Book 3 Chapter 20.1

Book 3 Chapter 20.1 - Awaken 

The inside of Old Fabregas’ extended off-road vehicle was extremely luxurious. Not only was there a bar and comprehensive entertainment systems, there was even a specialized washroom and an entire office system that could be used to deal with any family affairs. There was also a tall and sexy young lady sitting inside the off-road vehicle, her outfit unable to contain her hot figure at all. She first prepared a beverage for Su and Old Fabregas. Old Fabregas was given a cup of red wine, while Su was given a cup of pure water. It was clear that Old Fabregas had done a bit of research into Su’s habits and interests. 

When the off-road vehicle started, Old Fabregas didn’t have this woman get out. Meanwhile, from the chilly aura that was exuding from this young girl’s body, Su knew that she wasn’t just a simple pretty face. The current Su was already at a level where not just anyone’s ability aura could make him vigilant. Those that did not hold any malice against him would always have their auras instinctively ignored. 

Old Fabregas gently swirled the red wine inside of the glass. With a smile, he said, “When I came to see Ricardo this time, I gave General Persephone a batch of goods in return as payment for Ricardo’s diagnosis and treatment. There is one item among them that is quite suitable for you, so why don’t I just hand it over to you here? Perhaps you might even be able to quickly find a use for it.”

He made a gesture with his hand, and then the woman carried over a long chest. On the outside of the shining silver case was a light green energy symbol. She brought the metal case in front of Su. When the case entered his hands, Su was slightly startled. This case that wasn’t all that large actually weighed close to 100 kilograms! It seemed quite light in that young woman’s hands, as if she was just carrying a pillow. 

Su placed the metal case flat on his lap, and then he reached out his hand to press down on the switch at the two corners of the case. Then, after a soft power-up and motor sound, the case’s cover slowly opened.

Su’s breathing immediately became a bit more hurried!

What rested within the case was a special rifle body, but it was ridiculously large. The pitch-black rifle body had a matte finish, with every detail flawless. The rifle’s body looked just like a small rectangular box, and regardless of whether it was its shape or design, it was brimming with a style that surpassed this generation. Resting at the bottom of the case was a rectangular sighting device, the massive sighting device looking like something that would only fit on a rifle as absurdly large as this one. 

Resting on the lid of the chest were two pieces of dismantled gun barrels, but what was strange was that the gun barrel was similarly a heavy rectangular shape. On top of the gun barrel was a row of rectangular metal pieces, and these seemed to be the ammunition for this rifle. Su swept his eyes over them, counting a total of 30 rounds of bullets. It seemed like the materials used for these bullets were definitely not normal, or else there wouldn’t be so few bullets paired with this weapon. 

“This is?” Even though Su already had his suspicions, he still asked Fabregas. 

“An infantry rifle that relies mainly on electromagnetic propulsion, bullets made from special alloy. Firing speed 3500 meters, range 6000 meters, it can blast through main battle tank armor under 2000 meters. This is our Fabregas family’s newest product, originally designed as a weapon for the mobile suit. This one is a specially modified infantry model. However, because electromagnetic technology has only recently ripened, there is no way to make it any smaller, which is why this gun isn’t something a normal person can use. I do believe that it should be extremely suitable for you.” Old Fabregas gave an introduction, and then he began to talk about the gun’s parameters, functions, as well as usage methods. 

Su removed the gun from the gun case. Just like how Old Fabregas told him, he installed the barrel and sighting device one after another. Just like that, an enormous rifle that was a meter long and 70 kilograms in weight now rested in his hands. He placed two energy batteries that flickered with faint green radiance into the energy slots at the butt of the gun, and then the entire rifle immediately released a faint sound of being charged. The sighting device also shone, and at the same time, strands of green light appeared on the gun’s body. 

The energy field that seeped out immediately turned the music inside the off-road vehicle into noise. The large light screen that displayed the scenery outside the vehicle became full of white static. Meanwhile, even Su’s light blonde began to float into the air. 

From the introduction he was given, Su already learned that the green radiance seeping out from the gun body was a reaction of the energy with the metal covering the gun. There was no way to get rid of it, because at the very least, there wasn’t a second material that could be used to manufacture the gun’s body. However, this wasn’t something too difficult to solve. Most battles did not require the complete activation of energy, and wrapping it with camouflage cloth was also a suitable method. 

Unknown whether on purpose or not, Su shifted the enormous rifle slightly and pointed at the young lady inside the car. The woman’s beautiful face’s expression didn’t change in the slightest, only revealing a graceful and reserved smile. She obviously knew that there were no bullets inserted into the gun. 

Su’s eye was right behind the sighting device, the slightest change in his pupil’s movements producing a corresponding adjustment in his view. In addition, the sighting device was equipped with multiple imaging and composition capabilities. When the target dropped below the woman’s neck, the sighting device automatically adjusted its mode, and in an instant, all of the clothes on the woman’s body disappeared without a trace. Her naked body was completely displayed before the sighting device. Inside the this sighting device whose resolution reached the limit of what the human eye could perceive, every single detail of her body was displayed!

Su’s breathing and heart rate didn’t fluctuate in the slightest. He knew that this woman was not simple. Even though the sighting device had the ability to peer through the human body, it was unable to search past her skin. A second later, Su lowered the rifle and turned off the power source. Old Fabregas had already introduced this gun’s power, so there was no point in testing out this gun. Meanwhile, the bullets that were worth ten thousand yuan each could not be randomly wasted either. 

Even though the situations where he might use a sniper rifle became more and more rare and Su preferred to fight in close combat, the power of this electromagnetic rifle far surpassed that of an ordinary firepower weapon. Even if it was someone with a body like Martham, he still wouldn’t have been able to take a blast from this rifle pre-transformation. 

Su properly put this rifle away. Then, he raised his head and said, “Mister Fabregas, this gun is for?”

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