Book 3 Chapter 19.3

Book 3 Chapter 19.3 - New Beginning

When Persephone finished packing and led her dozen or so subordinates into the north again, O’Brien had just broken through the Hebilu’s final line of defense, breaking into the central zone of the forest. 

Faced against these elite soldiers who swept through all of the Hebilu Tribe’s soldiers, the easy battle they were expecting never happened. These Hebilu, both young and old, exploited every part of the terrain they could as they attacked O’Brien’s troop night and day. They didn’t fear death at all, and they were crafty enough as well. Their bodies’ unique properties allowed them to hide in the surroundings all the way until they were extremely close before they would be detected. Meanwhile, the closer one approached the center of the forest, the more powerful the irregular radiation inside the forest...

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