Book 3 Chapter 17.1

Book 3 Chapter 17.1 - Requirement

A rumbling sound erupted, originating from Pandora as the center. The black flames suddenly expanded, forming an enormous ball of flame. The haze-like black flame stretched out ten meters, with everything within the flames being greatly corroded. Even the tough frozen earth surface began to wear away at a visible speed. 

The eruption of black flames was unintentional. When Su rushed over at full strength, Pandora inadvertently increased the power of the seal of black flame, and this excessively powerful burst of power far surpassed her control. The energy that flowed out from her body turned into black flames, aimlessly burning away everything it touched. 

Su’s arms overlapped his head and chest, and then his entire body unexpectedly crashed into Pandora’s! Pandora’s small mouth was slightly opened, seemingly a bit shocked. Her reaction was quite strange as well, unexpectedly spreading her arms and exposing all of her chest’s vital areas as if she was welcoming a lover’s embrace. Then, just like that, she grabbed towards Su. 


A vague muffled sound rang through the night sky. The sound wasn’t that loud, but its vibrations were so powerful it made one feel as if their hearts were going to explode. Su and Pandora’s bodies smashed together heavily at shocking speed!

The instant they collided, Pandora discovered with shock that Su’s chest bones didn’t smash apart, and the arms that were protecting his body didn’t shatter. It was to the extent where not even the sounds of bones cracking apart could be heard. This collision speed that would turn a main battle tank into scrap metal unexpectedly didn’t bring Su any clear injuries!

The moment they collided, Su’s body pulled together slightly, cleverly dissolving a portion of the impact’s force. Meanwhile, Pandora was different. The sturdiness of her body was comparable to that of outstanding alloys. When her skin that was soft and delicate like water encountered this force weighing in the tons, there wasn’t the slightest fluctuation, to the extent where there wasn’t even the slightest bit on indentation! Su felt as if what he smashed into at high speed was an entire mountain. However, even if it was a mountain that he smashed into like this, a few rocks would at least fall, right? However, there was nothing on Pandora’s side, her body not being shaken up in the slightest. 

However, this ferocious collision still made Pandora’s movements become a bit sluggish. It was because of this that her action of closing her arms became a bit slower, allowing Su to borrow the force of this collision to bounce out, freeing himself from being trapped. When he bounced backwards, Su’s left hand reached out like electricity. His five fingers’ fingernails slightly extended outwards, forming sharp bone blades, and then he fiercely stabbed it towards Pandora’s full chest! The sharp bone blades easily tore through all of her clothing and stabbed towards her towering breasts. 

The feeling he felt from his fingertips was not a soft and supple feeling, nor was it a feeling of penetrating something. Instead, it was as if he grabbed a spherical piece of metal. When the sharp tips of the finger blades scraped against her skin, it unexpectedly released a sound similar to that of glass being scraped. The bone blades, due to receiving too much force, were immediately covered in cracks. It was to the point where one of the bone blades’ end was already breaking apart. 

The collision just now already gave Su a sense of how powerful Pandora’s body was, but now, even after clawing out with all of his power, he couldn’t even make it through her skin. This forced Su to acknowledge Pandora’s comprehensive strength. His body continued to fly backwards at high speeds. His left hand flipped over and grabbed Pandora’s clothes. Only a single riiip could be heard, and then her upper clothes that weren’t any bit inferior in toughness to that of dragonrider combat suits were completely torn apart!

Through the powerful tension of his left hand, Su’s body drew an arc around Pandora’s body, brushing right past her body before running into the distance. 

Pandora stood in her original location, watching in a daze as Su headed into the distance. She didn’t move for two whole seconds! A strip of cloth suddenly fell from the edge of her short skirt. On the outside of her snow white legs was a faint injury that slowly trickled out drops of blood. Su, who was madly running into the distance, had two bone blades extending out from his arms that had fine sawtooth edges. The bone blades were currently retracting into his body as he disappeared into the distance. 

This was the first time Pandora’s brows frowned. An unfamiliar feeling could be felt from her leg. It should be something called pain, and the degree was only of the first level, or an extremely trivial type. 

An ear-piercing whistling sound rang through the air. The twin-bladed light sword flew back. Pandora reached out her right hand, and then the fiercely spinning light sword perfectly stopped within her hands. 

A muffled rumbling sound rang through the air. Several meter wide holes appeared on the ground. A blue light continuously extended through the night into the distance. Only when the front end reached a hundred meters away did the tail of the flame gradually disappear. 

Su who was frantically running suddenly felt as if the pressure behind him increased slightly. At the edge of the panoramic view, the grim reaper like young lady appeared again, moreover gradually closing the distance between the two. 

Su released a sigh inwardly. Even though her leg had been injured, such a light wound wouldn’t be able to decrease her speed at all. He was just trying his luck back there. He mobilized power from every part of his body, once again increasing his speed until the distance between Pandora and himself no longer decreased. 

A bit of clamoring broke out in Dragon City. Several beams of light lit up from the highest construct and shone in this direction. Powerful auras continuously surged, and they began to gather towards the western and northern areas. This was a result of dragonriders moving out after receiving general headquarters’ orders. Several reaper drones packed with weapons rose into the air and quickly sped towards the area the alert sounded. 

The Black Dragonriders’ response was fast, and the power they could muster up was great. If Pandora saw this, her expression might just change slightly.

Only, no matter how fast the Black Dragonriders could mobilize forces, it would still take more than ten minutes for them to hurry towards the place where the alert was issued. Even though the unmanned drones would come a bit quicker, by the time they rushed over, Su and Pandora would be several dozen kilometers away already. There was no way they could catch up. 

Meanwhile, the tyrannical auras that forced Pandora to change tactics back then were currently quietly disappearing. 

700 meters. This distance was enough for Su to change directions twice, but that was all. The minimum distance of safety was 150 meters, because any closer and Pandora may very well use an energy eruption to catch up to him. 

After crazily running close to a hundred kilometers, Su’s speed finally slowed down a bit, and as a result, the distance between himself and Pandora unavoidably decreased. As expected, when there was only 150 meters between them, Pandora’s speed suddenly doubled!

She was like a shooting star, dragging that black flame behind her as she jumped up, blasting towards Su who was standing still!

A streak of electricity suddenly tore through the air, almost lightning up the entire wilderness! A great downpour immediately began, sending concentrated rain full of radiation downwards. However, it was still completely burned clean by the black flame Pandora was releasing. 

Su raised his head and looked at Pandora. However, the image that was reflected within them was actually another face, a slumbering, beautiful, similarly pure girl, Madeline.

The two bone blades extended from the outside of Su’s arm, the sawtooth blade flickering with an indistinct cold glint. It was precisely these blades that left an injury on Pandora’s tyrannical and inconceivable body. 

Su took a deep breath, and then he erupted with power!


A high pitched and beautiful cry sounded from Su’s mouth. He suddenly backed up, and then he abruptly rushed forward again. He reached maximum speed with just two steps, and then he clashed head on into the descending Pandora!

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