Book 3 Chapter 16.4

Book 3 Chapter 16.4 - Dance of Two

The corners of Lynch's eyes jumped. He already saw an indistinct figure through his scope, one that was currently rushing out from the thick darkness! However, if that was truly a person, how could that person reach such a ridiculous speed?!”

The stirring darkness suddenly erupted. A single person shot out from the mists like a rocket. Even though there was a thousand meters between them, the sharp sound wave travelling through the air was already making Lynch’s ears sore!

This unexpected event happened too quickly! Only now did those from the Trials Division think of dispersing to four sides and hiding their traces, but the speed of that individual was just too fast. How could someone with the strength to run at this type of speed not notice their whereabouts?

In Lynch’s scope, that figure travelled several hundred meters in the blink of an eye, so fast that even his figure was blurry. However, Lynch, with his strengthened sight and fast calculation ability, quickly filled up that lacking image. The light blonde hair that flew about almost made his heart rate double!

It was Su!

Lynch almost subconsciously pressed down on the sniping scope’s power switch. A string of data was immediately released, shooting towards the communications communications apparatus floating a thousand meters in the sky. From that moment on, everything in the scope would be sent back to Helen in Dragon City, and the delay wouldn’t exceed a second. 

Just from the terrifying speed Su displayed alone, Lynch immediately felt glad that he didn’t choose to make him his enemy from the bottom of his heart. Speed was a sniper’s natural enemy. If Lynch’s choice had been less sensible, there would be no way he could escape Su’s pursuit, and he would have a similar ending as Maria. Even to this moment, whenever he thought about Maria who stayed there all alone in the darkness and cold, experiencing her blood trickling out from her body drop by drop and waiting endlessly for death to come, he would always feel a chill down to his bones. 

Before Lynch even had the time to sigh inwardly, a large expanse of blue flame suddenly ignited in the hazy night! A fair and graceful figure that dragged a seemingly endless blue tail behind her rushed out from the hazy night immediately afterwards. The instant she rushed out from the mists, Lynch almost seemed to have heard an explosion sound!

If Su was like a low flying fighter aircraft, then the sound this young lady made was simply like an aircraft carrier!

The blue banner of flame behind the young lady released a dazzling radiance. Even though the scope had automatic filtering for harsh light and other harmful rays, Lynch’s eye still felt a powerful stinging pain. This was not only from the light, but also because that young lady’s power was excessively powerful, powerful to the extent where it was already close to the limit of what Lynch could respond to!

Lynch couldn’t suppress the overwhelming horror he felt. Where did this young lady come from? How could she be powerful to this degree? It was clearly just a first impression, yet the panic it brought Lynch wasn’t any lower than that of what he felt in front of Helen! Even though the blue flame tail’s radiance was exceptionally bright, great to the point where he couldn’t even see the young lady’s face clearly, only able to see an outline, this outline alone was already deeply engraved in the bottom of Lynch’s heart. 

He reacted instantly. His brain’s operation speed suddenly increased, and in the blink of an eye, he calculated this young woman’s route of advance. Then, he aimed at her chest, and then pulled down on the trigger!

The moment the bullet left the barrel, Lynch suddenly felt as if the flame released from the muzzle this time was a bit dim. Before he even understood where the mishap laid, his entire body suddenly felt a stinging pain. Raging black flames had already completely surrounded him!

His many years of battlefield experience made Lynch’s reactions incomparably fast. He rolled on the ground and fiercely smashed his body into the snow below. However, the icy coldness of the snow wasn’t enough to stop the flames at all, to the extent where it didn’t even have the chance to become liquid, directly sublimating into vapors. 

While rolling and throwing himself outwards, he already did everything he could to quickly remove his clothes. Then, with a turn of his body, he kicked off his clothes that were being burned by the dark flames and ran towards Dragon City just like that. 

Su didn’t noticed Lynch at first. Even though Lynch was inferior to Su in hiding himself, he could still be considered a great master. However, those Trials Division arbitration officials weren’t so lucky. The moment he rushed out from the night’s haze, Su noticed these sneaky fellas and even sensed an overcast bloodiness only arbitration officials had. Su who now understood Madeline’s current circumstances naturally understood that these arbitration officials couldn’t be under her. Even if they were, that was a thing of the past. 

Even though Lynch’s sudden fire gave him a fright, Su didn’t change his original plan and still adjusted his path to rush towards this group of arbitration officials. Su didn’t immediately pay Mitchels a visit, but that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t use this grace period to weaken Mitchels’ strength. 

These were all elites among arbitration officials. When their whereabouts were exposed, they occupied firing positions and rained down bullets without a trace of hesitation! These arbitration officials’ hands were full of blood. When they pressed down on the trigger, they didn’t even see who it was that was closing in on them. 

Only, the speed at which Su closed in on them was far greater than what they had imagined, and the bullets all landed behind Su’s body. A distance of several hundred meters only took a few seconds of work to cover. When there was still 50 meters from the arbitration official closest to him, the vague whistling waves already left these arbitration officials’ ears ringing with unbearable pain. 

Su didn’t rush into these arbitration officials and unleash a great slaughter. Instead, he gave them a cold glance before flying right by their bodies. As soon as a flash of shock appeared in the heads of these arbitration officials who were originally expecting a bloody and cruel battle, crushed rocks, smoke, and dust completely drowned out their bodies, catching all of these people within. Meanwhile, Su himself quickly rushed into the distance. 

In the blink of an eye, there was rubble and dirt flying everywhere around these arbitration officials, to the extent where they couldn’t see anything at all. As soon as a few people who had sensing methods other than sight tried to use them, everything in front of them suddenly erupted with blinding blue light! In that instant, the only thing these arbitration officials could see was boundless blue light!

Pandora rushed straight through this group of arbitration officials, because this was the shortest route in cutting Su off. The double-edged sword of light spun around in her hands, sending two water-blue streaks directly through the bodies of the arbitration officials standing in the way, easily hacking them into hundreds of chunks of flesh. 

Even though she was slightly hindered, her speed was still faster than Su’s who made a detour towards these arbitration officials. The distance between Pandora and Su was pulled ten meters closer. As for Lynch’s snipe, even though it was unexpected, it still drew some of Pandora’s attention to dodge it. In terms of distance, it added another fifteen meters between Su and herself. 

In the distant darkness, a tall and sturdy figure suddenly stood up. He carried a rather shocking sized rifle and aimed over in this direction. From his physique, this robust male was at least 2.3 or 2.4 meters in height, clearly a build more oriented towards power. The rifle he used alone was over 2 meters in length. There was naturally even less of a need to talk about its power.

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