Book 3 Chapter 18.2

Book 3 Chapter 18.2 - To Cherish

Su was clearly already asleep, and his consciousness had already entered the deepest state of dormancy. This was a requirement for surgery, but it also granted Su a rare chance to rest and relax. In this type of state, there was no way Su could control his body, so could it be that there was another irregular life form existing in Su’s body?!

Helen didn’t doubt for a second that if she aimed that blade towards Su’s heart, her right hand most likely couldn’t be saved. 

Helen’s skills in dealing with the injuries were fast and perfect. After she completely treated the injuries, she said to Persephone, “Bring him to the underground first floor number one ward. The culture cylinder there will be vacant. After resting for 48 hours, your Su will be perfectly fine.”

Su experienced the most peaceful rest he had his entire life. The darkness that surrounded him was especially warm, quiet, and safe. It made every cell in his body relax, single-heartedly busying about inside his body to carry out rest and advancement. 

When Su opened his eyes, he actually felt extremely reluctant to part from the peacefulness of sleep. He really wanted to sleep a bit longer. Unfortunately, in this era, survival was always the number one priority in everyone’s mind, and this was true even after one obtained seven levels of ability. This was why he forcefully rejected the warmth and temptations of darkness. 

Through the culture cylinder’s transparent lid, the first thing that greeted Su’s field of view were familiar black framed glasses, and behind the lens was a pair of enticing eyes. Gray hair coiled about, and he could also see her perfect face. 

Everything was just like when they first met. 

Persephone opened the culture cylinder’s lid. The skin covering Su’s entire body wriggled about, sending all of the sensors bouncing off, and then he jumped out from the culture cylinder. Towards things like the culture cylinder, Su felt an instinctive dislike and hatred. If he didn’t immediately see Persephone, his body might have instinctively urged him to directly smash this culture cylinder apart. 

Persephone handed over a set of Black Dragonrider uniforms as well as a card to Su. “This is your uniform, and this is one million.”

Su who had just emerged from the culture cylinder felt that every part of his body was full of life. Apart from a bit of hunger, there wasn’t anything else that was off. He didn’t accept the clothes and instead directly reached out his hands, grabbing towards Persephone. From the burning flames in his eyes, he most likely wanted to settle things with her right here. 

Persephone revealed a faint smile. Her elbow pressed down on the hand Su reached over, forcing his hand to move forward. Then, she easily placed the clothes and card into the hand. With a smile, she said, “Right now is no good! I haven’t even showered yet! Also, don’t forget that before you can beat me, you don’t have the power of choice.”

Su felt as if he was being crushed by an enormous boulder weighing several dozen tons, unable to budge an inch. Only when Persephone lifted her elbow did the pressure disappear.

Seeing the somewhat depressed Su, Persephone leaned forward towards Su’s body and rested her hand on Su’s shoulder. Then, gently going on the tip of her toes, she lightly touched her lips on top of his before saying with a smile, “When I am interested in playing with you, I will naturally come to find you! Haha!

Persephone turned around and left, not giving Su any room for retaliation. All of her previous gentleness was washed away like water. Her ostentatious and unbridled laughter rang through the corridor.

Su stared at her figure that was gently swaying, her long and slender legs, as well as her bottom that was tightly wrapped within her short skirt. Together with that laughter that showed no respect for him as a man, it made him feel a raging inferno that could not be put out. 

A young and pretty nurse walked into the ward. She gave Persephone who was leaving into the distance an ambiguous look, and then she looked at Su. When her eyes landed on Su’s naked body, she immediately began to burn with passion, as well as met Su’s gaze without any fear of misgivings. She did not want to nor did she dare fight over Persephone’s man, but she definitely wouldn’t refuse having a little something with Su, let alone the fact that Su was also looking at her so fervently, so this looked like quite a good opportunity. 

“How long have I been asleep?” Su asked while putting on his clothes.

“46 hours.” Those that were used to working with Helen were all used to using precise numbers. This nurse was no exception.

“Two days?” Su was momentarily stunned. He unexpectedly slept that long. It seemed like that peaceful and long sleep was because Persephone was guarding his side, giving him a sense of peace. 

He thought back to how when they first met, everything was like a type of business deal. Meanwhile, Su believed that back then, he was just one of many candidates Persephone chose. Now, Su already proved that he had the potential to complete that deal, and had become her only choice. Only the difference from what he expected at first was that the nature of this deal had already somewhat changed. 

Su didn’t know that while recalling all of this, he was smiling.

A moment later, Su already put on his clothes and reattached his eyepatch. He then gave the hopeful nurse a word of thanks before leaving the hospital ward. 

Su returned to his own residence. He began to prepare for the next battle.

Deep into the night, Persephone appeared in Su’s room like a ghost. All of the alarm systems, as well as the perception abilities Su was so proud of were all useless before her.

It seemed like tonight, Persephone’s interest in Su was quite fierce. That was why an intense battle immediately erupted the moment the two’s eyes met!

There was an oppression and retaliation, and then a retaliation to suppression. Only during this retaliation and suppression, the cycle between these two was extremely desperate. 

Several hours of struggles finally made Su understand that in front of Persephone’s eight levels of combat abilities, his power that was equivalent to six levels of combat strength was incredibly weak. Also, between a higher ranked officer and a general, there was more than a single gap. 

When the light of morning illuminated Dragon City again, Su and Persephone both left the apartment entrance. Then, they went their separate ways, only, one with a face full of fatigue while the other in high spirits. 

Su’s body was completely empty, with even its reserves almost completely exhausted. The amount of energy he had left was practically no different from his state after fighting Sarton. Fortunately, right now, he already took in several containers of nutrient-filled food, so his stamina would be quickly restored. Moreover, he didn’t need to fight today. 

After walking through two streets, he entered a small public square. Three off-road vehicles were already waiting as planned. Painted on top of the vehicles were enormous red patterned spiders. This was the marking of the Spider Empress, which allowed these vehicles to move completely unobstructed anywhere within Dragon City. Su ascended the central off-road vehicle, and after sitting down, he closed his eyes to get some rest. He really was just too tired. 

When Su stood in front of the dark red castle’s imposing entrance, it was already nightfall. Wind continued to whistle about, sending a thick, icy cold humidity into Su’s body. The ocean surfaces that were a bit further out were already completely immersed in darkness, and the gradually rising mists covered the great sea where great dangers lurked. 

In front of Su’s face, the castle’s large gates slowly opened. The spreader of darkness, Dyke Avidar was standing behind the doors, a smile on his face as he looked at Su. 

Su took a deep breath and handed the card to the old man. “I arrived. This is the million I promised.”

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