Book 3 Chapter 22.11

Book 3 Chapter 22.11 - The Ignorant Don’t Feel Fear

Su chased that mysterious fella, and he had pursued him for close to a hundred kilometers! There was a clear Trials Division aura emanating from his body, as well as superbly concealed killing intent. His perception, hiding, and speed seemed to be equally matched with Su’s. Su didn’t dare loosen his targeting on him, as this type of fella was the most deadly in a dark night like this one. Even for someone like Su, the slightest carelessness could result in his own death under this man’s hands. Now that he already locked onto this person, how could he let his target escape so easily? He was the most dangerous one!

However, only when he was about to chase into the prairie did an unsuppressable chilliness rise within Su’s heart! The other party’s goal was precisely to lead him away from the vehicle fleet! If he chased for another hour, then Su definitely had the confidence of killing this fella, but an hour’s worth of time was already enough for too, too many things to happen!

Su immediately turned around, running back frantically at full speed!

Thus, he encountered the scene from just now. 

The bearded man’s luck really was quite bad. He could avoid an ordinary sniper rifle, but there was no way he could escape the electromagnetic rifle with three times the shooting speed of a sniper rifle. Moreover, with the existence of the panoramic view, even if Su was running at a crazy speed, his hit rate would still be shockingly high. For a static and large target like the bearded male, the hit rate was pretty much 100%. 

Sousa’s body leaned forward. His hands had unknowingly when held curved blades, and he thrusted them at Su’s flank with full force! From that shot alone, Sousa already realized that Su was definitely not the Perception Domain piece of trash he thought he was. Just from the crazy speed Su displayed alone, he could tell that Su was an extremely terrifying opponent!

That was why Sousa already decided to use all of his strength!

The twin curved blades entered Su’s abdomen at the same time, and then the blades’ tips came out of Su’s back! Meanwhile, Su’s electromagnetic knife had already been tossed to the side. His left hand was already gripping Sousa’s throat.

Sousa smiled nastily. He indeed felt the great strength coming from Su’s arm, to the extent where it gripped his throat until his bones released crack crack sounds. His mouth also involuntarily opened. 

However, that was it!

Sousa also had seven levels of defensive strength! His exceptional defensive strength made it so that even if a vital point like his throat landed in Su’s hands, there was still no way for Su to crush the bones in his throat!

The twin blades were already vibrating at a high frequency, blasting the flesh and internal organs it made contact with into a bloody paste. Sousa believed that even if Su truly brought about a miracle, crushing his throat’s bones, the one to die first would still only be Su!

The distance between the two of them was already extremely close. Under this type of distance, Sousa could clearly see Su’s clear green eye, as well as the scene reflected within that pupil. Sousa suddenly discovered that the one Su was looking at was actually not him!

In Su’s pupil, Sousa saw a flustered and exasperated Henry currently grabbing at Madeline’s hair, almost mad as he kicked and struck down!

“Why, why is he not looking at me?” This extremely strange thought surfaced within Sousa’ heart. This was also the last thought he could produce. 

Su suddenly opened his mouth, spitting out a blood arrow straight into Sousa’s open mouth!

This blast of blood seemed to contain its own life, and it could even increase speed midair! When it entered Sousa’s mouth, it immediately turned into several dozen blood stingers, and then they embedded themselves deep into the tissues of Sousa’s body! The blood at the very front moved down Sousa’s throat at an inconceivable speed. The very front formed several dozen sharp claws, and like strange blood bugs, they clawed and tore at the throat walls, forcefully tearing into the depths of Sousa’s body!

Su took a step back, removing himself from the curved blades. Then, with a flash, his figure already disappeared in the darkness.

Sousa stood there, stupefied. His eyes revealed a look of perplexity. He slowly knelt down onto the ground, and then his body suddenly twitched! Inside his body, that blast of blood finally displayed its most sinister side, stabbing out hundreds to thousands of long blood stingers, instantly crushing his internal organs, bones, and brain into pieces. Then, they produced several tens of sharp fang-covered mouths before frantically devouring the surrounding ruined bloody paste!

Henry sent another hateful kick at Madeline. He couldn’t accept the fact that his six levels of combat ability couldn’t make this abilityless girl submit. Since she wouldn’t listen, then he would just strike out, striking her until she was half dead!

However, when this leg trampled down on the air, Henry’s view of the world began to frantically spin!

When the world stabilized once again, what filled Henry’s field of view was a deep and black square muzzle.

His view landed on the gun, and then it landed on the person who held the gun. He finally recognized that what was pointed at him was an electromagnetic rifle, and the one holding the gun was Su, precisely the trash that had eight levels of perception ability. 

Haha, hehe, ah hahahaha!” Henry suddenly began to howl hysterically. 

Then, he suddenly jumped out, completely disregarding the electromagnetic rifle in front of him. He pointed at Su’s nose, and then with the highest pitch voice he could muster, he said, “You wouldn’t dare kill me! You wouldn’t dare! My father is the chairman of the Blood Parliament, he will kill all of you! All of you! Including you, including her, including Persephone, including the Spider Empress! Did you hear me, I said everyone! No matter where you hide, he will find you! Do you understand? Haha, shoot! Why aren’t you shooting?!!”

Henry’s face became completely red from excitement. He pointed at Madeline, and then he roared at Su. “I am telling you, you cannot keep her. Let me tell you a secret. She has the ability to transform, so as long as she gives birth, then that will be a fucking genius like no other! That is why she can only belong to my Bevulas family, and can only give birth to our later generation!”

“Did you just say that your father is Bevulas?” Su slowly asked. The faintly discernible smile made his face beautiful to a dreamlike degree.

“Correct!...” Henry said viciously.

However, his next sentence was stopped in his throat. The electromagnetic rifle’s incomparably sturdy square-shaped alloy barrel smashed through most of Henry’s teeth, deeply penetrating into his mouth, moreover all the way down into his throat!

Then, Su pressed the trigger. 

“No!!!” An extremely mournful and miserable scream resounded through the cold night.

No one knew where Sousa, who already had all of his organs blasted into bloody paste, got the power to release this kind of roar. 

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