Book 3 Chapter 21.2

Book 3 Chapter 21.2 - Return

Madeline’s long legs were huddled together with her arms wrapped around them, making her look quite similar to a cat that was curling up in the passenger seat. In this type of position, Su’s spacious combat jacket seemed to be able to completely cover her body. When she heard Su’s words, she continued to curl up there, only, she slightly moved her legs, allowing several parts of her body to touch the vehicle, stabilizing her body like a mountain. 

Su suddenly pressed the gas pedal all the way down. The off-road vehicle roared frantically, rushing into the distance with extreme speed. Meanwhile, he pressed down on one of the electromagnetic rifle’s power switches, and then the sound of power being infused sounded again. The two meter or so length gun released an expanse of dark green radiance, and then green patterns appeared even on the gun barrel. Su’s right hand lightly shifted, and then the electromagnetic rifle’s muzzle already pointed at a hill to the left. 

The electromagnetic rifle suddenly flashed with brilliance. The tremendous recoil force made even the speeding off-road vehicle come to a halt. Then, it continued to drive into the darkness. 

At the top of the hill a thousand meters out, three soldiers in concealment combat suits were currently lying in ambush, with one of them being a sniper, one of them an observer, and the last one a close combat soldier. This was a standard scouting group. 

When there was still several kilometers between them, the observer already heard the off-road vehicle’s rumbling, but only when it reached about one kilometer did he, through the tactical binoculars’ weak light mode, make out an off-road vehicle in the rain and mist. In this frigid and rainy environment, the tactical binoculars’ range, perception strength, and range of options were greatly restricted. Non-optical methods were practically useless in this type of rain suffused with radiation. 

When the off-road vehicle’s outline became clear in the tactical binoculars, the observer suddenly jumped. He couldn’t worry about hiding anymore, and instead, he roared loudly, “Hurry and run! Damn it, he noticed us!”

The observer was incredibly flustered as he ran towards the back of the hill as fast as he could. He didn’t know if that toy hooked up to the off-road vehicle was a gun or cannon, but regardless of what it was, after many years of battlefield experience, his intuition told him that this strange toy was definitely enough to take his life, and this alone was enough. 

The sniper’s reaction was extremely sharp. Without standing up, he instead raised his hands, directly hugging the sniper rifle and trying to roll over the top of the hill. Meanwhile, the last soldier’s reaction was a bit slower. He turned his head around, shocked at these two teammates’ sudden movements.

Then, everything froze. 

A bullet that had green plasma coiling about it shot over at any inconceivable speed. It didn’t hit anyone, and instead directly blasted the frozen earth and stone at the top of the hill. The tremendous kinetic energy immediately blasted through the frozen earth, directly opening a hole to the other side. However, no bullet could be seen, and instead, a devastating stream of energy blasted out!

It was as if an artillery shell directly blasted open the top of the hill. It was also as if a hurricane swept through this place. The frozen earth was blasted into pieces so small the granules couldn’t be differentiated. It swept upwards, then directly turned back, spraying out towards the back of the hill and bombarding the three soldiers’ bodies. These minute earth granules already liquified from the heat. From the distance, it looked as if a flame cloud suddenly erupted. It immediately passed through the bodies of these three soldiers, and then it rushed out another several dozen meters before completely extinguishing under the frigid rain. 

The three soldiers still maintained their original postures, only, the areas that had been swept by the cloud of flame had completely disappeared. The areas of their bodies that had been cross-cut were neat and smooth, flickering with a black radiance, unexpectedly completely charred into coal! The expressions of the three soldiers’ were still frozen on their faces. Then, their bodies broke into seven or eight pieces, tumbling downwards. The charred surfaces completely blasted apart, and only then did the pieces of flesh and internal organs leak outwards!

The off-road vehicle already had its normal speed restored. When it passed over the hill, shocked and mournful cries of misery were left behind in the dense darkness of night. 

Madeline’s eyes landed on this electromagnetic rifle. She frowned slightly, and then she softly said, “This gun’s power… ordinary.”

Su laughed and said, “It is quite handy for dealing with little bandits.”

After giving it a try, he became quite fond of this electromagnetic rifle. Extreme speed, terrifying power, and the unstableness of the metal ammunition provided this gun with a set amount of deadly efficacy. Using it to deal with inadequately protected foot soldiers was just too easy. Even if it was a main battle tank, a direct hit within 2000 meters would still see it be easily destroyed. 

As she watched Su who continued to drive the vehicle at top speed toward Dragon City, Madeline thought for a bit and then asked, “The three just now, none of them had backup?”

Su knew what she was asking and said, “Of course they do! Along the way, I already noticed two investigational groups. However, since there’s no way for me to directly attack them from the vehicle, I just let them be. Either way, the ones that should know will always find out. Killing a group is just a warning. There isn’t a need to go so far as to fight an all out war against them yet.”

With Madeline’s dark saint style, she would completely slaughter everyone who expressed hostility. Now that Su was the one making the decision, she just released a sound of agreement. She didn’t show any doubt and shrunk into Su’s jacket again. 

Under the gaze of her azure eyes, Su’s skin seemed to be trembling ever so slightly. This was a sign of his body’s tissues adjusting to new abilities. These countless extreme subtle movements of his body, bones, and flesh produced a difference so slight that it couldn’t be distinguished. However, what was certain was that Su was behaving a bit different than in the past. 

“He is definitely becoming even more handsome…” In Madeline’s heart, this extremely senseless thought surfaced. 

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