Book 3 Chapter 16.1

Book 3 Chapter 16.1 - Dance of Two

Cleaning up the battlefield was already an extremely familiar task for Su, but this time, the cleanup took Su an entire half hour to complete. One has to understand that from start to finish, the entire battle didn’t take more than ten minutes. Su took samples of various important organs of Martham’s body, including an eyeball, which he carefully sealed up in the portable sealing bag. If he had the time, the giant’s alloy scales, energy cannons hanging from his arm, and the annihilation cannon were all good stuff that could sell for a great price. However, right now, Su couldn’t waste precious time and energy to move these things. He could only seal them up and bury them underground. When the battles ended, he would come back for them, if Su was still alive by then, of course. 

Numbers 5 and 13 were both dead. 7 and 19 were still alive, and they both offered enough information. At least Su believed that everything they knew, they already spoke about, which was already enough. That was why Su used the...

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