Book 3 Chapter 17.4

Book 3 Chapter 17.4 - Requirement

The other Fabregas family ranked successors who felt a sliver of hope in their despair, after learning that Ricardo was sent to Persephone’s private hospital for treatment, had even their final hope of Ricardo dying amidst treatment shattered. After all, Persephone’s private hospital was one of Dragon City’s two greatest hospitals. 

This type of reputation was naturally brought about due to Helen’s great merits. However, she rarely used her time to treat others, and even if one begged Persephone for a chance, not every request was accepted. 

Currently, Ricardo’s mood was excellent. Being able to lay down in Persephone’s private hospital meant that not only was his life safe, his abilities wouldn’t suffer any harm either, let alone the fact that there was another alluring woman that made him unable to restrain his urges here, Helen. 

Ricardo who had already been under Helen’s care once knew that Helen’s skills were incomparable, but the torment he would feel during the treatment process was also incomparable. However, he already thought it through clearly. Helen was like a waterfall that crashed down. If he wanted to go against this current, he knew that even if his head was broken and flowing with blood, there still might not be a chance of success. 

For example, during the last treatment process, the nakedly lying Ricardo, for the sake of letting Helen witness his perfect body and robust masculinity, he directly expanded his male physiological reaction to its greatest state. When he looked at the sinister weapon beneath his crotch, Ricardo immediately felt extremely satisfied towards his own reaction. However, Helen turned a complete blind eye to this, completing the inspection and treatment procedure like a machine before giving him an injection. The result of this injection was that Ricardo couldn’t get up another masculine reaction for three whole months. 

The current Ricardo rested completely naked on the semi-transparent culture cylinder, the faint green nutrient fluid barely immersing his body. Hundreds of sensors monitored the data from various parts of his body. By immersing oneself in the culture cylinder, one could completely restore and stabilize their body, as well as pour in special nutrient fluid on a need basis. It was one of the representative technologies of new era medicine. On the side, within two hospital wards, there were a culture cylinder each as well.. These three cylinders that came at considerable costs were all Old Fabregas’ gifts, just… a small portion of the price they had to pay for Helen to carry out treatment. 

The culture cylinder wasn’t omnipotent. Surgery, organ repair, and genetic recovery were things the culture fluid couldn’t replace, and these aspects were where Helen’s value laid. 

The nutrient fluid inside the culture cylinder continued to pour in. The ventilator had already slowly descended, fastening itself to Ricardo’s face. His eyes were wide open, staring at the ceiling through the glass cover. He had a smile of infatuation on his face. His eyes weren’t focused at all, only immersed in his own world. 

Ricardo was quite torn, because he didn’t know who to choose between Madeline and Helen. At this moment, the ventilator sprayed out an anesthetic gas, signaling the start of the final surgical operation. As he gradually lost consciousness, Ricardo set his resolve to claim both women. 

At that moment, his reasoning had already declined to its weakest point, unaware that this determination of his was enough to push Ricardo into the very depths of destruction. 

Helen, who was sitting in the office, was currently concentrating her attention on the light screen packed with data while frantically working. In her eyes, a sea of meaningless data were currently changing into parameters in controlling the three culture cylinders. These parameters numbered in the several hundreds. Together with over a thousand types of culture fluid formulations, one can well imagine the amount of data the intelligence system and Helen needed to deal with. Within the three culture cylinders separately rested Ricardo, Li, and Li Gaolei, because the three with the most powerful abilities were also the ones that suffered the heaviest injuries. From the battlefield’s successful break out, the other servants and subordinates only needed simple treatment, while these three were immediately placed in life preservation systems. 

Helen silently calculated the amount of time needed for the surgery and adjusted the data for the culture cylinder’s life preservation system. Li’s injuries were the more severe, needing to lay in the culture cylinder for an entire day before being capable of enduring the surgical operation. Ricardo’s injuries were the lightest, able to start the surgery in just thirty minutes. Li Gaolei was between the two. 

In Helen’s head, with a scale of 1:10000 in terms of time, she completed a simulation of the surgical procedure, and then she unconsciously frowned. Carrying out these surgical operations meant that she couldn’t sleep for another two days, and with her body’s current situation, even if there were medications to support her, she wouldn’t be able to make it past three days. 

However, she only had a brief moment of unhappiness. She called in a well known doctor and ordered, “Prepare the surgical room. First operation in 30 minutes, second in eight hours and 15 minutes, third in 24 hours and 30 minutes.”

After handing over these tasks, Helen sat up. She closed her eyes and rested for a bit. She still had 10 minutes to rest.

She had just sat down when a wave of noise sounded from the office corridor. 

“Who are you?!”


“You cannot go inside!”

Noise continuously sounded. Helen’s office door was then pushed open, and then a smell mixed with smoke, blood, dirt, and stench assailed her senses. 

Helen slowly opened her eyes, coldly asking, “Who are you…”

When she only spoke half of what she wanted to say, she stopped talking. Helen already noticed that the man who rushed into her office covered in blood and dirt was Su!

With a thunk sound, Su tossed a case onto Helen’s table, and with a hoarse voice, he said, “This is for you. I need one million, also…”

Before he finished speaking, Su collapsed onto the ground. 

Helen’s face immediately became extremely ugly, a bad feeling creeping up from the bottom of her heart. She calmly sat there for a few seconds, and only then did she stand up and walk towards Su. There were originally a few nurses that sneakily peeped inside, but after seeing Helen’s face fall, they all intelligently chose to quietly disappear. 

Helen reached out her hand, lightly caressing the injuries on Su’s face and arms, and then she spat out a few rare words of obscenity, cursing rather uncharacteristically, “I just cured you, yet I have to completely start over again!”

She pressed the call button. By the time a doctor and several nurses carefully returned to the office, Helen’s face had long recovered its trademark mechanical expression.

“Bring him away. Strip and wash him clean, and then throw him on the operating table. Prepare all the tools needed in five minutes, especially the entire set of cutting tools. I will start the operation in ten minutes.” Helen coldly ordered them. From her tone, it didn’t sound like operating on a human at all, and instead sounded more  like slaughtering a pig. 

“But…” The doctor’s head was covered in white hair. He looked quite aged already, but in front of Helen, he was like an insignificant student. Under Helen’s ice-cold gaze, he summoned some courage with great difficulty and asked with a trembling voice, “20 minutes later is when the first surgery will happen…”

Helen coldly cut the old doctor off. “Number 1 can just soak in here. If he dies from soaking, then we can just call it his luck being bad.”

“This…” The old doctor began to sweat profusely, but under Helen’s gaze, he no longer dared to say anything else in the end. He ordered the nurses to carefully bring Su away, that he had to be clean before appearing on the operating table. He was a doctor from the Fabregas family, so he knew a bit about how much the family paid for Ricardo. However, it looked like Helen had no intention of doing things just because she received money. However, this wasn’t something this trifling little doctor could advise her on. 

Perhaps it truly was as Helen said. Ricardo was going to have to rely on his luck to make it past this day and night; this was what the old man helplessly thought.

When everyone left, only then did Helen turn around. Her eyes landed on the case Su brought over. 

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