Book 3 Chapter 2.4

Book 3 Chapter 2.4 - Gray

“Su?” Sally still had some memory of the individual with this name. In reality, those who have seen Su would find that it wasn’t that easy to forget him. 

“Alright, I admit that Su is a good person and quite handsome as well.” Sally eventually acknowledged Li Gaolei’s choice with some difficulty. She knew quite well that the violation of a subordinate’s lifetime contract was punishment from the Trials Division. 

Li Gaolei released a breath of relief, and then he blew a whistle before carrying Sally on his shoulder. He then laughed loudly before walking towards the city outskirts. “Let’s go, Sally! Uncle will bring you to a good place. Tonight, uncle will treat you to a great meal!”

Sally didn’t seem to be as happy as Li Gaolei thought she was, but the sprinting Li Gaolei didn’t seem to notice anything....

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