Book 3 Chapter 17.1

Book 3 Chapter 17.1 - Requirement

A rumbling sound erupted, originating from Pandora as the center. The black flames suddenly expanded, forming an enormous ball of flame. The haze-like black flame stretched out ten meters, with everything within the flames being greatly corroded. Even the tough frozen earth surface began to wear away at a visible speed. 

The eruption of black flames was unintentional. When Su rushed over at full strength, Pandora inadvertently increased the power of the seal of black flame, and this excessively powerful burst of power far surpassed her control. The energy that flowed out from her body turned into black flames, aimlessly burning away everything it touched. 

Su’s arms overlapped his head and chest, and then his entire body unexpectedly crashed into Pandora’s! Pandora’s small mouth was slightly opened, seemingly a bit shocked....

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