Book 3 Chapter 19.6

Book 3 Chapter 19.6 - New Beginning

The era of turmoil was one that had fear and hierarchy deeply embedded within. With abilities and resources forming the basis of this hierarchy, moreover so rigidly, there was simply no chance of any violence or revolutions overthrowing it. Any dragonrider could easily get rid of hundreds and thousands of refugees, because ability users were the ones with the most power. How could any type of revolution possibly succeed?

This was the reality of this era. Su was only a single person, one that was completely powerless in changing an entire era. What he could manage and do was only to provide for the few people at his side, and a few other things. However, just the people at his side alone already gave him a mountainous pressure. 

Su thought to himself while putting on his uniform. He then looked at the time. Ten minutes later, there would be a vehicle parked on the small block plaza, one that was waiting for him. For Su, today was an extremely important day, because today was the day Madeline underwent a complete transformation. 

He arrived at a lobby where the tables and chairs had already been placed to the side, and several large black-colored alloy chests were arranged at the center of the room. Su opened the alloy chests one after another. Embedded on the inside wall of the chests were all types of tools and weapons, including precise position detecting handheld radars, total function tactical lens that could be placed on top of any helmet, as well as combat outfits that weighed less than five kilograms, but had more than two centimeters of alloy inside. It was to the extent where there were even pen-sized guided missiles whose firing range reached ten kilometers. As for other combat necessities, medications, energy kits, and everything else, everything that should be there was even more so there, and it all completely reached the standard of ‘arming one to the teeth’. In addition, various ammunition, medications, and other consumables were all provided in abundance, enough to last Su through five or six intense battles. 

None of these unconventional custom-made equipment were things Su could order with his current level of authority, and their performance were all several times greater than that of standard equipment. Many of the equipment here were things only generals could get their hands on, but they were now all quietly arranged in front of Su. 

This was what Persephone left for him. Meanwhile, after this incomparably seductive dragonrider general taught him once again what truly unmatched wrestling prowess was yesterday and left behind Su who had his self-confidence crushed once again, she returned north through the thick darkness of night. Only when she left did several subordinates that stayed behind deliver boxes packed with specialized equipment to Su’s residence. When faced with this equipment whose value surpassed a million, Su didn’t know what he should say. He knew how terrible Persephone’s financial state was, and he also knew how hard transferring a million, even if it was Persephone, was. He also knew that Persephone was aware that today was the day he would take back Madeline. 

Towards her kindness, Su was completely speechless. 

According to the plan he had decided on a while ago, Su put on his uniform, fastening the eight coin sized buttons at the crucial areas. Then, he placed the two half meter long, short blades that could vibrate at high frequencies into the scabbards by his thighs, as well as equipped a lightweight and delicate pistol. The pistol’s power wasn’t great, and its firing range was also rather limited, but it was completely paired with high energy electromagnetic bullets. Against various electronic equipment and network systems, it possessed absolutely destructive power. Lastly, he attached a crossbow that could fire eight alloy bolts on the outside of his arm. This type of crossbow, together with its electromagnetic assistance, could tear through three centimeter thick steel plates at close range. The essential medications, injections, and stimulants were all prepared as well. 

Only after completing his preparations did Su leave his apartment. Apart from a large caliber rifle, Su’s current equipment was completely ready for battle. His journey to Dark Red Castle should be quite safe, but Su feared that his return route wouldn’t be so. 

On the block’s public square, the transportation the Spider Empress arranged for was already waiting. Just like last time, it was a small vehicle fleet made up of three cars. Right when Su was walking over to the cars, he suddenly heard the sound of engines rumbling. A long line of vehicles entered the public square, and after making a wide turn, it headed towards the other end of the road. When the vehicles moved between the Spider Empress’ cars, they all stopped. 

Su’s eyes suddenly narrowed!

A long off-road vehicle’s doors suddenly opened, and an elder walked out. His smile was extremely sincere, but when his eyes landed on Su’s face, they possessed knife-like sharpness. He walked over to Su with large steps, and then he reached out his right hand. “You should be Lieutenant Colonel Su! Hello, I’m Lamar Fabregas, a Fabregas family elder, as well as Ricardo’s father!”

When faced with this old man who didn’t have much combat abilities, Su still maintained his precautions. However, he still had to maintain the minimum level of courtesy, because after all, this elder’s last sentence mentioned that he was Ricardo’s father. After fighting together on numerous occasions, Su had long thought of Ricardo as a battle comrade who he could trust his back to. 

“It’s an honor to meet you, I am Su.” Su finally held Old Fabregas’ hand. His hand was unexpectedly firm, steady, and warm. 

Old Fabregas was quite surprised at the softness of Su’s right hand, but he obviously wouldn’t display this shock on his face, just like how he wouldn’t openly comment on Su’s appearance. As if he was just discussing daily matters, he said, “I was just about to see how Ricardo was doing in the hospital. Lieutenant Colonel Su, where are you headed?”

After a moment of hesitation, Su said, “Highway A20.”

Highway A20 was located in the southeast corner of Dragon City, and through it, one could directly reach the pier to Dark Red Castle. The Spider Empress’ glaring insignia on the three off-road vehicles couldn’t be hidden even if they tried.

“What a coincidence, it seems like we are going to be going the same way for quite some time. Why don’t you get in my car and I will send you part of the way? I have something that I need you to look at .” Old Fabregas invited rather enthusiastically, but there was clearly something else within his eyes as well. 

Su thought for a bit, and then he replied, “I’ll be happy to.”

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