Book 3 Chapter 16.5

Book 3 Chapter 16.5 - Dance of Two

When he saw the robust male that suddenly stood up in the distance, Su instead calmed down much more. These were the roaming sentinels around the Black Dragonriders’ core center of control who had powerful physiques and tenacious vitality. These individuals had specially made weapons as well. The main weapons they used were 20mm caliber rifles. In reality, these couldn’t be considered rifles anymore, as they had the power of machine cannons. Their power was even more so above that of ordinary machine cannons. These individuals who had specially strengthened perception and weapon control made their strength comparable to lower ranked military officials. The difference between them laid in the fact that they were specially nurtured soldiers without the ability to improve a step further. These soldiers were extremely vigilant, forming Dragon City’s first line of defense. Forget about the fact that the personnel on the ground couldn’t escape their detection, even if it was an olden era guided missile that was firing into the city, even they would be shot down upon entering their firing range. If an olden era tactical weapon like a cruise missile somehow made it through the first line of defense, it would still be detected by Dragon City’s alert system within a hundred kilometers, and at that time, there were more than enough dragonriders a thousand meters away who could easily shoot them down. 

This guard didn’t ask who these two individuals who ran over were at all, instead aiming at Pandora in the rear, and then directly fired! This was because Pandora’s charge was too ferocious and powerful, dragging a blue tail flame that stretched several hundred meters behind her. In this darkness, it was as bright as bright could be, visible even more than ten kilometers away. Meanwhile, Su was an indistinct figure, moreover one that was impossible to lock onto. 

Regardless of what kind of background Su and Pandora had, running towards Dragon City at this type of speed made it so that the sentinel guard could already directly fire!

The gunshot was especially loud in this dark night, and not even the winds Pandora stirred up could suppress this sound. Meanwhile, when the gunshot sounded, the powerful bullet already accurately pierced towards Pandora’s chest!

Precise, deadly, completely first-class marksmanship. However, this bullet would never hit Pandora. 

Pandora didn’t even hack apart the bullet with the blades of light. Instead, she slightly increased her pacing, and then the bullet whistled past her body, barely brushing past some of her hair. 

As for Pandora’s counterattack, all she did was look at the guard that stood a kilometer away. 

When the first shot missed, the guard muttered a few curses. He then issued the highest level of warning signal before aiming at Pandora to fire the second shot, even though he already knew deep down what the result would be. 

The moment he was going to press the trigger all the way down, the guard’s eyes immediately felt a sharp wave of pain. Then, his entire world quickly darkened. In the blink of an eye, even Pandora’s dazzling blue tail flame also dimmed! The guard was immediately shocked and couldn’t help but cry out in alarm. However, when he opened his mouth, what came out wasn’t a cry of shock, but rather a black flame!

Su’s mind was shaken. Borrowing the delay the guard bought him, he adjusted his direction again and rushed through Dragon City’s outer walls. If his luck was good enough, perhaps he might not be overtaken yet by the time he entered through the city’s entrance. 

Pandora’s speed suddenly became a bit slower. Almost at the same time, both her and Su sensed several incredibly powerful auras from the vague outline of the imposing Dragon City at the end of the horizon! In that instant, even the clouds full of radiation seemed to be drawn closer and begin to slowly spiral about!

If the entire sky was swirling about, one could imagine how tremendous this imposing aura was!

Su became inwardly excited. His speed suddenly increased a bit as he sped towards Dragon City. Meanwhile, Pandora was shocked, starting to quickly calculate the result of making a move against these individuals. The calculation process was clearly complex and long, and as a result, it was stopped almost as soon as it began. Her black eyes stared at Su’s legs, and then within the depths of her pupils, a mist like black flame suddenly ignited! At this moment, Pandora finally decided to set Su aflame just like that guard from just now, only, her main target was Su’s legs. With her control over the black flames, she could completely put out the black flame before Su was completely cremated. Only, like this, Su’s legs most likely couldn’t be saved. 

Su felt like his own legs suddenly became a bit heavier. If it was anyone else, they definitely wouldn’t care about this slight change, but he had extremely careful control over every part of his body, so he immediately knew that this was related to Pandora. He immediately adjusted his spirit reaction ability, using the sea of mental energy to remove himself from Pandora’s targeting. 

Pandora released two streaks of fine black flames from her eyes. A bit of darkness immediately appeared over her face, but soon after, it became normal again. This ignition unexpectedly failed, making her suffer the backlash of the black flames and leaving her slightly injured. 

Pandora’s little face revealed an extremely naive astonishment. She raised her right hand, and then the twin light blades began to spin about in her fingers again. The energy blades immediately turned into an enormous wheel of light! Her right hand suddenly reached outwards, and then the wheel of light left her hands, flying towards Su at an inconceivable speed!

Su who was currently completely focused on running towards Dragon City suddenly felt a wave of coldness. He immediately activated the panoramic view in advance, and as a result, he saw that a blue light wheel was currently flying at him with great speed! No matter how fast he was, he still wouldn’t outrun this light wheel. In that instant, Su’s brain immediately completed an extremely complex calculation. He came to two conclusions. 

If he didn’t change his route of advance and continued to run towards Dragon City, he would be directly hacked apart by that blade of light. If he moved and evaded that disk of light and then ran towards Dragon City, he would have to face the returning wheel of light, and would still be directly hacked apart. Only by moving opposite of the light wheel could he free himself from this terrifying weapon he couldn’t make contact with at all. 

Su immediately understood that Pandora’s intention was to put him in a situation where he had no choice but to turn around, preventing him from getting closer to Dragon City. Once Su deviated from Dragon City, the two would once again resume their close pursuit. Su didn’t even have the chance to change directions. He could only use his highest speed of movement to compete with Pandora in a contest of endurance. If they were competing in endurance, then the one that would lose was definitely Su. 

This was the first time Su lost confidence in himself during a life and death battle. Pandora’s body seemed to contain endless amounts of energy, so much so that she could wantonly squander it. However, during this almost equally matched pursuit, if she wanted to cut Su off, Pandora still had to pay some type of price. 

Based on her expectations, Su would turn back, make a full circle, and then select another direction away from Dragon City to escape to. Meanwhile, for the sake of retrieving the dual-bladed light sword, she had no choice but to put up with the slight delay, allowing the distance between the two to similarly pull open another kilometer or so. This was an extremely enticing amount of distance, as Su had a small chance to escape her pursuit and go into hiding. However Pandora knew that this wasn’t an opportunity for Su at all! Her control over the black flames was currently improving, while Su’s energy was being completely used up. In the following pursuit, Su would discover that the distance between himself and Pandora would continuously shrink, instead of like like right now, where the former couldn’t escape, but the latter couldn’t catch up. 

Sure enough, Su changed directions, avoiding the twin blades of light from hacking through him. However, what left Pandora surprised was that Su didn’t choose to avoid her, but instead quickly threw himself towards her!

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