Book 3 Chapter 20.3

Book 3 Chapter 20.3 - Awaken

While sitting upright in the speeding off-road vehicle, Su’s hands lightly rested on the alloy case beside him. The electromagnetic powered rifle would undoubtedly greatly increase his fighting strength, especially on the battlefield and complex terrain. Su was not someone who could be purchased through goods, but just like Old Fabregas said, he would still compromise. 

The grudge between Su and the Fabregas family was deep, deep to the state of almost being impossible to dissolve. Every time he thought back to his battle against the Cobra Kings, the desperateness of it all would resurface in Su’s memories. The thing that he could not accept the most was that it was precisely this battle that made Persephone separate herself from the family for him, as well as accept severe debt and almost take risks out of desperation. 

Only, Su currently had no way of refusing the Fabregas family’s goodwill. When Madeline woke up, she would be completely without abilities. The growth process would also be slow and dangerous. Before Madeline fully matured, Su was willing to reconcile with any enemies, even if it was the Fabregas family that almost killed him before. 

Only… he felt as if he let down Persephone. 

Su sighed softly. Being willing to accept the Fabregas’ goods and equipment meant that Persephone also accepted the reconciliation. Even though the Fabregas family’s compensation was far from being enough to make up for Persephone’s debt, and even more so unable to recover for all of her losses, she still accepted the settlement. 

Persephone was definitely someone who held a grudge. The reason she was able to do all of this, Su knew, was for his sake. 

Madeline, when you wake up again, what will you be like?

When night fell, Su once again stood in front of Dark Red Castle’s large gates. The one that welcomed him was once again the spreader of darkness, Dyke Avidar. 

The elder lead Su to a parlor room and had him wait patiently before leaving himself. The only thing that accompanied Su was a candle that fluttered about endlessly. The parlor room was approximately several dozen square meters, and compared to Dark Red Castle’s halls that were easily several thousand square meters, it really was ridiculously small. Only, the 20 meter tall ceiling added much more depth and intimidation. 

Su had nothing to do, so he could only size up this parlor room hall. Borrowing the dusky lightning, he suddenly seemed to notice a design painted on the high up roof. Even though the light rays that illuminated the 20 meter tall dome was already weak to the point of being nearly negligible, how could it escape Su’s powerful eight levels of perception abilities? Even in an environment completely devoid of light, he could still clearly ‘see’ what was drawn on the roof. 

It looked like the dome depicted a legend. The technique was experienced and skilled, and the colors used were brilliant and varied. The figures depicted all seemed to possess life, watching Su under the candlelight glow. Su had seen this picture before. His memory immediately found the name of this piece: legend of the seven apostles. 

However, Su unexpectedly couldn’t remember where he saw this painting that was full of religious style. This really was extremely strange. Ever since he was small, Su had an eternal memory region, and his current eternal memory was already comparable to a Black Dragonrider portable intelligence system. Anything he thought that was important, or anything he subconsciously regarded as important was stored inside the eternal memory region. How could he only remember this painting, but not where he saw it? The only explanation was that Su was still too young when he saw this painting, and because his eternal memory region was only beginning to take form, it was only able to store the painting’s contents. However, this explanation was too far-fetched, to the extent where Su himself didn’t feel the probability was too great. 

He raised his head and then began to bitterly search through his memory. 

At this moment, the blue flame on the altar was already close to being extinguished. What was left of the flame struggled to jump a few more times, proving its existence. The parlor hall was dusky. The steel coffin began to seep out a thick bloody radiance, making the entire altar a red color. 

The dome of the parlor hall was still not completely repaired, so one could see that the clouds full of radiation in the sky were moving slowly in a circle around the altar. The entire sky was revolving. If one stared at it for even a bit longer, one would immediately feel so uncomfortable that they would want to vomit. 

ka la sounded. The steel coffin’s heavy lid lifted upwards, and then it slowly moved to the side. When it shifted over half way, it suddenly received a wave of force, and then the heavy lid that weighed over several tons abruptly flew out more than ten meters before smashing fiercely into the ground. One of its corners embedded itself deeply within the black stone!

Then, a hand that was sparkling white like snow reached out from the coffin. It reached out towards the sky, groping around in the air, and only after a few futile tries did it grab the edge of the steel coffin. On that arm, the leftover blood was currently flowing outwards. 

The steel coffin that was full of blood suddenly began to boil. Rumbling noises sounded, and then waves of blood rushed into the heavens! It directly surged through the dome, and only then did it turn into a sky full of blood rain that scattered back down. 

Only a loud ka cha sound could be heard. A streak of blood colored lightning spiraled down from the clouds of radiation, almost brushing past the highest point of Dark Red Castle as it descended. The thick bolt of lightning stretched several hundred kilometers, one end reaching the sky, one end connecting the sea!

Meanwhile, Dark Red Castle was tottering between this sky and sea!

In that instant, the blood colored lightning dyed everything between the sea and sky in a layer of thick red color!

Under the glaring redness, within the rain of blood, on top of the altar on the verge of collapse, in the rough and sinister looking steel coffin, a pure white figure quietly stood up. 

A head of gray hair fluttered about, scattering about a stellar radiance just like before.

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