Book 3 Chapter 19.1

Book 3 Chapter 19.1 - New Beginning

Seven light screens piled up one on top of the other in front of Helen, almost occupying her entire field of view. Her hands flew about at crazy speeds, adjusting the hundreds of control diagrams. Her brain was concentrated on dealing with this sea of data, only raising one ear to Persephone’s long-windedness and merely going through the motions in her responses. 

Persephone’s head of gray hair was casually winded above her head. She had just emerged from the restroom, so her hair was still moistened by droplets of water. Apart from her underwear, she only wore an oversized nightgown. She curled up next to Helen just like a cat, lazily looking at the screens in front of her face. 

The light screens continuously flickered with meaningless data just like before, but in Helen’s mind, they were continuously changing and complicated genetic fragments....

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