Book 3 Chapter 19.4

Book 3 Chapter 19.4 - New Beginning

O’Brien’s heart was extremely calm, but he was amazed as well. The amazement came from his surprise at his own ability to do these completely unimaginable things with such calmness. These lives that fluttered past his eyes one after another were not much different from stones and rotten wood. The feeling of killing a Hebilu brought him even less feeling than if he killed a small animal. He could still clearly remember that when he first became a Black Dragonrider private first class, during the very first patrol mission he was assigned, just killing a living corpse that was a bit more intact made him feel extremely conflicted inside for a long, long time. 

Originally, O’Brien’s aspirations had always been towards the pursuit of the olden era’s arts, as well as eliminating all of the clouds full of radiation in the skies so that the world can once again bask in the warmth of sunlight. Art didn’t only appear in tragedy; a world full of sunlight was similarly full of art. However, now, he knew that sunlight only ever reached his face. It had never reached the bottom of his heart. 

On the towering ancient tree not too far away, a vibrant aura of life could clearly be felt from the tree trunk that was over a hundred meters wide. This feeling made every single cell in O’Brien’s body leap about. His intuition was telling him that all of the Hebilu’s secrets could be found from this ancient tree. The ashy-blue skinned Hebilu were actually a rather amazing type of creature. One shouldn’t look down on them because of their rather primitive level of science and society, because this was an existence that possessed intelligence surpassing that of humans, as well as complete genes. The genome of any species that experienced a long history of existence would not be perfect. This was because under the endless process of evolution, creatures would change and adapt to their surroundings. Their original genome wouldn’t completely disappear, but would instead be preserved as various fragmented forms. During the earlier eras of genetic research, these fragments were called genetic toxins, because their existence was the root of many natural diseases. However, when the new era of abilities began, along with the rapid development of genetic technology, everyone gradually discovered that these genetic toxins carried many secrets, some of which potentially carried fragments of a holy level ability!

Generally speaking, the more the natural genes were fragmented and the more toxins there were, the more ancient the species was, as well as the more changes it experienced. Meanwhile, the Hebilu’s genes were completely clean. This could only mean one thing, and it was that they had a short history, so short that no evolution could even take place naturally. 

The Hebilu were an an artificially created intelligent race!

Once the Hebilu’s secrets were unveiled, humanity’s understandings of biotechnology, as well as all related science and technology would advance by leaps and bounds! The Arthur family will thus become rich and powerful as well. As the leader of the family, O’Brien himself would naturally become more powerful as well. The path he treaded was a powerful one that greatly exploited the family’s resources, so his speed of ability increase would naturally far surpass that of people who relied on themselves. 

O’Brien was in reality extremely exhausted, heavily dependant on stimulants to support the energy needs of various magical attacks. However, his fighting will had always remained at a constant level of chilliness, crushing the Hebilu that appeared in front of him one after another into pieces like an automated machine. He didn’t fear bloodiness, nor did he mind slaughter. No matter how vicious or vile the curses these Hebilu screamed at him before their imminent death were, O’Brien completely ignored them. Killing a Hebilu was no different from smashing a rock apart. 

The only thing reflected in his eyes was that towering ancient tree. O’Brien knew that as long as he reached the base of that tree, from that moment forth, the great path that he was pursuing, the plans he had formulated, would be half realized. That was why he wouldn’t allow anyone to stand in his way!

O’Brien needed to make himself stronger, needed to develop every last drop of potential he had, because apart from Su, he now had a new, even more important target in his heart, Mitchels!

A layer of ice appeared on O’Brien’s hands, and then he clasped a young Hebilu girl’s face between them. The extreme temperature immediately turned her entire head into a chunk of ice! Then, O’Brien moved right past her, his movements as effortless as if he was jogging in his family’s courtyard. The young girl’s body swayed. She wished to reach her hands to touch the chunk of ice around her head, but when her hands were only raised half way, she collapsed onto the ground and no longer moved again. 

After passing this young girl, the only one left in front of O’Brien was the last Hebilu, an older individual. His skin was already dried and wrinkled like tree bark. This last Hebilu was much older than all of the Hebilu O’Brien met before. 

The old man stood under the ancient tree. From this distance, the ancient tree’s tree trunk was so thick that it simply made one feel suffocated. Sometimes, just sheer size alone was enough to produce an unendurable pressure. 

There were many holes on the tree. From their smooth edges, they were clearly passageways the Hebilu often used. Meanwhile, on the ancient tree trunk, there was a deep tree hole that was close to ten meters tall. It looked like it was this was the main entrance the Hebilu used to enter and exit the ancient tree. 

The old man heavily slammed the tree branch in his hands onto the ground. A thunderous noise immediately sounded within O’Brien’s consciousness. “Intruder! Your hands are covered in the blood of our clansmen. Does doing this make you feel happy?!”

O’Brien smiled, his smile one that was just as brilliant as before. With a thought, a sharp needle point fiercely pierced into the consciousness of the old man, and then along it, a message was transferred to the Hebilu on the other side. “You are in my way.”

The Hebilu elder’s face suddenly changed. The corners of his eyes split apart, leaving behind two thin streaks of blood. O’Brien’s mental strength was on a completely different level, so the attack just now already left him heavily wounded. 

However, the old man continued to stand in front of the tree hole entrance and glare at O’Brien. He didn’t have any intention of moving out of the way. “We only have warriors that died in battle, no fleeing cowards!”

“Simply ignorance! Bravery cannot settle everything.” O’Brien fired out an ice arrow, one that squarely struck the elder in the chest where his heart rested. He stepped over the elder’s corpse and walked into the ancient tree hole. The entire group followed behind him. 

Inside the tree hole was an incomparably tall and wide main hall. Inside the close to a hundred meter tall dome, the group that numbered less than 30 members was no different from a group of ants. The tree interior was not dark. There were spheres of blue light that illuminated the entire tree lobby. 

Everyone inside the troop, including O’Brien, after seeing the tree lobby’s surroundings, all stopped moving, momentarily unable to find any suitable words to describe their current moods. 

“It truly is a miracle!” The researching manager finally let out a deep sigh. 

Everyone inwardly expressed their approval. 

O’Brien raised his head and looked around this tree lobby that was filled with a mysterious aura. His ice-cold heart also revealed a trace of excitement. With a voice so soft no one could hear, he said, “Madeline, wait for me, I will definitely bring Mitchels’ heart to you!”

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