Book 3 Chapter 22.10

Book 3 Chapter 22.10 - The Ignorant Don’t Feel Fear

As soon as he only made it halfway there, his body suddenly went rigid in midair! Sousa suddenly appeared, reaching out his hand and stopping Henry who threw himself over. In a quiet voice, he said, “I believe the lord’s intention was to have her join us. If your distinguished self acts like this, the lord will not be happy.”

Henry’s eyes were already completely bloodshot. He stared deathly at Sousa, spitting out one word at a time, “Her body is similarly priceless! Teacher said that any child she gives birth to will be a genius. As long as I can make her give birth, then that will be a genius who carries my family’s bloodline! As long as we have this child, we can completely turn her into a completely powerless **[1]. What can father possibly say then?”

Under Henry’s wild beast like glare, after a moment of hesitation, Sousa finally backed off. He bowed and said, “As your distinguished self wishes!”

Henry released a snort. He no longer paid Sousa any attention, and then he walked towards the off-road vehicle with large steps, staring fixedly at Madeline. He took a deep breath, and then he roared outwards. His hands bore into the vehicle frame, and then with a hysterical scream, he suddenly tore the off-road vehicle in half!

While feeling great excitement, Henry suddenly felt a hint of danger! In his slightly red field of view, something seemed to fly past. 

He suddenly sucked in a breath of cold air. There was simply no time for him to think. He immediately backed up! His arms moved, and then he grabbed two soldiers to protect his own body. However, the feeling of danger still did not dissipate, so in the time it took for sparks to fly off a piece of flint, Henry grabbed another two soldiers to defend himself!

A strand of nearly invisible black energy appeared, and then it scattered away. The bodies of the four soldiers that stood in front of Henry’s body went rigid, and then a streak of blood appeared on their bodies. Their upper and lower bodies then began to slowly separate!

The white shirt in front of Henry’s chest suddenly split. A line of blood gradually appeared on his clear white pectoral muscles, and then blood began to surge out unendingly! He lowered his head and looked at the bloody line that continuously widened. His adam’s apple continuously rose and fell, and his hands trembled. He wanted to stop the injuries from bleeding, but he didn’t dare make any moves!

The bloody line finally stopped moving.

Henry’s body was completely drained of energy. He knelt down, decrepit, and then he unexpectedly began to cry! From his blurry vision, he seemed to have seen a young lady standing not too far away, in her hands a strange looking enormous sword. 

Sousa appeared like a specter again, this time reaching out his hand towards the enormous sword in Madeline’s hands. However, as if the young lady predicted his movements, she slowly raised the enormous sword and pointed the long hilt to the side. Then, Sousa discovered with horror that his own abdomen smashed into the heavy sword’s hilt!

A paleness suddenly flashed past Sousa’s face, and then he released a muffled groan! However, the tremendous force his body possessed caused Madeline to stagger backward, and then the heavy sword was moved to the side. Without waiting for Madeline to regain the heavy sword, Sousa took a forceful step forward. His knee smashed into the sword’s hilt, thus causing the heavy sword to leave her hand and insert itself into the ground several dozen meters away!

The burden of this forceful movement on Sousa’s body was clearly quite heavy as well. His body went momentarily rigid, and then he suddenly spat out a blast of bloody mist!

Madeline’s face became a bit pale. It was unknown where the combat cap flew to. Her gray hair brushed past her forehead, immediately fixed there by fine beads of sweat. 

Sousa appeared behind Madeline, sending a fist down on the young lady’s sleeveless garment, finally making her fall heavily onto the ground. However, he could only stand for a second before being unable to suppress the surging blood, resulting in another mouthful of bloody mist being sprayed out! Even though he finally knocked Madeline down, as if she had foresight, she similarly sent an elbow into Sousa’s chest. 

Ah! Ah!” It was as if Henry woke up from a dream. After crying out a few times, he suddenly rushed towards Madeline’s body. He grabbed her long gray hair, forcibly dragging her head up. Then, almost as if sticking right against her face, with an almost crying voice, he said, “You are mine! You will only ever be mine!”

As if she couldn’t feel the pain coming from her head and back, Madeline gave Henry’s face that was almost touching a look and then indifferently said, “Impossible.”

“Impossible? Ha! What did you say? Impossible?! I will let you know what is called impossible! Do you know what a man is, a man?! Right, I am talking about a man, you will immediately understand!” Henry cried out with a voice that was on edge. He grabbed Madeline’s hair and dragged her out from the depths of darkness. 

Sousa’s expression changed. He followed Henry over, but he saw Henry suddenly turn around. His face was distorted, and then with all of his strength, he roared, “Get lost! You cannot follow me! She is mine, had been mine all along! Apart from me, no one can touch a finger on her body, and no one can see her body! What are you trying to do? Are you going to fight me over her?”

Sousa’s face changed again. After a moment of hesitation, he finally stood his ground, not following them. Only, when he looked towards Henry’s rear view, a rather inconspicuous hint of a cold laugh flashed past his eyes. 

“No!” Unknowingly where she got the power from, Li suddenly jumped over, rushing at Henry. However, she only rushed two steps before having her back heavily kicked by a large foot, and then she was trampled back onto the ground! Li coughed, blood continuously running out from her mouth. However, her body suddenly turned, grabbing that thigh that was as thick as an elephant’s leg, and then she fiercely bit down on the knee pit muscle!”

The bearded officer released a loud howl. His large hand moved, fiercely slamming down on Li’s head and sending her flying outwards diagonally! Li struggled to her feet with difficulty, but her head leaned to the side, and then she fell back down.

“Young master! This girl is quite dishonest, look…” The bearded man opened his throat and hollered in the direction Henry disappeared into.

“Up to you! As long as you don’t fucking bother me!”

The bearded man obtained the answer he was hoping for. He walked over to the already half unconscious Li, raised his leg, and then kicked her legs to the side. He then began to undo his belt with a sinister smile.

Even in this cold weather, he only wore a pair of combat trousers. With just a few movements, his genitalia was exposed. He knelt down between Li’s legs, and then he reached his hands out towards her combat trousers. In front of him, the sturdy Black Dragonrider military trousers were no different from a sheet of paper. 

The muscles on the bearded male’s arm wriggled about. With a rip sound, the sound of tearing added another hint of malevolence to the frigid night. 

“I don’t have any interest in this one!” The bearded man noticed that Sousa was unexpectedly indifferent. Sousa gave the bearded man a look. His expression was quite unpleasant. He looked like he wanted to say something, but suddenly, it changed into a loud roar. 


The bearded male looked at Sousa with confusion. From his peripheral vision, he suddenly caught a hint of inconspicuous green lighting. Immediately after, his upper body was blasted into a bloody mist, and then it changed once again into a blinding flame cloud that rushed into the boundless dark night!

Only two thick but hairy legs remained in his original spot. They respectively tumbled to the side. 

Only now did a soul-ripping, blood-curdling scream resound through the night sky!

Sousa’s face looked like it was covered by a layer of frost. His body became indistinct once again, immediately shifting a hundred meters out to face an indistinct and faint silhouette.

It was Su!

1. Censored in raw and I don’t want to make something up. Use your imagination

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