Book 3 Chapter 16.3

Book 3 Chapter 16.3 - Dance of Two

At this moment, a thick column of flame suddenly rose several kilometers away. The intense explosion eventually formed a mushroom cloud that slowly turned in the night sky. Even though it was quite a distance away, sounds of gunshots still rang over from the distance. In another direction, a battle also suddenly became more intense. 

Perhaps because he detected a weakness in the enemy’s encirclement, Ricardo led the remaining subordinates into a sudden assault, breaking through the weak encirclement in one stroke and rushing towards the depths of the wilderness. The other dragonrider that was able to stick it out this far was naturally no idiot either. He similarly began to try to break out from this siege. 

Su was powerless to save Ricardo or his own subordinates. Being able to draw Pandora away was already the limit of what he could do. He had never felt that a half hour was such a long time. In his consciousness, every second was stretched countless times, becoming tens of thousands of bits of data, and as such, tens of thousands of thoughts emerged in his mind as well. 

He didn’t have any way of dealing with Pandora, not at all! Pandora, or perhaps this black-haired young lady, just the strength she displayed alone was enough to completely crush Su. Their speeds were equally matched, but there was a gargantuan disparity in strength. Even though she hadn’t displayed any combat arts, just from that dual-bladed light sword alone, one could tell that she was definitely not a girl who didn’t know how to fight. In addition, there was no way Su could make up for the weapon difference either. There was absolutely nothing on his body that could stop those blades of light. That was a well-developed energy weapon, the level of technology of which was an entire era ahead. In Pandora’s hands, a single sweep would hack Su apart at the waist. There was still a round of the special biological bullet. These were for fighting against Malim or Martham, and it was effective against the chosen as well. However, against Pandora, it still had to be shot into the body to be effective. The young lady’s skin was fine and smooth, similar to Su’s, but Su believed that her seemingly soft skin shouldn’t have any problems blocking a sniper rifle shot. Even if he truly did manage to get a shot in, would it even be effective?

At the very least, Su knew that this bullet was not effective on himself. He could immediately mobilize the tissue cells around the injury to expel all of the virus intruder cells and blood out from his body. 

The only thing he could rely on were his perception abilities. Abilities were always two-sided. Great masters of the Perception Domain would inevitably be proficient at hiding themselves. However, there was already an instinctive connection between Pandora and himself. Pandora couldn’t escape Su’s perception, but on the other end, Su was the same. 

That was why Su only had a single choice, and that was to run. As long as he fled inside Dragon City, the Blood Parliament will definitely have an expert that could deal with Pandora. 

After being chased continuously for several minutes, Su already noticed that the black-haired girl was acting a bit strange. It seemed like she couldn’t use her body’s power to its fullest, and from time to time, some incoordination would appear. In not for this fact, she would have caught up to him a long time ago. There was no way he would have been able to flee for this long. 

The moment he discovered the disharmony going on in the black-haired young lady’s body, the instinctive desire that grew day by day within Su’s body suddenly split in two. One was a desire towards Pandora, and the other was a desire towards this black-clad young lady. 

The two individuals were like fighter aircrafts that were flying right above the ground, roaring as they rushed towards Dragon City. 


Patience was an essential skill for a sniper. Lynch always felt that he had limitless patience, and that was why no matter how one looked at it, he could be be considered an excellent sniper. 

However, he, who had been in the sniping profession for close to twenty years knew that a sniper was far from being omnipotent, to the extent where he felt it only barely classifies as a middle level skill. Due to the nature of firepower weapons, a high powered large caliber sniper rifle bullet could not exceed 2000. This type of speed was still a threat to low level dragonriders, but for higher ranked dragonriders, the effects became extremely limited. Against generals, they would be even more useless. That was why in all of the Black Dragonriders, the number of individuals with six levels in sniping proficiency was extremely few, and there was no one with more than six levels. Something six levels of ability couldn’t deal with, nine levels wouldn’t be able to deal with either. In addition, in the Mental Domain, there were many powerful six levels or higher abilities, for example, area control. When combined with the Magic Domain’s abilities, one could produce force fields that could defend against specific attributes, and when combined with Combat Domain abilities, it could produce defensive fields that can protect against various physical attacks. Even the ability to operate mobile armors and large scale battlefield weapon systems had much more expansive uses. That was why almost no one was willing to invest large amounts of evolutionary points into an even higher level of sniping mastery.

Sniping was often another job scouts had, or a skill those with innate talent in the Mental Domain limited at six levels would take on. Lynch was an example of both of these. 

When he first considered the profession of sniping, what Lynch considered even more heavily was that the number of snipers were few, so the chances of making a living off of it was higher. The limit of his innate talent was six levels as well. 

There was still an hour before the sky would brighten. Lynch who had already laid in his original spot for two days and two nights naturally wouldn’t mind waiting for another hour. If the person he was waiting for still didn’t show up by the time the sky brightened, then there was no point in waiting any longer. However, Lynch’s intuition told him that those people would soon appear. No one could compete against a sniper in patience, and Lynch had more patience than more snipers. 

Right now was when it was darkest, as well as when it was coldest. Not even mutated creatures were willing to come out to feast at this time. However, Lynch was full of spirit right now. He knew that his prey loved to go against human instincts the most, and now was their favorite time to leave their nests. These corpse eaters from the Trials Division, no matter what type of words were used to describe them, it won’t be over the line. 

The scenery in his line of view suddenly changed a bit. Lynch slowly adjusted his scope, and then a team of people who were moving through the darkness’ cover emerged. 

“You all finally showed up after all this waiting from me…” Every hair on Lynch’s thick mustache was smiling. The front sight continuously moved about the prey’s key areas, but he wasn’t in any rush to fire at all. The prey were all clearly extremely vigilant, so the success rate wasn’t all that high. He had to wait a bit longer for a better chance. All prey from the Trials Division were the most delicious meals, so he didn’t mind taking some time to enjoy this process. 

The opportunity came much sooner than what Lynch expected. Through the sighting lens, the one leading this group suddenly looked shocked, raising his head to look forward.

Just this movement alone already made this individual pretty much a dead person in Lynch’s heart. Right when Lynch was preparing to pull the trigger, a strange feeling suddenly passed by his mind. He inadvertently looked towards the distance. 

At the very end of what he could see, the thick darkness unexpectedly seemed to be warping about. In the blink of an eye, a vague whistling sound began to ring through the air, but when Lynch tried to carefully listen to it, he didn’t hear anything anymore. 

Lynch felt like tonight was especially cold, making his fine hairs even stand on end. He immediately became vigilant. This was not because he was cold, but rather a response to danger! He firmly believed that, as a sniper, luck was an indispensable part of strength. That was why after he reached the bottleneck of sniping mastery, Lynch always strove to increase his mysterious fields abilities. 

After just a few seconds had passed, the whistling sounds became more clear, continuously ringing through the skies. It was becoming louder and louder as well, sounding just like a low flying fighter aircraft!

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