Book 3 Chapter 19.2

Book 3 Chapter 19.2 - New Beginning

Persephone was already beaming with smiles. She gave Helen’s face a firm smooch, and then urged, “What about the other three? Please don’t tell me that there is multi-faceted attacks among those choices! Ahahahaha!

Helen buried her face inside her arms. She truly couldn’t understand why Persephone always acted like a little girl that just wouldn’t grow up. Damn it, only in front of her face would Persephone display a side completely different from her dragonrider general self. 

Helen finally raised her head. She coldly interrupted Persephone’s daydream. “Multi-faceted attacks? You really know how to dream! That is a Combat Domain ability that only exists in theory. Even if there really is such a thing, it would only appear as an eleventh level ability. Forget about it being impossible for it to appear as a ninth level ability, even if it weakened to a tenth level ability, do you have the natural talent to develop a tenth level ability?! Hmm… Alright, damn it, it seems like you really do have the potential for ten levels. However, where are you going to find that many evolutionary points?”

“I’m still young, right? I’ll just fight a bit more and those evolutionary points will come. Push comes to shove, I’ll just form an expeditionary force and slaughter from the east coast all the way until I reach the western sea!” Persephone was smiling beautifully, but she couldn’t help but release a bit of cold killing intent. 

“I don’t have time to speak nonsense with you! There are three other abilities, all of them in the Mysterious Fields, respectively being incomplete foresight, mysterious summoning, and fortune. You should understand what each ability entails. There are four options, so you should make your decision!”

One of the optical screens divided into four sections, with each section containing one ability. It was now Persephone’s turn to be stupefied. She asked with a bit of disbelief, “How did all four of them end up being ninth level abilities?”

“Exactly, four ninth level abilities with three of them being rare abilities. It really is too much!” Helen was extremely speechless towards Persephone’s natural talents. In addition, from her understanding of Persephone, this woman whose face was so thick that it was practically an art would endlessly tute her own horn in self-satisfaction. What was the most annoying part of it all was that Persephone would only act like this in front of her. In front of others, she would always put on that perfect wise and virtuous look to deceive everyone from eight to eighty years old. 

Persephone gradually became serious. Choosing between four ninth level abilities was, in reality, quite the difficult task. Not only did she have to consider the power of the ability itself, she also had to consider its synergy with her current and future abilities to maximize her fighting strength. It wasn’t that she couldn’t produce any other ninth level abilities, but instead that after through Helen’s repeated analysis, she decided that these four abilities were most suitable. 

Persephone really wanted to take all of them, but that was an impossible thing. Where was she supposed to get all those evolutionary points? Even if she truly had that many, instead of developing four ninth level abilities, it was more realistic to abandon some of these ninth level abilities and directly produce a tenth level ability. 

“What should I pick?” Persephone asked seriously. 

“I don’t know. You choose yourself, or you might as well do it like how you used to.” Helen already stood up from her position in front of the light screen. She stretched out her somewhat rigid body. 

“Heavens! I have to rely on intuition again?!” Persephone cried out rather miserably.

Helen was naturally unmoved by her little ‘act’. “Stop crying like you are so miserable! You have such powerful innate abilities in the Mysterious Fields, so how can your luck be bad? Just trust your intuition, it won’t let you down.”

Persephone was rather obedient this time. She swept her eyes over the four choices, and then she pointed at one of them and said, “Then this one it is!”

Helen walked over to take a look, and then she couldn’t help but stare blankly for a moment. “Fortune?”

“Exactly! Don’t you think I am rather fortunate? If I have this too, I will become unbeatable!” Persephone said while smiling. 

When she saw Persephone’s naive and guiltless face, Helen sighed. While shaking her head, she said, “Even if you didn’t have this, you are still unbeatable.”

Then, Helen began to break down the genetic mapping, as well as create the ability formulation. Meanwhile, the bored Persephone walked over to the test apparatus on the side and began to precisely measure her body’s evolutionary points. If she didn’t recall incorrectly, she should have over 270 evolutionary points. These evolutionary points should be enough to produce a ninth level ability. The abilities Helen produced were much more powerful than the standard prescriptions, so it would use up more evolutionary points as well, but it normally wouldn’t exceed 10% of a standard formulation. That was why in terms of quality to price ratio, Helen’s personally concocted ability formulation was completely top level. 

Persephone placed a drop of blood on the sensor. Several seconds later, her current number of evolutionary points appeared on the light screen: 261.

Persephone cried out with shock. “Helen! Is there something wrong with your machine? How did I lose evolutionary points?”

“My instruments are always at their optimum states.” When she was busy concocting compounds, Helen’s tone and temper wouldn’t be too great. 

“How can that be?” Persephone carefully thought to herself. After the final battle in the northern front, she had carefully examined her own evolutionary points. Even though it wasn’t as precise as this instrument, with her abilities, the difference wouldn’t be over 3 evolutionary points. Why did she suddenly lose 10 evolutionary points? 

Persephone calmed herself down. She used her perception abilities to scan her own body, and sure enough what she felt now was different from that of when she was in the northern front, feeling that she had 262 evolutionary points. In these few days of time, how could there be such a huge difference between her self-inspection?

She carefully thought for a long time, but she couldn’t find any reasoning to explain this. The only explanation possible was that she sensed incorrectly last time. Even though the chances of it happening is small, it couldn’t be considered completely impossible. 

Persephone sighed, feeling a bit disappointed inwardly. Her evolutionary points was originally supposed to be enough to produce a new ninth level ability, never expecting that her analysis back then was incorrect, causing her to be 10 points deficient. 

10 evolutionary points was a crucial number. The formulations Helen produced normally wouldn’t exceed 270, but it rarely fell below 265. This mean that she had to fight one or two more battles in the northern front before she could obtain a new ninth level ability. 

However, her face immediately became filled with radiance. Either way, a bit earlier or a bit later was the same. She didn’t lack potential but instead lacked evolutionary points. Since she was going to get another few hundred evolutionary points sooner or later, what did it matter?

When Persephone finished putting on her clothes and left, Helen who had always buried herself in work raised her head and looked towards the entrance with a mixed expression. She never expected that Persephone would choose the one ability out of the four that indirectly affected her combat strength.

What did this mean? An indistinct and serious expression appeared in Helen’s eyes. 

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