Book 3 Chapter 22.4

Book 3 Chapter 22.4 - The Ignorant Don’t Feel Fear

An attendant that couldn’t keep up rushed up the second floor, but when he saw the situation in the room, he cleverly decided to immediately withdraw. 

Ricardo made a slight gesture, and then the banquet hall’s lighting dimmed. A myriad of candle lights seemed to brighten at the same time, and then the sound of music began. The melodious violin and gloomy cello formed a beautiful evening mood. 

Two glasses of aperitif wine were brought under the cheerful music, and at the same time, a large rose flower was brought over. This originated from the olden era, an original rose that had never undergone the slightest genetic change! In this era of turmoil where there was radiation everywhere, it went without saying how expensive a stalk of a pure and original plant was. 

The wine and rose were placed in front of the woman’s face, and then it immediately lost color. Next to her, even an original rose paled in comparison. 

Only, if one looked at her a bit longer, one would notice that the expression on her face didn’t change in the slightest just like a statue. A skilled sculptor could make his work appear to possess life, while this living beauty instead only gave off a cold and mechanical feeling, like a piece of lifeless steel. 

“My dear Miss Helen, it is an honor to meet your distinguished self again. I wonder if this environment brings you any satisfaction?” Ricardo’s attitude and tone were completely in accordance with that of the olden era’s nobility. However, what was regretful was that this extravagant and romantic dinner that could move the hearts of most women in Dragon City didn’t seem very effective on Helen. 

Helen replied unenthusiastically, “I’ll know if it is satisfactory after I’ve eaten.”

Pa! Ricardo snapped his fingers, and then the dinner that was both delicious and lavish officially began. 

When Helen picked up the knife and fork, Ricardo felt a bit absent-minded. He didn’t dare believe that he actually managed to take Helen out on a date!

The silver knife and fork gracefully danced about in Helen’s hands. Her movements were extremely graceful, but what was even more noteworthy was its precision. Every single movement was done without the slightest waste of strength, and the paths they took balanced both etiquette and distance. Then, she maintained her perfect bearing as she moved the food to her mouth in the most efficient method. 

Helen ate quickly, fast to the point where the dishes almost didn’t seem to be able to catch up, and there was almost no time to talk, because her mouth had never been empty. However, even the supervisor who had worked in this restaurant for over 20 years felt that apart from eating a bit too fast, it was difficult for him to pick out anything else that was unusual. 

Ricardo didn’t have any interest in the culinary delicacies in front of him and only silently watched Helen. He originally prepared countless words of love and many poems to open up Helen’s inner heart during this beautiful evening, but when he really sat in front of Helen, he suddenly noticed that he actually couldn’t say a single word. 

Helen’s every movement left him feeling great shock!

When Helen even finished the post-meal dessert, Ricardo only had a glass of red wine left in front of him, and he hadn’t even touched it yet. The dishes that were brought out one after another were taken back again, untouched. 

When he saw Helen gently brush her lips with the snow white napkin, Ricardo finally woke up from his absent-mindedness. “My dear Helen, was tonight’s meal satisfactory?” Since Helen agreed to tonight’s invitation, he felt that he could already add a bit of a prefix before her name. 

Helen spoke without any change in expression or tone. “I do not know about the taste. The calorific value seems relatively low.”

Ricardo wasn’t the only one; even the old supervisor of the restaurant was shaken up by Helen’s words!

The old supervisor had a sense of pride in his work, so he felt resentment towards the fact that his entire night of meticulous care had been completely disregarded. Meanwhile, Ricardo was deeply infatuated with Helen’s unique style. He cleaned up his disorderly and chaotic mind with great difficulty, looked at Helen, and then said with an extremely serious voice, “Helen, I believe that I have already fallen in love with you!”

Helen folded the meal cloth neatly on the table, and then she looked at Ricardo before saying indifferently, “Then I can say with certainty that your tastes really are unique.”

A faint vein began to bulge on Ricardo’s forehead. “Then what are normal tastes?”

Helen replied without the slightest bit of hesitation, “For example, Su, he treats me like an ice cold piece of medical equipment. This is the normal preference a male should have.”

“Then I’ll just be an abnormal man!” Ricardo said with an overcast voice. 

“The price for abnormality is great.” Helen revealed a hint of a smile. Her smile looked just like a portion of a machine. 

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