Book 3 Chapter 2.2

Book 3 Chapter 2.2 - Gray

In the past, O’Brien would always show up at the church every so often and discuss a few things with the priest and then personally make his prayers. However, during the most recent two months, this was the first time little Mark saw him. 

This time, O’Brien didn’t stay for too long. Less than ten minutes later, he walked out from the church. As he departed on foot, little Mark suddenly had a strange feeling, and that was that O’Brien seemed to be much taller than before, as well as more dignified. Little Mark knew that O’Brien’s family was in a very, very far place, and that even driving would take more than an hour. When he saw the direction at which he was departing towards, it should be back home. However, was he going to run just like that? How long would that then take?

Little Mark looked at the sky that was almost completely dark and listened to the murmuring and whistling cold wind. When he thought about running on foot through this type of environment alone, he suddenly shuddered. He reached out his hand that was already starting to become rigid from the cold and wanted to close the little door. The sky had already darkened, so there shouldn’t be anyone else that will come to the church, right?

Just as the small door was going to completely close, a somewhat rough voice that was still extremely pleasant to listen to sounded. “Mark, is the priest in?”

Little Mark’s eyes lit up, and they seemed to jump a few times! He hurriedly opened the small door and cried out, “Older sis Sally!”

Standing outside the door was a beautiful young lady wrapped up in a thick overcoat to protect herself from the cold. Her little face was so cold that it was completely red, and in her bosom were several large and thick books. 

Sally moved inside the small door, and then Mark closed the small door firmly. Then, he accepted the books in Sally’s hands. After giving them a look, he said with a bit of surprise, “Older sis Sally, you finished reading all of these already?”

“Yes! I like them quite a bit. I stayed up these past few days to read them. Mark, can you help me look around to see if the church has these books?” Sally unbuttoned her overcoat and carefully brought out a sheet of paper from the inner pocket. The titles, authors, and publishing information of seven or eight books were written on it. 

Mark’s eyes were always around Sally’s bursting chest. After receiving the list of books and sweeping his eyes over it, he returned his gaze back to its original place and said, “There are three that are in the church. When you leave later, I can sneak them to you, but…”

“Mark, your hand became cold again, right?” Sally’s smile was a bit helpless and warm. 

Mark immediately threw himself towards Sally’s bosom and forcefully pressed Sally against the tightly closed entrance while roughly pulling at her overcoat. He reached his hands inside and firmly groped about. 

The thin and weak youngster and Sally who had developed early were around the same height. His body leaned over and he began to passionately kiss and suck on Sally’s naturally sweet face and neck. Meanwhile, his hands were similarly forceful, making Sally’s eyebrows furrow from time to time from the pain. Due to being overly excited, Mark’s throat would released beast like growls from time to time, sounding no different from the mature men that often had their way with Sally’s body. 

Sally softly sighed. Her arms wrapped around this youth’s head and looked upwards. It looked like it was to make it more convenient for the youngster, but her eyes passed over the dusky prayer hall and towards the image of god. The enormous cross was just like how it was in the olden era, and the naked male’s face was still vivid and lifelike. Every time she saw it, Sally would always feel like she could sense his suffering. That type of suffering didn’t come from pain or from the flesh, but instead a suffering of the spirit. 

Below the cross was a new sculpture. The sculpture was about the height of a human, and it was entirely made from stone. The material wasn’t particularly rare or precious, nor did it have many decorations. The sculpture was an individual covered by a cloak, and in his hands was an unusual looking cylinder that had spiral carvings. 

This was the apostle of the lord, from what the priest said. However, the priest had never said whether the man nailed on the cross was the lord. 

The sculpture of the apostle wasn’t particularly gorgeous or complex, and every time she looked at the statue, Sally would always feel an inhuman aura, as if below the stone skin was a frozen heart. The stone statue was personally carved by the priest, and the stone material came from nearby Dragon City, something the priest used a primitive handcart to drag back to the church. When he finished sculpting the apostle, the priest fetched a tackle and rope before carrying the apostle’s statue himself onto the divine platform. The entire process was done with the priest’s own strength without any support from machines. 

However, the priest didn’t even have a single level of power strengthening ability. 

Sally didn’t really like the apostle image, and every time she saw it, she would always feel a strange chilliness and fear. She would much rather look at the man nailed on the cross. When her eyes landed on his body, Sally would always feel a sea of mercy. Sally’s heart would then feel calm and once again surge with courage and determination. 

Mark’s entire body was rubbing against Sally’s. His great excitement made his weak and thin body erupt with astonishing power, wrapping itself around Sally until she felt like it was hard to breathe.

In the past, it would end here. However, Mark was extremely excited for some reason today and was like a volcano that had laid dormant for a long time, continuously releasing low howls. He suddenly turned Sally around, the force he exerted making Sally’s brows furrow tightly again. However, she covered her mouth and didn’t cry out. 

Mark actually pulled her thick skirt down!

Sally was shocked and hurriedly used her hands to protect her exposed bottom. She turned around and advised with a gentle voice, “Mark, don’t be like that! You are barely over ten, if you continue like this, it won’t be good for your body. Maybe in a few years…”

Then, Sally’s arms were grabbed by Mark and pulled upwards, the pincer-like force clamping down on her wrist until it was about to break apart. Mark suppressed his voice and cursed by Sally’s ears, “That has nothing to do with you! Don’t think that I don’t know that you are a whore from the wilderness who has been fucked by who knows how many people! If other people can, why can’t I? Do you still want to read those book or not?!”

Sally’s body trembled slightly, and then she gave up her struggling. The youth’s roughness made her quietly groan from the pain. Sally was stuck to the cold and hard main entrance, and a tear finally trickled out from the corner of her eyes. However, she only shed a single tear. 

This unprecedented pleasure immediately made Mark’s face completely red. His urge to cry out and the fact that he had to remain quiet caused him to shriek like a monkey. It was unknown if Sally heard his almost crazy speech, but at this moment, not even Mark himself knew what he was talking about. Only, from his delirious speech, it seemed like this youth also came from the wilderness, which was why even though he had just turned ten and his body was thin, weak, and short, he was already able to do these things that a fully grown man could. 

To prevent the priest from finding out, the two of them had to suppress their voices. The unprecedented pleasure and the fear of being found out had already caused Mark to almost collapse. Meanwhile, Sally’s body was like a warm and bottomless ocean, the layers up layers of whirlpools making him unable to stop himself, making him pour everything outwards. 

When the youth weakly hung from Sally’s back, the entire process took less than a minute. 

With the extremely pleasurable sensation vanishing, fear immediately filled this youth’s mind. He separated himself from Sally’s body in a flustered manner and hurriedly fixed his clothes. He was quite scared that Sally might tell the priest about what happened, because if she did, the priest might just chase him back into the wilderness, a place where he would degenerate into a barbarian that might be eaten by others of the same species at any time. 

Sally fetched a towel to wipe down her body and cleaned up her clothes, her movements skilled and quick. She tossed the used towel into the pocket of the overcoat and looked at the restless Mark before saying gently, “Can I see the priest now?”

“Uh, you can, you can. The priest should just be in the back.” Mark didn’t dare look Sally in the eyes. 

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