded. Then she brought Lynch down with her and left the restaurant. 

Only after a few minutes had passed did Ricardo abruptly raise his fist, releasing a strange cry!

On the road that lead to Persephone’s private hospital, a rather shabby looking off-road vehicle moved at a speed that wasn’t fast or slow. The off-road vehicle didn’t turn on its lights, because for Lynch, the driver, the weak lighting of night was already enough. He drove the vehicle, occasionally giving Helen who was deeply lost in her thoughts a look. He suddenly asked, “Boss, that young fella is quite smart. He might be able to see that your distinguished self only wanted to use him.” 

“He already saw through it.” Helen replied indifferently. 

Lynch was clearly a bit surprised. “Then why was he still so excited?”

“He is extremely self-confident, confident that he can change my attitude. That was why all he needed was an opportunity.” 

Lynch began to laugh, revealing his mouthful of snow white teeth. “In front of boss, all self-confident fellas will die extremely miserable deaths! However, tonight’s manner of doing things doesn’t seem to be your style.” 

“My style?” Helen laughed. Her smile was just as precise and machine-like as before, as if she shifted from one sculpted pose to another. “This truly isn’t my style. However, I believe that I will need his help soon.”

Lynch was a bit baffled too, but soon after, he tossed the all doubts to the back of his mind. From his perspective, if it was a problem not even his boss could deal with, then it was even more pointless for him to worry about it. 

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