Book 3 Chapter 2.5

Book 3 Chapter 2.5 - Gray

Li Gaolei never expected their first gathering in Dragon City to end up like this, turning into a chaotic fight in an instant. He smiled bitterly, and then he suddenly stood up, firmly bashing his head against the jaws of one of the men behind hm, directly knocking him unconscious. He then sent his elbow diagonally backwards, heavily smashing it down on the ribs of another man. That man immediately opened his mouth wide, but no cries could be heard, only the ka cha sounds of bones shattering. 

After sending the drunkard flying with a fist, Li continued her assault, sending our a high kick that directly sent a man that was throwing himself towards Sally directly into the ceiling! That big person stuck momentarily to the ceiling with a plop sound, and then he bounced off like a rubber ball while howling loudly. Before he even landed, he was sent flying by a side kick carrying over a thousand jin of power. His body collided into five or six other people along the way. 

Sally suddenly stood up, picking up a ceramic jar from the table before heavily smashing it down on a bald man’s head. She then crawled under the table to avoid the large hands that were reaching over from all directions. 

Li Gaolei didn’t leave their table. He continuously picked up the chinaware plates and smashed them down on these men’s faces one...

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