Book 3 Chapter 20.5

Book 3 Chapter 20.5 - Awaken

Without even needing a mirror, Madeline had an idea of what she looked like right now. She felt extremely uncomfortable under this soft and feminine style of clothing. From her perspective, tough, cold, dark, rough, and sinister were her style, just like that armor that was full of spikes. Of course, Death Prison wasn’t too bad looking either. 

However, when she looked around, this entire parlor room only had this single set of clothes. In addition, after this transformation, all of her abilities disappeared, so it was simply impossible for her to wear the armor she was used to right now, nor was it likely she would be able to wear it again for the foreseeable future. 

She was still not used to the feeling of her current body. As a result, she swayed back and forth, almost jumping as she walked out of this room. 

The elder was already waiting at the entrance. When he saw Madeline come out, he bowed slightly and said, “Young miss is awake. Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

Madeline looked at the clothes on her body, and then with the ice-cold voice she was used to using, she said, “These clothes are strange and extremely uncomfortable. Also, Mr. Avidar, why did I suddenly transform? Even if it was a transformation, shouldn’t it be an incomplete transformation to strengthen my currently existing strength? How did it end up being a complete transformation?!”

“Young miss really does have a lot of questions.” Avidar continued to maintain his refined smile, and in an unhurried voice, he said, “The empress gave a portion of her own life force to you, and only then could young miss undergo transformation. Meanwhile, the complete transformation was a decision someone else made in young miss’ place, not something me or the empress decided on. Also, the empress has decided that after this transformation, it is already time for young miss to leave Dark Red Castle. Meanwhile, the one that made the decision for young miss already agreed to shoulder the responsibility for protecting and watching over your growth.”

“And who is this person who wants to be my guardian?” Madeline released a cold laugh. Perhaps due to being so used to slaughter, that unmatched little face was already covered with killing intent. She suddenly felt a strong urge to see this extremely daring fellow. 

The elder turned a blind eye to her completely undisguised killing intent. “Actually, he is already waiting for young miss.”

“Bring me to see him.” Madeline said indifferently. The killing intent that was seeping out was restrained bit by bit. Those that were familiar with her knew that the more calm Madeline became, the more terrifying she was. Even though she lost all her abilities, Madeline still wouldn’t feel the slightest bit of fear towards any powerful individual in this world. 

Several minutes later, the elder brought Madeline in front of a guest room. After telling Madeline that the one she wanted to see was inside, the elder took a step back. Not only did the darkness immediately spread, wrapping around his body, it also completely surrounded the world outside the guest room. 

For Madeline who had lost all of her abilities, the only source of light came from the warm candle light that seeped out from the crack in the guest room’s door. 

creak sounded. The guest room’s thick decorative wooden door was pushed open. Madeline saw that the one seated within the weak candle flame was Su, and she immediately became stunned!

Upon hearing the door moving, only then did Su, whose attention was completely focused on the legend of the seven apostles painted on the dome, retract his attention and turn his head. Only, when he saw Madeline in her current attire, Su’s heart was also slightly moved. His head even felt a bit dizzy. 

Ever since she was small, Madelin was pretty to an unimaginable degree. After eight years had passed, she had completely matured. Now that the sinister heavy armor was removed, the impact of her gorgeous appearance was already incomparable!

“Madeline…” Su stood up. He smiled. Right when he was about to call out to her, Madeline suddenly jumped out, and like a swallow returning to her nest, she suddenly threw herself into Su’s embrace!

This firm force made even Su take a few steps back, falling down onto the guest room’s couch. 

When he looked at Madeline who had rolled up into a ball, unwilling to raise her head no matter what he said, Su suddenly felt a myriad of emotions welling up within him. 

During those eight years when they were mutually dependent on each other for survival, just how many days and nights were there when his body was her protective screen just like this, protecting her from cold winds, rain, snow, radiation, as well as enemies of all shapes and sizes. The Madeline back then was as docile as a kitten, only silently following him. If Su brought back food, regardless of what it was, she would always try her best to eat it. If Su offered her his arm, then she would fall asleep inside of his warm embrace. At Su’s side, even if it was the chaotic wilderness, she didn’t have to think about anything. She just had to calmly wait. 

Perhaps due to being fortunate, every time she waited, there would always be a result. In the violent winds and rainstorms of the wilderness, even though Su’s figure was extremely frail, it would always return to her side.

The guest room was warm and peaceful. There was only a single candle flame that continuously flickered about. 

Only after a long time had passed did Madeline finally crawl out from Su’s embrace. Su also stood up. She stood by Su’s side, her eyes landing in the darkness where the candlelight didn’t reach. Her hands clawed at her pants, and then with a light chi sound, the sturdy jeans had a portion forcibly torn off. In the peaceful guest room, this small sound was extremely prominent. However, only after doing this did Madeline seem to become a bit more natural. However, her eyes were still firmly nailed to the corner’s darkness. 

Um, that, my transformation direction…” Madeline used the ice-cold tone she was used to to speak. 

Before waiting for her to finish, Su already understood what she wanted to ask, so he said, “I made the choice for you. I chose a complete transformation.”

En, okay.” Madeline nodded. 

Su lifted the enormous metal case by the couch. He looked at Madeline, and with the same smile he showed her eight years ago, he said, “It is about time. We should leave. You should go and sort out your things!” 

Madeline thought for a bit. Apart from Death Prison and the heavy armor, she didn’t have anything else. Meanwhile, these two were not things she was going to use for quite some time. That was why she directly shook her head.

“Nothing?” Su was a bit shocked. However, he wasn’t someone that dragged things on. He simply nodded, and then walked out from the guest room.

The young lady silently followed behind him. 

It was deep into the night. Winds and rain still stirred brewed above the ocean surface.

Within the thunderous honglong sounds, a crack slowly opened in Dark Red Castle’s large gates. A ray of light seeped out from this crack, penetrating through the stormy darkness. 

From within the ray of light, Su who carried an enormous gun case walked out from the gate, his slender figure casting out a long shadow. Behind him followed a similarly beautiful figure, and even though only an outline could be seen from the powerful illumination, it was still similarly shocking. 

She reached out her hand and grabbed the corner of Su’s clothes, following him along the illuminated path, facing the wind and rain together as she walked into the darkness ahead. 

It was just like how it was in the past. 

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