Book 3 Chapter 16.3

Book 3 Chapter 16.3 - Dance of Two

At this moment, a thick column of flame suddenly rose several kilometers away. The intense explosion eventually formed a mushroom cloud that slowly turned in the night sky. Even though it was quite a distance away, sounds of gunshots still rang over from the distance. In another direction, a battle also suddenly became more intense. 

Perhaps because he detected a weakness in the enemy’s encirclement, Ricardo led the remaining subordinates into a sudden assault, breaking through the weak encirclement in one stroke and rushing towards the depths of the wilderness. The other dragonrider that was able to stick it out this far was naturally no idiot either. He similarly began to try to break out from this siege. 

Su was powerless to save Ricardo or his own subordinates. Being able to draw Pandora away was already the limit of what he could do. He had...

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