Book 3 Chapter 16.1

Book 3 Chapter 16.1 - Dance of Two

Cleaning up the battlefield was already an extremely familiar task for Su, but this time, the cleanup took Su an entire half hour to complete. One has to understand that from start to finish, the entire battle didn’t take more than ten minutes. Su took samples of various important organs of Martham’s body, including an eyeball, which he carefully sealed up in the portable sealing bag. If he had the time, the giant’s alloy scales, energy cannons hanging from his arm, and the annihilation cannon were all good stuff that could sell for a great price. However, right now, Su couldn’t waste precious time and energy to move these things. He could only seal them up and bury them underground. When the battles ended, he would come back for them, if Su was still alive by then, of course. 

Numbers 5 and 13 were both dead. 7 and 19 were still alive, and they both offered enough information. At least Su believed that everything they knew, they already spoke about, which was already enough. That was why Su used the handless blade to end their lives, not letting them suffer too much pain while doing so, at least much lighter than that of when these individuals who only had numbers were talking. 

Currently, Su already knew that these four fellas that only had numbers as names were the so-called chosen. Their abilities were completely different, and their numbering was ranked based on their combat abilities. The level of authority of those that had smaller numbers was greater as well. For example, number 5 was clearly more troublesome for Su than number 13. In order to eliminate number 5 before Martham hurried over, Su couldn’t leave him with his life to interrogate after the battle. As for the number 2 Martham, not only did he have his own name, his level of experience was clearly different from the other chosen. 

The chosen’s world was actually extremely simple, simple to the point of leaving Su shocked. Their entire lives composed of creating abilities, training newly acquired abilities, and pleasure. The so-called pleasure was closer to that of a primal instinctive sort, which was precisely eating and mating. Through number 19’s description, what the chosen ate was similar to the Black Dragonriders’ nutrient-filled food, and its taste was definitely not the type humans were accustomed to. When he was in the training camp, Su definitely had his fill of it, and after the training camp, Su ate quite a bit of this as well. Nutrition food was nutrition food. Apart from increasing production costs, the nutritional value of nutrient-filled food with altered flavoring versus pure nutrient-filled food was not much different. However, the nervous system of the chosen were all controlled by a biological computer chip, so the act of eating alone was able to bring them large amounts of joy. Apart from eating, the chosen would spend several hours mating. Just like when eating, mating would similarly bring them intense pleasure. As a result, who they mated with already wasn’t something these chosen cared too much about. Some chosen would even close their eyes, cover their ears, and single-heartedly enjoy this pure feeling of joy, for example, number 19. As for whether or not the one he was riding on was a female pig, he didn’t care. 

A chosen’s body constitution was already vastly different from that of a human. The frequency and intensity of mating was nearly the same as a lion in mating season. 

Martham altered his body greatly for the sake of increasing his strength, from there on purely becoming a battlefield weapon. 

Before number 7 became a chosen, he was a youth that struggled for survival every day in an inhabited area. After the apostles controlled the Scorpions of Disaster, he was selected by the apostles and became a chosen. The reconstruction process took an entire three years of time. However, number 19 only used two years of reconstruction, and it seemed like the time it took for the newest batch of chosen to complete the reconstruction process was decreased to a year. Even though the reconstruction process becoming shorter would influence their battle strength, it wouldn’t be in a linear manner. Su was quite clear on what this would do for the Scorpions of Disasters’ rise in military force. 

These chosen still had the emotions of an ordinary human, so they had the same weaknesses as an ordinary human, namely, their fear of death. This was good news for Su. The computer chip technology of the Scorpions of Disaster wasn’t perfect. When controlling emotions, it would inevitably lower their intelligence, and quite a bit at that. For the sake of maintaining their complete combat strength, the chosen never had emotional control computer chips installed. Willpower could cover for a majority of human weaknesses, but willpower wasn’t innate. For these chosen who spent most of their time immersed in culture fluid to trump Su who had struggled between life and death for over twenty years in willpower, it was simply too difficult. 

The four chosen’s corpses were dragged together and dealt with in a simple manner. If they were brought back to Dragon City, these were all good things that could sell for a large amount of money. Unfortunately, he temporarily couldn’t bring them back. 

Since four chosen came, as well as a Martham that had underwent another reconstruction, Su did not believe that the Scorpions of Disaster would stop at this point. At the very least, there was still a Pandora that hadn’t appeared yet. Su had a strong feeling that she would definitely appear. 

Chosen, Martham, Pandora, these people all came after Su. To wipe out the dragonriders, just a single Martham was enough; there was no need to send four more chosen over. His powerful body, dexterity, and speed, together with the unstoppable annihilation cannon made Martham a natural predator against the way dragonriders and their subordinates fought. 

Su adjusted his uniform again, changing it into the most comfortable state, and then he looked all around him. While scanning his surroundings, the depths of his left eye flashed three times with green light. The three images constructed a new, three-dimensional map in Su’s brain, as well as a 360 degree view that encompassed everything within a kilometer around Su’s position with not a single corner missing. 

At the edge of the panoramic map, there was currently a black-haired young girl who was slowly walking over. However, if one looked at that place in the real world, there was nothing that could be seen at all. 

Su looked in the direction the young girl came from. His eyebrows curved slightly, and a trace of a smile appeared. His expression was calm, but in reality, every cell in his body was wriggling about, producing intense variation at the genetic level. Evolutionary points flowed like water into the Perception Domain, all of them increasing this domain’s abilities. In Su’s consciousness, the young girl’s image changed from blurry to clear. Regardless of whether it was the short black jacket, the short dress, long and slender legs, or high boots, they were all reconstructed within the panoramic view. If the young girl’s image wasn’t completely reconstructed in this panoramic view, even if Su looked at her with his night vision, he still wouldn’t be able to see anything. This black-haired young lady that was slowly walking over was just like an intangible ghost. 

When he walked a bit closer, Su already ‘saw’ her appearance clearly. The young lady’s black hair fell down in a perfectly straight manner, her straight and pointed small nose and slightly protruding lips formed a beautiful and sweet little face that carried a bit of immaturity. Her large eyes were displaying as much sincerity as they could, to the extent where it made her look a bit naturally foolish. 

Of course, if anyone really did think this black-haired girl was foolish, then one can definitely say that that person was the truly foolish one. 

Su dropped the extremely ‘handy’ assault rifle on the ground and fetched the sniper rifle on his back. With a light push against the magazine, a bullet was inserted into the chamber. Then, with one hand holding the gun, he pointed at a spacious area. With a smile, he said, “Alright, just stay over there! If you move any closer, I will fire.”

500 meters away, a ripple of energy appeared in the originally spacious and empty area. The black-haired young lady gradually appeared. She unexpectedly did just stand there. “Fire? I really am a bit scared!”

The young girl sounded extremely sincere and pure, but Su obviously wouldn’t believe her. 

That was why he suddenly pulled on the trigger. The long rifle roared, the muzzle firing a long flame, sending the bullet flying directly towards the space between the young lady’s brows!The black-haired young lady’s legs were slightly spread, her lower body standing still without moving. Her upper body suddenly leaned to the side, sending her sea of black hair dancing about. Several strands of hair just happened to stand in the bullet’s trajectory, and as a result, they were severed and sent high into the air by a wave of scorching heat. Only then did they slowly scatter downwards. 

Only when the bullet left the chamber did she begin to evade. 

Towards this result, Su and the black-haired girl both had some expectations, so there wasn’t much to be shocked about. Even if the distance was closer, it would be the same result. 

The girl continued to stand in her original spot, obedient to a terrible degree. She stared at Su, softly asking, “Were those evolutionary points tasty?” 

If one only looked at her expression and tone, one would think that they were just looking at an ignorant girl who was talking nonsense. 

She looked easy to bully, but even if Su didn’t see the way she dodged the bullet just now, he still wouldn’t fall for this act. The green flame within his eye jumped ever so slightly. “Which ones?”

“All of them?” The girl said. 

Su laughed and said, “All of them? It shouldn’t be all, since I am still missing yours.”

“I am not that tasty.” The young girl spoke words that would definitely make others misunderstand.

Su’s eyebrows curved extremely beautifully. He gave the most textbook answer, “Whether something tastes good or not, you’ll only know after giving it a try.”

En, alright.” The black-haired girl said. 

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