Book 3 Chapter 22.3

Book 3 Chapter 22.3 - The Ignorant Don’t Feel Fear

“Out of the question!” Su firmly rejected.

Even though he left this time mainly to deliver the fuel to the base, they had to go across the Scorpions of Disaster’s area of defense. After starting up the base, he still had to clean-up the surrounding regions’ Scorpions of Disaster troops. This was not going to be a safe and peaceful process, with the battle possibly even being extremely intense. On the battlefield, Madeline without any abilities would undoubtedly be in extreme danger. 

However, Madeline didn’t seem to hear Su’s words at all. She raised the strangely shaped heavy sword in front of Su’s face and then walked towards the off-road vehicle. The heavy sword’s hilt alone was close to a meter in length, almost the same length as the sword itself. Even...

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