Book 3 Chapter 21.5

Book 3 Chapter 21.5 - Return

Madeline stood there quietly the entire time, her posture not changing in the slightest. Regardless of whether it was when Li Gaolei greeted her, or when he walked past her, she didn’t show the slightest reaction. 

Su suddenly felt his heart tense up. He knew that right now, she already completely sealed herself up, no longer willing to come into contact with the outside world. In her eyes, from what she perceived, Su was the only thing in her world, just like how it was eight years ago. 

Su tossed the alloy gun case to the side, and then he properly closed the doors, isolating them from the frigid winds and icy rain outside. The room immediately recovered its warmth and peacefulness. 

After leading Madeline to the second floor, Su pointed towards the surroundings and upstairs. “This floor and the floor above are all ours. Choose a room you like, I’m going downstairs to clean up a bit and make something for you to eat along the way.”

As he...

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