Book 3 Chapter 22.2

Book 3 Chapter 22.2 - The Ignorant Don’t Feel Fear

Before the sky even brightened, Su already left the apartment building. He wanted to complete the rank promotion matters as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the goods General Morgan promised had arrived as well, a total of two trucks of ordinary fuel and one truck of nuclear fuel. The fuel loaded on the three trucks was enough for Base N958 to operate for three years. For the sake of starting up this base, Kane already stayed for a long time inside, repairing everything he could repair. Before going out to battle, Su needed to deliver these trucks of fuel to the base. 

Before leaving through the doors, Su unexpectedly saw Li walk into the apartment. She gave Su her usual greeting before going off to change her clothes. Apart from being completely drenched and her face being a bit pale, Li didn’t look any different from usual. Su didn’t think too much, telling Li to eat some stuff quickly and get some sleep. He then left the apartment. 

Inside the third floor bedroom, Madeline already sat up, quietly looking at the other half of the large bed. Su’s scent still remained on that side. 

She walked to the intelligence system at the corner of the room and started it up. She began to search through the Black Dragonriders’ network. 

The sound of the door being open could be heard again. Li Gaolei also returned. Madeline quietly sat in front of the intelligence system. Sounds could be heard downstairs from time to time, with Li and Li Gaolei exchanging a few words occasionally. 

Both sides seemed to have some formless tacit understanding. Madeline didn’t plan on leaving Su’s bedroom at all, while Li and Li Gaolei didn’t take a single step onto the third floor either. 

The promotion of military rank, acquiring of resources, preparations of battle, and various processes were far more complex than what Su had expected. The entire process, together with the inventory check of goods used up two whole days of time. In the blink of an eye, it came time for him to go out to battle, as well as deliver the fuel to the base. He didn’t even have a chance to conduct an examination for Madeline’s body. It wasn’t that big of a deal that this wasn’t done, as it wouldn’t be too late to conduct it when he came back from this battle. Su didn’t have any intention of having her do the power test herself. With her current state being the way it was, it was best if she just stayed in the room without leaving.

Early in the morning on the third day, Su’s personal off-road vehicle was already parked in front of the gate. The vehicle fleet for delivering the fuel and soldiers serving as guards also arrived at Dragon City’s sentry zone, waiting to group with Su. 

Su, who was completely clad in his combat uniform, carried the electromagnetic rifle’s alloy gun case with him out of the apartment. He tossed the gun case into the rear trunk. Right when he was about to jump into he driver’s seat, the sound of an engine suddenly sounded at the end of the street. A light loading truck turned into this corner and headed in Su’s direction.

Su’s pupils suddenly narrowed. There were only a few dragonriders residing in the region where he lived, and this street even more so only belonged to him. How could there suddenly be a loading truck? 

In the blink of an eye, the panoramic view appeared in Su’s consciousness. The loading truck’s two drivers only had a single level of power strengthening without any other abilities. It seemed like they belonged to general headquarters’ low level staff, and the truck itself didn’t have any special features either. Apart from its fuel cell, there weren’t any other dangerous substances. 

Only then did Su relax a bit. 

The loading truck stopped in front of the apartment entrance. The two meter tall, sturdy looking driver stopped the vehicle. He gave Su who was standing next to his off-road vehicle a look, and then respectfully asked, “Your distinguished self must be Colonel Su?” 

“I am.” Su didn’t know why they were looking for him. 

The truck driver handed over an intelligence terminal and said, “The goods your distinguished self ordered have arrived. We came here to deliver them. However, we need your distinguished self to verify everything.” 

“Goods?” Su became even more confused. He didn’t recall ordering any type of goods himself. However, it did display on the purchase order that he ordered the goods, moreover an order made directly from his personal account.

At this time, the truck driver rushed to the back of the vehicle and helped his companion carry a two meter large chest down from the truck before Su. One could tell just from a glance at these two individuals’ bulging muscles that this chest was definitely not light. 

Su frowned. He opened the goods case. The case had a metal cast large sword. The sword was a meter long and 40 centimeters wide, with the thickest part of its spine being 10 centimeters. The sword was square headed, as if it was a larger sword that had been chopped in the middle. With just a look, Su estimated this strange metal heavy sword to weight 100 kilograms or more. This type of weight, even if it was Su, he could only use it if he used all of his strength. 

Who exactly ordered this strange heavy sword?

“I ordered this sword. I am going with you.” Madeline had unknowingly when appeared at the entrance of the apartment. 

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