Book 3 Chapter 21.4

Book 3 Chapter 21.4 - Return

Li and Li Gaolei gave each other a look. They walked down to the first floor living room to welcome Su, as well as the girl behind him. They could all feel that this girl’s body didn’t exude any aura of abilities. It was the dead of night, so why did Su suddenly bring back a completely abilityless young girl back from the outside world?

In reality, this wasn’t anything strange. Dragonriders were people too, and the higher the strength of a dragonrider, the fewer the restrictions they faced. Even inside Dragon City, if a dragonrider officer killed several ordinary people with no background or status, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. The reason why Dragon City was still relatively peaceful was because General Morgan had publicly expressed that he did not wish to see bloodshed in Dragon City. As a result, if there were any disputes, it was customary to settle it outside of Dragon City, or perhaps at least a bit further away from general headquarters. Dragon City had large numbers of girls with no abilities and background, but for young and pretty girls, the main reason for their existence was primarily to satisfy the desires of dragonriders or other individuals with authority. There was a small chance for them to become one of a dragonriders’ numerous wives, and if they accomplished that, then they could be considered to have made it, from there on being able to leave behind the life of hopping between males. 

The Black Dragonriders’ legal code stated that a dragonriders’ private assets were inviolable, and the established and popular belief was that subordinates and women were a dragonrider’s private assets. 

That was why it wasn’t strange at all for Su to bring back a young girl without any abilities. He was already inside Dragon City for almost a year, yet he only brought back a single young girl, which was actually more strange. Li and Li Gaolei were both already well acquainted with the dragonrider regulations. If it was anyone else, Li would have definitely viciously accused him of being a homosexual, moreover the one on the bottom. However, when that person was Su, Li felt that it was simply inevitable and right. That was why when Su suddenly brought back a girl, Li suddenly felt as if the sky became dark! It was nighttime, however. 

Madeline followed behind Su, quietly entering the apartment. Her head was lowered, the countryside combat cap’s large brim almost completely blocking her face. However, her left hand that gripped onto the corner of Su’s clothes never let go. 

The first floor of the apartment suddenly sank into an extreme quietness!

Even though only a smaller half of Madeline's face was exposed outwards, the overly large hat, gray hair that fell straight down, neutralyl expressioned small mouth, knife sharp chin, and clothes covering her entire body, when all mixed together, regardless of whether it was Li Gaolei or Li, they both felt a heart stopping suffocation. 

Only with great difficulty did Li Gaolei take a deep breath, waking up from his initial shock. No matter which direction one looked from, Madeline was undoubtedly extremely beautiful. Even though her complete appearance couldn’t be seen, the beauty she exerted leaned towards a neutral type. While standing together with Su, it was as if they were two ends of an equal balance. However, beauty was definitely not all there was to her. An indescribable aura continuously seeped out from this girl’s body, a feeling that made it difficult for others to breathe!

Li Gaolei gave Su whose brows were slightly creased a look, and then he looked at Li who stared fixedly at Madeline with a strange expression. He could only release a helpless bitter laugh. If he was in her position right now, he definitely wouldn’t know what to do. However, Li Gaolei wasn’t Su, so there was no need for him to mess with this great headache. He suddenly even felt a bit of sympathy for Su. 

Even with the IQ of an olden era orangutan, one would know that the waters were too deep this time. A ripple from either side could easily make Li Gaolei drown. That was why this subordinate of Su’s who was extremely capable on the battlefield said rather irresponsibly, “Leader, the weather outside isn’t bad. I’m going out for a walk!”

Towards Li Gaolei’s request, Su was completely speechless. It was deep into the night, and it was currently negative ten or so degrees. Moreover the winds were extremely great, and there was even sparse rain being swept about, foreboding a downpour. This was called good weather? 

Su felt a bit of a headache. His own subordinates really didn’t treat his dragonrider status as anything. However, he didn’t have any other thoughts, because apart from the intimate relationship he had with Li, it was just like how he told Madeline: Su always treated them like friends. The signed agreement of subordinates was just a way to offer them protection in Dragon City. 

Li was staring at Madeline this entire time. The expression on her face shifted from its initial shock, anger, and great surprise, gradually to a calmness. A layer of sadness silently appeared on her small and unyielding face. Her eyes shifted to Madeline’s legs. On the outer part of her thigh, the tight jeans had a palm sized hole torn, revealing a dazzlingly white skin. 

“This is Li, her Combat Domain abilities are quite strong. This is Li Gaolei, his area control ability is extremely rare. This is Madeline.” Su broke this awkward atmosphere and did a simple introduction for these three individuals. He then talked about Li and Li Gaolei’s abilities in detail, as well as talked about the main battles and life and death experiences they went through together. When he talked about Madeline, it became extremely symple, only saying her name without anything else. Her name alone actually didn’t say much. The names of the Trials Division’s three dark giants’ titles were much more resounding than their real names. Almost all dragonriders knew these three individuals’ titles, but only a small few would pay enough attention to learn their real names. After all, they didn’t usually directly associate themselves with the Trials Division, and they definitely didn’t want to have any relationship with the Trials Division. 

In reality, even those people that did know the dark saint Madeline’s name, upon seeing this quiet and beautiful young lady, definitely would not associate her with that fierce and ruthless dark saint. That was why Li Gaolei and Li didn’t know that the one standing in front of them was a great figure that had executed at least several dozen dragonriders. 

Li didn’t need to know these things either. Su clearly didn’t wish to speak about Madeline’s past, which made her naturally sink a bit further into darkness and despair. 

"Leader, the weather outside isn't bad. I'm going to go for a walk." After Li Gaolei gave his greetings to Madeline and disappeared into the boundless rain, Li also said this to Su. Only, her tone was unnaturally calm, as if she was just going out to complete some completely insignificant task. This was originally only supposed to be an insignificant task too. 

Su took a deep breath. He watched helplessly as Li also walked into the stormy darkness, gradually disappearing into the distance. 

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