Book 3 Chapter 17.2

Book 3 Chapter 17.2 - Requirement

Pandora’s upper clothes had already become unbearably tattered a long time ago, and right now, they could completely be considered strips of rags that were just winding around her body. Her alluring body was almost completely exposed outside. Following her movements, the two captivatingly red points on her snow white chest moved as well, appearing tender and soft. 

Only Su knew how terrifying the power behind this beautiful and pure body was! All of the so-called beauty was just a false outer appearance. 

This was a completely unexpected collision. The black-haired Pandora held the sword with both hands, but when the twin-bladed light sword was still raised above her head, she already made contact with Su! The collision speed was so fast that not even Su had time to make preparations. He could only hurriedly protect his head and chest with no time to worry about the bone blades on his arms, and just like that, he smashed into Pandora’s body!

Her body that looked weak like water, by the time Su collided into her, was already impregnable like super alloys. The powerful opposite force not only made Su bounce backwards, even Pandora couldn’t help but lean her body that was already on the ground slightly backwards. 

A concentrated cracking of bones finally sounded from Su’s body, but the injuries couldn’t slow down his attacks at all. He turned his hand around, grabbed Pandora’s hand, and by using the bounce back force of the collision, he once again spun around Pandora’s body. Only, this time, fine bony spurs emerged from his palm, and because of them, he tightly latched onto Pandora’s body. Unfortunately, in front of her impenetrable body, these bone spurs began to break apart one after another, immediately making his face pale. 

However, he couldn’t afford to pay attention to these injuries, because the twin-bladed light sword Pandora was raising high above was still hacking down with overwhelming power!

When the light sword descended, the sword blade already became distorted in Su’s eyes. Even Pandora who was holding the blade became somewhat blurry! Su even more so heard a low droning sound, as if an aircraft carrier was currently pressing down on him!

With the power Pandora was exerting on the sword, Su didn’t doubt that even if what she held was just a metal rod, she could directly blast apart a main battle tank, let alone the fact that she was holding an energy light sword with boundless power!

When this sword hacked down, it already cut off all of Su’s routes of retreat!

However, Su didn’t have any intention of escaping. He rushed at Pandora, his arm’s bone blades directly turning into two spheres of black light. Then, with inconceivable speed, he continuously sliced at Pandora’s body!

With a bang sound, all of the clothes on Pandora’s body exploded like a hoard of butterflies taking off into the sky, with the largest piece not exceeding a square centimeter! In that instant, it was unknown just how many cuts she received. However, not a single injury was left on her naked snow white body. Compared to Su’s hurricane of attacks, Pandora’s attack was much simpler. 

Both of her hands held the sword, hacked it downwards, brandished it back in defense, took a step out, and then swept it across. From start to finish, she only produced four movements, but every single action carried mountainous weight behind it. It was indescribably imposing and majestic. 

A crazy whirlwind suddenly erupted around the two individuals and directly rushed into the clouds!

Time seemed to have suddenly come to a standstill. Su and Pandora’s bodies seemed to pass each other while maintaining the same posture, the short light blonde hair that stood on end seemed to completely intertwine with the fluttering black hair. 

Pandora’s movements were much slower than Su’s, but Su still couldn’t avoid her final strike. Even though he avoided a fatal cut from the light sword’s blades, his lower back was still lightly grazed by Pandora’s arm. This contact with her seemingly soft arm caused Su’s body to release several terrifying bone fracturing sounds. His face even more so flushed with an irregular redness, and then he couldn’t help but spray out blood from his mouth!

However, the moment their figures crossed, Su’s left arm muscles expanded, and then the bone blade once again streaked across the cut he made on Pandora’s thigh before! Su’s memory was incredibly precise, not deviating a single millimeter from the previous cut. Last time, the cut was only a light injury that only produced a few drops of blood, but this time, it produced an enormous gash that was several centimeters deep!

Time finally continued flowing, but it was still unbearably slow. 

Inside the bone blade, there were several small openings. Pandora’s blood flooded the openings and flowed inside Su’s body. Meanwhile, Pandora slowly turned around, her flying black hair covering her face as she did so. Her small and delicate lips opened, revealing her flexible tongue and using it to catch the droplets of blood that flew in the air. Then, it withdrew into her mouth again. 

Time finally moved normally again. 

Su immediately rushed forward, but he only moved his body a meter. His speed was so fast that afterimages were dragged behind him. However, after charging a meter outwards, he no longer budged an inch. Unknowingly when, Pandora’s left hand had already loosened its grip on the light sword’s handle, reaching over and grabbing the bone blades that protruded from Su’s arm tightly in her hand. The sinister looking bone blade couldn’t inflict any damage to her tender and snow white little hand. 

Once the bone blade was tightly clenched in her hands, it was as if they were nailed into a mountain, unable to budge an inch. However, how could Su just watch on helplessly? His body bent over, and then he planted his feet into the ground. With a roar, all of the muscles on his body suddenly erupted, bursting with three times his original power, forcibly bending the bone blades protruding from his arms to the side!

When faced with this clear challenge, Pandora obviously wouldn’t shrink back. Her left hand similarly twisted about, only in the opposite direction Su was exerting force in. 

When the two tremendous forces that could only be measured by the tons converged, not even the toughest material would be able to hold on. Only a crack sound could be heard, and then the bone blade outside his arm was broken!

Like a broken kite, Su flew out several dozen meters. He staggered about and barely managed to stand still. Pandora also exerted too much force, so she couldn’t help but take two steps backwards.

To cross this several dozen meters of distance, neither Su or Pandora needed even a single second. However, both individuals stood there in opposition, neither of them having any intention of taking another step. 

“I’m leaving.” Su laughed. Even though his complexion was absolutely terrible, with this smile added, there was still a charm that was difficult to describe. 

This entire battle in reality took less than ten seconds, but Su already suffered continuous injuries. His arms were still dripping with blood, with the wounds left behind from breaking the bone blade extremely terrifying. Moreover, this type of injury wasn’t as simple as it looked like on the outside. The injury had no sign of closing on its own. In addition, after after colliding with Pandora three times, especially the final time, the damage inflicted on Su’s skeleton was extremely great. Meanwhile, Pandora’s injuries was just that gash on her thigh. Towards this type of injury, forget about Pandora whose body was powerful to an incomparable degree, even Su himself could completely recover from it within two days. The battle situation looked almost completely one-sided, but Su’s tone sounded as if he was the victor. 

Pandora’s small mouth opened slightly, looking a bit perplexed. She suddenly asked a rather irrelevant question, “Why don’t you have any interest in my body? Could it be that you don’t have a man’s desires?”

Towards her question, Su was also a bit stunned. However, he only stared distractedly at her for a moment before saying, “Among the women I’ve seen, there are more than one who are prettier than you.”

Su wasn’t lying. The current Pandora was extremely beautiful, but that was it. It was still far from comparing with Madeline, Persephone, or perhaps Angelina. She was even more so exuding a type of mechanical feeling that made her hard to approach. The difference between her and Persephone who had a vague type of temptation, but made others both fond and fearful of her was too great. 

After replying to Pandora’s question, Su immediately turned around and left with large strides. His speed was still extremely fast, but it was just half of his all-out speed. However, Pandora continued to stand in her original location without moving, sending Su off into the distance with her eyes. 

She indeed couldn’t operate this body of hers perfectly. Right now, her leg was injured, so her speed was somewhat influenced. Even though she inflicted serious injuries onto Su, and his injuries were far heavier than her small injury, Su’s speed was completely unaffected. If Su decided to flee at full force, Pandora wouldn’t be able to catch him. She never liked to waste energy on pointless activity, so she could only give up. Just like that, she watched Su disappear into the darkness. 

When Su left, he didn’t notice that in Pandora’s seemingly stupefied little face, there was a trace of a complacent smile. 

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