Book 3 Chapter 18.2

Book 3 Chapter 18.2 - To Cherish

Su was clearly already asleep, and his consciousness had already entered the deepest state of dormancy. This was a requirement for surgery, but it also granted Su a rare chance to rest and relax. In this type of state, there was no way Su could control his body, so could it be that there was another irregular life form existing in Su’s body?!

Helen didn’t doubt for a second that if she aimed that blade towards Su’s heart, her right hand most likely couldn’t be saved. 

Helen’s skills in dealing with the injuries were fast and perfect. After she completely treated the injuries, she said to Persephone, “Bring him to the underground first floor number one ward. The culture cylinder there will be vacant. After resting for 48 hours, your Su will be perfectly fine.”

Su experienced...

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