Book 3 Chapter 17.3

Book 3 Chapter 17.3 - Requirement

Within a corner inside Dragon City’s central region, Persephone’s private hospital was brightly lit. Inside this three floors above ground, five floors underground structure, everyone was doing everything they could to rush about. From time to time, nurses would run through this place, their foreheads covered in fine beads of sweat, but no time to wipe to wipe it off. 

The enormous Dragon City was a very good example of what is called a vast but sparsely populated place. The enormous area Persephone’s private hospital occupied perfectly agreed to this point as well, as the close to ten thousand square meter hospital only had two specially assigned doctors and five nurses, not including Helen herself. The underground portion was almost entirely occupied by Helen’s laboratory, but Helen was the only one that managed this enormous laboratory without even a single assistant. 

Inside the second floor medications laboratory, Helen stood in front of an apparatus the size of a microwave, using the densely packed data that appeared on the light screen to adjust the apparatus. In addition, she...

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