Book 3 Chapter 18.3

Book 3 Chapter 18.3 - To Cherish

The old man accepted the card. Without even looking at it, he placed it into his pockets and then said, It has only been a month. You move quite quickly.”

“Earning a million wasn’t too difficult.” Su said.

The old man smiled slightly and said, “It’s not difficult, but this is only true for a small portion of people. Youngster, for you, the truly difficult is still waiting. Please follow me. The ceremony has already been prepared.”

Only after hearing this sentence did Su’s constantly anxious heart relax somewhat. He was always worried whether the million the Spider Empress wanted was just an excuse, one that temporarily stopped him from going after Mitchels. After all, there was no way the Spider Empress was lacking a million, while Madeline...

Madeline truly died. 

At the very least, as far as Su’s knowledge could comprehend, he didn’t detect the slightest trace of vitality from her...

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