Book 3 Chapter 19.2

Book 3 Chapter 19.2 - New Beginning

Persephone was already beaming with smiles. She gave Helen’s face a firm smooch, and then urged, “What about the other three? Please don’t tell me that there is multi-faceted attacks among those choices! Ahahahaha!

Helen buried her face inside her arms. She truly couldn’t understand why Persephone always acted like a little girl that just wouldn’t grow up. Damn it, only in front of her face would Persephone display a side completely different from her dragonrider general self. 

Helen finally raised her head. She coldly interrupted Persephone’s daydream. “Multi-faceted attacks? You really know how to dream! That is a Combat Domain ability that only exists in theory. Even if there really is such a thing, it would only appear as an eleventh level...

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