Book 3 Chapter 16.2

Book 3 Chapter 16.2 - Dance of Two

Her special hair color and appearance, together with her 170 centimeter height made her reply something that might make men with more powerful desires directly spew out blood. However, her movements were completely different from her reply. The black-haired young lady’s right hand grabbed a half meter long alloy rod with complex symbols engraved on its surface. She pressed the switch on top of this short rod, and then both ends simultaneously lit up. Then, a water blue radiance that seemed to carry substance extended outwards, actually producing a meter long blade of light at each end of the rod!

The blades of light were slightly curved and released a hazy blue radiance. Meanwhile, the right hand that held the double-edged light blades’ handle had strands of black mist curling about it. However, the terrifying energy contained within that mist couldn’t escape Su’s perception. That wasn’t a mist, but instead a black flame!

“Energy weapon? Pandora?” Su laughed and spoke. His expression clearly became more relaxed. 

The moment the young lady’s right hand seeped out black flames, he keenly sensed Pandora’s aura from the flames. Even though that type of feeling was weak, his memory of Pandora had already been imprinted into his body’s instincts, so even though the black-haired girl’s appearance was completely different from the little girl’s, to the extent where there wasn’t the slightest bit of similarity, Su still immediately recognized her. 

“You still remember me! I am so…” Before Pandora finished her sentence, she suddenly saw Su turn around, and then with the fastest speed, running away!

“Wait, you…” Her shout similarly stopped halfway. Su had long disappeared into the boundless darkness. Even if he heard her cry, he definitely wouldn’t turn around. 

Pandora stood there in a stupor, her small pretty face carrying that bit of natural naivety finally revealed a trace of expression. She had to end her sentences halfway two times! This type of feeling was extremely strange and uncomfortable, just like… just like when an important computer program suddenly crashed. 

However, Pandora was only dumbstruck for less than a second before she quickly ran, chasing in the direction Su ran. Even her running posture was graceful and light, her slender and long snow white legs powerfully moved about, propelling her body forward. That blue dual-bladed light sword was held with a reverse grip and carried behind her. Along with her forward motion, the light blades released cloud-like trails of blue radiance that merged with the black flame’s tails, producing what looked like a long black and blue flame banner!

Pandora who was dragging this blue flame behind her moved through the dark wilderness, leaving behind a glaring trajectory in the thick darkness that continued to shine without dispersing for a long time. The strong winds she was facing blew her hair perfectly straight behind her, and then it was forcibly pushed to both sides of body, causing it to unwillingly release miserable cries. 

From the side, Pandora looked extremely beautiful. Her small face that still revealed some childishness was serious and concentrated. Chasing after Su had already become the only thing on her mind. Meanwhile, this slender and beautiful body possessed terrifying power. While running, an enormous shallow pit would even appear whenever her feet descended!

From a speed perspective, this body with black flames trailing behind it had already reached its limit. However, after chasing for an entire minute, Su was still far ahead of her. This left Pandora feeling extremely surprised. Su’s aura was extremely weak, roughly the same as an ant from her perception. However, Pandora knew that she definitely wouldn’t lose track of Su. The connection between herself and Su was extremely weak, but it was nevertheless an instinctive attraction that could not be severed. Just like how Su could immediately recognize her with the black flames, even if there was only a single cell left of Su and he was reborn from that cell, Pandora would similarly be able to recognize Su. 

Five minutes passed, but the distance between Pandora and Su didn’t decrease. This made her face reveal another bit of expression. However, as long as this distance didn’t get pulled any further, it was fine. Even if it was pulled greater, it wasn’t that big of a deal either, because there was no way Su had more energy than the seal of black flames. As for patience, Pandora had seemingly endless amounts of patience. Even if this pursuit continued for ten years, it was no different from a single second for her. 

The only thing that made her feel a bit of inconvenience was that the seal of black flame was too powerful, powerful to the extent where it was a bit hard to control. If it wasn’t because of this, how could Su have fled so far?

In the boundless night, Su was like a wisp of smoke as he drifted about in the wilderness. He didn’t know how long it had been since he had purely focused on running. Right now, he didn’t hold back anything, squeezing out every last drop of potential from within him. His mind was frantically circulating, calculating every point his feet landed on, the wind pressure, as well as the best route ahead. 

He tossed aside the assault rifle, and even the sniper rifle was flung away. The ammunition on his body was obviously no exception. Apart from a single round of special biological bullet, he even discarded all of the samples he had of Martham’s body! Su already did everything he could to lighten his body’s weight, running forward like he had lost his mind!

Su ran for his life while laughing bitterly inside. The battlefield objective this time was supposed to be extremely simple, and that was just to rescue the trapped subordinates and Ricardo, then head north to capture the Scorpions of Disaster’s forward operating base. There should be enough in there to exchange for a million. If possible, he wanted to see if he could get his hands on Pandora. As for what he would do once he captured her, Su still hadn’t thought it through. He believed that when he saw Pandora, his instincts would tell him what he had to do. 

Su never expected that he would encounter Martham and four chosen on the battlefield. However, their bodies alone should already bring Su close to a million in rewards, so there was no reason to risk attacking their base. Su even had his wishes of meeting Pandora fulfilled, and it was just like how he thought. His body’s instincts told him what he should do:

Run with everything he had!

Su never thought that when Pandora’s body truly appeared in front of him, it would actually be an already grown up young lady, moreover a young lady with overwhelming power! In Su’s eyes, every cell from her entire body contained endless amounts of power! Regardless of whether it was the dual-bladed light sword or the black flame that seeped out from her body, they contained the power to completely destroy Su. Even though Pandora cleverly hid her strength, it still couldn’t escape Su’s detection, especially after Su absorbed a portion of the five chosen’s strength. 

While running at high speed, Su would be generating three-dimensional images in his consciousness every second, the central point, of course, being Pandora who was chasing closely behind him. After integrating infrared sight and long range sensation, Su was already close to forming a brand new perception ability, and this panoramic map was precisely the embodiment of this ability. Using a combination of various perception abilities he acquired, then using his high speed calculation to make up the remaining portion, this was the full display of this ability. This required extremely high levels of calculation ability, as well as large amounts of evolutionary points. When the ability was completely formed, he would be able to maintain this panoramic map at all times and also increase its range. 

If one exaggerated it a bit, within the range covered by the panoramic map, almost everything would be sensed by Su, and all changes would be noticed. This was the so called omniscience Su was talking about. 

Su’s current version of the ability was still imperfect. He could only intermittently generate the panoramic map, and the speed at which his brain dealt with information wasn’t fast enough either. As such, many minute details would be overlooked. If he had the complete ability, the instant Pandora entered the panoramic map, Su would have immediately ran. How would that strange exchange of words between them even happen?

Su’s heart continued to pound. The speed of several hundred times a minute was already far greater than the limit of a human’s heart. It continuously pumped blood to various parts of his body, but if he had to purely rely on the power of a single heart, it was far from being enough to keep up with his body’s consumption. Right now, inside his body, there were more than ten places where his muscles and blood vessels merged together, expanding and contracting at the same rhythm as his heart as if they were mini hearts themselves. In addition, in every corner, every tissue system of his body, they all had reserves of energy. At this moment, they all erupted, satisfying his tremendous energy needs. 

Su’s processing ability already increased by an entire order of magnitude, keeping every movement he made at the maximum level of efficiency. Only then was he able to run at a speed that left others completely speechless. 

Pandora continued to pursue him relentlessly. Even though the distance had never been pulled closer, Su couldn’t lose her. Based on his speed of energy exhaustion, Su could continue for another half hour at most. 

With half an hour of time, he could run a hundred kilometers. If he headed towards Dragon City, then it was enough to head into the core ring of defense. As soon as he thought of this, Su immediately adjusted his path, drawing out streaks of sharp whistling winds. Then, he headed perfectly straight for Dragon City! Pandora adjusted her route as well, pursuing closely after him. 

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