Book 3 Chapter 20.2

Book 3 Chapter 20.2 - Awaken

Old Fabregas smiled and said, “It is a portion of the payment for Ricardo’s diagnosis and treatment, something paid to General Persephone, but my original intention was to gift it to your distinguished self. The problem with this rifle lies in the fact that a bottleneck has been reached in both its energy battery and bullets, but in the future, as the Fabregas family’s goodwill, we can supply the battery and bullets purely through the production costs.”

When he saw Old Fabregas’ smile, Su understood what this gift represented. This was a test to try and see if the grudge between himself and the Fabregas family could be officially settled. Only, the extent of the settlement needed to be understood a bit more. 

“Mister Fabregas, there is more than one thing between me and your family. Is your distinguished self implying that all of the clansmen agree to this?” Su asked directly and bluntly. 

Old Fabregas laughed and said, “The hatred between the family and Lieutenant Colonel Su were all left behind by the previous family leader. Since he is already dead, and Ricardo has even fought many battles together with you, I do not feel like there is any meaning in continuing this type of grudge. As for the family members that were talked about, Lieutenant Colonel Su can feel reassured. Even though I have only controlled the family for a bit over a month, I do not think there are many people in the family who would dare to show doubt towards my decision.”

So this was what happened. Su already understood that in order for this elder to become the family leader, there must have been abundant bloodshed. Su softly caressed the electromagnetic gun case, and with a smile, he said, “Since that is the case, then it isn’t easy for me to refuse your distinguished self’s good intentions. Only, the financial states of both me and Persephone aren’t that great, so when the need for bullets come, it will be hard to prepare the money, I wonder if…”

Demands were a good thing.

Fabregas smiled and said, “This is just a small thing. I can offer more than a million in no interest debt to pay for my family’s equipment.”

“Then I am extremely grateful.” Su smiled and reached out his right hand. 

Thus, their hands clasped together for the first time. 

The two fleets quickly reached the point where their roads would diverge. Su carried the electromagnetic gun’s case with him to the Spider Empress’ off-road vehicle, and then he headed towards Highway A20. Fabregas family’s vehicle fleet then continued towards Persephone’s private hospital. 

Old Fabregas who sat in the extended off-road vehicle silently drank the red wine. Only when half the glass was gone did he say to the woman beside him, “Lisa, what do you think about this Su?”

“His combat abilities are quite terrifying, potential unclear. From the current intelligence we have, his potential should be quite excellent. However, with his nature, it is likely impossible to rope him in,” Lisa said. 

Old Fabregas laughed and said, “There is no way to rope him in, but we can reach a compromise. From this, we can still develop friendship. If we can obtain his friendship, it should be much more precious than what we can get by relying on those great figures, right?!” 

In an indifferent tone, Lisa said, “However, your distinguished self cannot forget that the grudge between the Fabregas family and Su is quite deep. It could be said that if the battle of the training academy never happened, Persephone would not have been forced into her state today.”

“It is also precisely because of this that Su’s compromise today is worth more. Even though we do not understand the exact details, it should have something to do with the Spider Empress, as well as Madeline’s sudden disappearance earlier.” Old Fabregas spoke in a rather unhurried manner. 

“Then your distinguished self’s way of thinking is to stand by the Spider Empress’ side and take on Bevulas as the enemy? However, it seems like the strength of the Empress’ side is concealed quite well, so she might not necessarily lose. In our current disadvantaged state, if we were to rely on them, our benefits would be extremely great. Of course, should they lose, then our losses would be even more miserable,” Lisa reminded. 

“No! Our family’s military strength is weak to begin with, and the internal struggle this time resulted in a great loss of our elites. We do not have the resources to wager! We cannot rely on either the Spider Empress or Bevulas. We have to maintain a neutral position.” Old Fabregas resolutely refused thoughts of relying on one side. He thought for a moment, and then continued, “We need to hurry and help Ricardo grow, as well as maintain his friendship with Su. I believe that right now, as long as we don’t do anything, Su will start to feel gratefulness towards us. This is already enough. Standing on one side too early is too risky. Our family does not have any top level powerful individuals, and this is our fatal weakness.”

“Could it be that I do not count as one?” Lisa said with a smile. What she revealed now wasn’t a lovely charm, but instead a forceful sharpness.

“What a pity it is that you aren’t one of the Fabregas, nor would you ever be from this day forth. You don’t belong to anyone, only yourself.” Old Fabregas said slowly. 

Lisa laughed softly and said, “You truly understand me well. Of course, as long as you can continue to offer me what I need, my strength, as well as my men, will all belong to you. I will settle all of your problems, just like how I dealt with that old man.”

When OId Fabregas heard this, he only laughed. Only, his smile seemed rather serious. 

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