Book 3 Chapter 18.1

Book 3 Chapter 18.1 - To Cherish

A light ka sounded. A ten centimeter long, five centimeter wide case opened in front of Helen’s face, and it also sprayed out a faint white cold mist. The inside of the case was divided into 20 compartments, with each one of them carrying a bit of tissue. The largest compartment at the center was the core of an organism’s eyeball. 

This was a specimen case used often by Black Dragonriders. Whenever a Black Dragonrider encountered life forms they didn’t recognize or things they did but underwent mutation, they would often collect their important organs and bring them back to general headquarters for research after the mission was completed. Most mutated organisms didn’t have any research value, which was why there was no need to bring the entire body back for studying. 

However, this case was what Su risked his life to bring back, moreover stating that he wanted a million. Helen understood Su’s nature clearly. If he wanted a million, then the value of the specimen inside the case truly might very well be close to two million. What did two million in samples signify? This was something Helen couldn’t be more clear on. After completing her appraisal of the contents, she made her decision. She removed a portion that could be exchanged for a million or more at general headquarters, and as for the remaining portion, it was her reward, as well as funds for the operation of Persephone’s hospital. 

There was still a bit of time. Helen put on a pair of special glasses, and then she leaned towards the case to inspect the checkered compartments one after another. These glasses had both microscopic and genetic map sketching capabilities. When she only looked through the specimen partway, Helen straightened her body and sighed, muttering, “It seems like biological weapon reconstruction specimen. En, it looks quite complete as well, almost at mass-production level. Those scorpions already achieved this level of research? This is a bit troublesome.”

She raised her head towards the snow-white ceiling. Only after staring for an entire minute did she store the specimen case into a cold storage and walk towards the surgical room. 

Su was already lying on the spacious operating table. His eyes were closed, and his light blonde hair softly rested on the operating platform. His body had already been cleaned. Even though there were several dozen cuts of various sizes, making his body no longer perfect, it still couldn’t completely deprive it of its dazzling beauty. 

When Helen entered the surgical room, there weren’t any nurses or doctors inside. She was going to complete this operation alone.

When he saw Helen enter, Su opened his eyes slightly and said, “I’m sorry, I’ve brought you trouble again.” 

Helen sighed and said, “If your apology was useful, then I would be quite willing to accept it.”

This was the first time Su saw Helen make such a ‘human’ face, and he couldn’t help but stare blankly. Right at that moment, the operating room’s door opened. A nurse entered and stood beside the operating table.

Su suddenly smelled a familiar scent. He immediately turned around, just in time to see a pair of deep gray eyes!

“Phoney!” Su immediately wanted to stand up, but the powerful anesthesia made him weak and powerless. The streaks of injuries on his body were also sucking at his life force. Persephone reached out her hand to lightly pressed down on his body, and then Su once again laid down on the operating table. 

“Don’t think about anything else and focus on recovering.” Persephone said softly, and then she covered Su’s eyes with her hand. She knew that Su’s right eye feared light, and that the surgical room’s lighting was extremely powerful. He didn’t have the protection of an eyepatch, which was why she used her hand to help him block the light. 

Helen fetched a surgical blade. Her left hand lightly stroked Su’s chest, and then the blade descended, cutting open Su’s skin.

The corners of Persephone’s beautiful eyes immediately jumped. 

With her head lowered, the surgical blade danced about between Helen’s slender and long fingers, completely like a work of art. She immersed herself in cleaning up Su’s injuries while saying indifferently, “Phoney, you are too nervous.”

“Ah, am I?” Persephone smiled with difficulty. No matter how one looked at her, it looked like she was lacking in confidence.

“If you are too nervous, you instead won’t be able to catch him.” Helen’s indifferent tone seemed to make Persephone even more nervous. 

Persephone released a light snort and then said, “I don’t think you can say anything on this topic! He’s not even injured there, why did you cut it open too?!” 

“To take a look at the inner composition.” Helen’s tone was extremely flat and ordinary. Her cuts were fast and fierce, and not even Persephone had the time to stop her. 

“But!...” Persephone knew that it was too late to stop her already, so she bit her lips and no longer said anything. Her right hand continued to lightly cover Su’s face, partly to block the light, but also using a gentle energy to calm his mental state so that he wouldn’t wake up too quickly. Her other hand helped Helen complete the surgery, more than willing to do the work of a nurse or an assistant. 

However, even though Persephone was used to seeing blood and massacre, each time she saw Helen’s blade descend, the corners of her eyes would involuntarily twitch. Persephone’s understanding towards the composition of the human body and medical knowledge were not any inferior to an ordinary doctor, so she could obviously tell that Helen already completed the main portion of the treatment. Right now, every cut was made in Su’s undamaged parts. Even though she continuously told herself that Su’s recoverative power was great enough to make others stupefied, that these little cuts will recover in two or three days, she just couldn’t control her beautiful face that could make countries fall. 

Helen suddenly raised her head. She gave Persephone a look, and then she cut down with full force, completely tearing open Su's chest!

The ear splitting sound of metal warping suddenly rang through the surgical room. Several tactical blades in Persephone’s hands distorted, completely changing them into scrap metal!

“What is this?!” Helen suddenly released a light cry!

Persephone’s eyes immediately widened, following Helen’s line of sight into the opening in Su’s chest. The composition of Su’s body was different from that of an ordinary person’s after all. Below the breastbone were densely woven dark red tissues with a thin but sturdy membrane covering them. Below it, Su’s heart was currently slowly but powerfully rising and falling. 

Persephone didn’t see anything different. Along with the changes in one’s genes, high level ability users’ tissues would often undergo great transformations, the most commonly seen like Su’s where the most important organs were being protected by new tissues. She didn’t understand why Helen was so shocked. Could it be that she truly thought that Su’s body with its endless potential wouldn’t undergo any changes? Su’s new eighth level perception ability was currently forming, so it would be more strange not to see any changes in his body. For example, there was a small energy crystal that was currently being produced in his forehead.

“Nothing.” Helen laughed and replied, but even an idiot could tell that her smile was forced. However, when she saw that Helen finally finished the ‘taking a look inside’ process and was startling to bind Su’s injuries, Persephone decided not to ask her any further. 

The moment Su’s chest was sliced open, below the tissues under the breastbone, an eye suddenly opened up! It coldly looked at Helen, and then it closed, hiding itself back in his body and internal organs. 

Helen could feel an ice cold killing intent and ruthlessness from that gaze!

What is this?!

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