Book 3 Chapter 15.4

Book 3 Chapter 15.4 - Counterattack

The instant the crystal began to shine, Su already began to quickly back up. He even reached out his hand and pushed against the outer edge of the radiance, borrowing the energy radiance’s powerful expelling force to increase his speed. Only then did he barely avoid this energy radiance’s onslaught. 

While standing behind a broken wall, Su easily restrained all of his body’s aura, almost becoming one with the darkness. He looked at his left hand. The tactical glove that carried alloy threads and couldn’t even be hacked apart by military blades only had a smaller half remaining, revealing his scorched black palm. The skin on the surface was completely burned through. The damaged edges of the tactical gloves had several alloy strands sticking out, their ends burned red and currently twisting about. 

Su released a light breath of air, feeling a bit shocked at the power of this energy radiance. If he had been hit directly by the energy radiance, half of his body would have likely been burned black on the spot. Even though Su was quite confident in his own body’s recoverative power, to the extent where he could completely recover even if half his body was burned away, if his brain or heart suffered serious damage, it was unknown if any irrecoverable injuries would be left behind. 

In olden era human fiction, regardless of how powerful the creature that appeared was, they would always have an extremely clear weakness, weak to the extent where the humans could see through it and use it to bring down this powerful creature. This laughable way of thinking truly matched ordinary humans’ insignificant strength, sluggish speed, and frail bodies. 

Su didn’t know if his own body had this type of weakness, but he didn’t want to give it a test. As he watched Martham who was like a sun in this darkness, Su only camly stood there, patiently waiting. The energy radiance’s power and its exhaustion of energy were similarly terrifying. Even if Martham’s entire body had been modified into nuclear reactors that could offer energy, he still wouldn’t be able to maintain it for much longer. 

Sure enough, two seconds later, the energy radiance slowly disappeared. Two seconds was a short period of time, but everything within several dozen meters of the giant became strangely vacant. All of the houses and buildings completely disappeared, to the extent where the ground beneath his feet sunk a meter. The surface of the crater had already crystallized, as if it had been specially covered in glass. 

This was a terrifying killing ability. Even if there was a main battle tank that had parked in this range, these two seconds would have completely turned it into scrap metal.

Su patiently waited for a chance. His left hand was already scorched, but his right hand that was carrying the assault rifle was still in perfect condition. 

After restraining the energy radiance, the smooth crystal surface in Martham’s body slowly bulged, and then it withdrew into his body. Due to the excessive power produced by the energy radiance, one of the four crystals revealed a slight crack, and there were burnt traces at the edge of the other three as well. The edges of the alloy armor showed traces of being distorted, and while opening and closing, creaking sounds rang through the air. There were even a few alloy plates that directly separated from his body, exposing the muscles that they were originally protecting. 

Without waiting for the crystal to completely withdraw, Martham suddenly moved his arms. The alloy plates around his forearm shifted one after another, opening and exposing two unique energy cannons. One could tell with a glance that the twenty centimeter caliber energy cannons definitely possessed tremendous power. Dim red radiance shone at the center of the cannon barrels, and then in a spiral manner, light took form, quickly filling up the barrels. The energy cannons lightly trembled, and then released a heart shaking whistling sound. Then, small dark red balls of light gradually condensed at the end of the cannons. 

Swoosh swoosh! After a serious of light sounds, Martham’s legs spread apart. His shoulders and back even released more than ten meter long stingers, their tri-edged tips looking incomparably sharp. At this moment, Martham was both a offensive and defensive powerhouse, an incredibly powerful human-shaped weapon!

“Actually, battle and victory are both extremely simple.” Su’s gentle voice suddenly sounded from Martham’s back.

The giant released a world-shaking roar. He didn’t even have the time to turn his head around, let alone his entire body. The armor covering the back of his head opened, and the tissues resting beneath the armor began to forcibly tear apart. A massive eyeball covered in bloody veins emerged from the depths of this clump of mangled flesh, and then it stared deathly at Su like a wild beast!

Su continued to stand there behind Martham, one arm raising the Scorpions of Disaster’s assault rifle, its muzzle almost touching Martham’s back. When this scene entered Martham’s consciousness, the assault rifle’s trigger had already been pulled all the way down. 

“No!” Martham seemed to have gone mad as he roared. This scream seemed to make even glass several hundred meters away shatter! However, not even this thunderous roar could suppress that weak but clear gunshot. 

The moment the gunshot fired, Martham’s entire body suddenly went rigid! In that instant, he became like a giant mecha that had lost control. His body turned around like a whirlwind, and his fists closed, heavily smashing down on the place Su was just standing in!

The ground caved in and then bounced back up. Then, like an ocean wave, the earth began to ripple outwards. An enormous meter deep pit now appeared in the place Su was originally standing on. 

However, at this moment, Su was already several dozen meters outwards. His figure gracefully shifted about, disappearing behind a small building that only had a single floor remaining. 

Ss! Two thick dark red beams shot out, landing on the small building at the same time! Two enormous holes immediately appeared in the originally already damaged walls. There was simply nothing that could offer any hindrance to the energy cannon’s fire. 

Martham’s four eyeballs seemed to almost bulge out from their sockets. His arms’ energy cannons’ ends remained bright the entire time, using the highest firing rate to send beams of light into the darkness where Su might be hiding. However, the giant knew that these attacks were futile. If one had the talent of developing spirit reaction in the Perception Domain, then their ability to avoid being targeted would be greatly increased. There was almost no chance of hitting someone like that, unless the other party also had the spirit reaction ability as well. Unfortunately, the giant’s mental power wasn’t that great, and as a result, most of his perception abilities came from instruments and organ modifications.

This firing without locking onto a target meant that Martham could only place all his hopes on luck, hoping that one of these energy beams might blast Su apart. Let alone the fact that this probability was pitifully low, Martham knew that this fellow Su’s luck seemed to always be exceptionally good. 

The consumption of the energy cannon was just as astonishing as its power. Martham’s field of view became a dark red, and then warnings of low energy reserves continuously appeared in his field of view. However, his body’s stamina seemed to be decreasing even faster than what he had expected. In the blink of an eye, his knees couldn’t support the weight of his enormous body, causing him to kneel heavily on the ground! This shift in his center of balance made the giant’s body fall backwards. This powerful force caused Martham’s knees to release a frightening cracking sound, and then just like that, he fell onto his back!

A transparent oily liquid continuously seeped out from the giant’s body. It was unknown whether this was blood or a liquid produced by some other organ. Meanwhile, all four eyes dimmed one after another, and a few seconds later, there was only one eye remaining, still tenaciously scanning its surroundings. Martham could feel that there was currently an army fighting viciously within him, their efforts quickly wiping out his own vitality and power. What was scary was that this foreign army’s power was still quickly strengthening. After taking a bit of food, they would split into two, each devouring another mouthful, then splitting into four. They repeated this cycle just like that, reproducing again and again. 

A somewhat bitter smile surfaced at the bottom of the giant’s heart. 

Exactly what kind of person was this Helen? He really was curious. Why was the power of the type three bullet more than a hundred times greater than that of the very first type one he suffered? Improving the strength of any biochemical weapon even slightly should be an exceptionally difficult thing. In addition, he never expected to fall from the assault rifle an ordinary soldier used. Normally, the giant didn’t fear assault rifle fire at all, and even if a sniper rifle fired from a close distance, it still couldn’t blast through his alloy plating. However, he never expected the shot Su fired to perfectly enter the tiny injury caused by the alloy plating coming off. Even though the injury was small, the gun’s barrel was already almost touching his skin, so how could it not make it through? This shot, was it really luck, or was it some other reason?

Su’s power wasn’t particularly outstanding. His speed was very fast, but it didn’t occupy an overwhelming superiority. Spirit reaction belonged to perception and defensive ability categories, not offering any offensive attributes. Apart from that damn bullet, Su didn’t seem to have any skills that left a particularly deep impression. However, for some reason, even before he was facing death, Martham always had a type of feeling that Su was undefeatable. 

In the giant’s blurry field of view, Su finally appeared. He continued to carry that cheaply-priced assault rifle, and that sniper rifle was once again hung on his back.

Su squatted down by Martham’s head and stared at the only eye that was still flickering with radiance. 

“How… were you able to dodge my annihilation cannon… how did you defeat me…” From the giant’s throat came questions that were almost impossible to hear. 

Su thought for a moment, already understanding the giant’s question. As he looked at Martham’s eye whose radiance was currently fading, Su hesitated for a moment before saying softly, “Once one approaches omniscience, they they also draw closer to omnipotence.”

“Omnipotence from omniscience… so it was like that…” The giant’s throat released stammering laugher. His voice became weaker and weaker.

Su sighed. He covered Martham’s eye with his hand. Thus, the final bit of light in front of the giant’s eye also disappeared henceforth. 

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