Book 3 Chapter 15.3

Book 3 Chapter 15.3 - Counterattack

Feeling number 7’s weakening but still abundant vitality, the giant cracked open a grin. He laughed a few times, and then as if he was thinking aloud, he said, “Even when fated to become evolutionary points, you still want to escape?”

Clear ridicule could be seen from those four inhuman eyes. These chosen had a body full of abilities, but their fighting strength were awfully low. If they were swapped out for anyone else with ample combat experience, who would ask a completely useless question at such a critical moment like ‘What are you trying to do?’

What did the giant want to do? His thoughts were simple, and it was just to smash number 7 under the car. Even if he wasn’t crushed to death, he should forget about running. For this giant, this was truly an extremely simple matter. 

The giant no longer paid the dying number 7 any attention. Either way, he wouldn’t die for another few hours, so things won’t be delayed. The giant moved his two meter long thick feet, taking large steps into the darkness where Su was. Every time his feet descended, the force that was produced from his body would always make the surrounding surface tremble slightly!

This 1500 meters of distance wasn’t that far, and in the blink of an eye, the giant stood in front of Su. He looked extremely heavy, but with his huge strides, his speed wasn’t that much slower than number 5’s. 

However, when he hurried over, number 5 was already laying on his back. 

The giant lowered his head. His four eyes each moved, two of them looking at Su and the other two looking at the absent-minded number 5 whose chest was rapidly rising and falling. 

Apart from the slender cut on his neck and shoulder, number 5’s body didn’t have any other injuries. However, his powerful vitality seemed to be completely drained just from this small cut. Apart from his four limbs involuntarily twitching a few times, no other movements could be seen from his body. 

Su calmly stood there, that handless blade continuing to danced about between his fingertips. 

“Su, we haven’t seen each other for a long time, but you’ve become even stronger.” From the giant’s tone, it sounded as if he was speaking to a good friend. 

Su laughed and said, “Is that so? You are stronger than before too. However, if I was you, I wouldn’t have chosen this type of method.”

The giant cracked open a grin and said, “Are there really that many choices in life?”

Su’s smile remained unchanged. He nodded, and with a sigh, said, “That is true. It is just like how you will be killed by me tonight, similarly without a choice. However, perhaps, even with other choices, it might not necessarily be a good thing. Isn’t that right, Martham?”

The giant’s large mouth cracked open, his smile becoming extremely terrifying. However, one could sense that he was releasing a sincere laughter, “Indeed. I have at most another half year of life left, and most of that time will be spent in a state of hibernation without reasoning or independent will. Being able to die under your hands is not too bad of a conclusion. Only, will you be able to kill me? You might become a rare memory I will keep with me for the final half year of my life.”

“I can.” Su’s smile was gentle. The blade flying between his fingertips disappeared, turning into a seemingly ordinary magazine, a magazine used by the Scorpions of Disaster’s standard assault rifles. One would be able to find one of these anywhere on the battlefield just by taking a few steps. 

There was only a single bullet in the magazine. The bullet head was transparent, and the inside of it flowed with a similarly unknown liquid. 

In that instant, Martham’s eyes immediately focused on that bullet, and the pupils all narrowed! He had an extremely deep impression of this bullet, to the point where he even remembered the characters carved on it. This bullet similarly had fine handwriting carved on it: “Special biological lifeform prototype bullet, Helen.”

Immediately after, Martham’s expression returned to normal. “I knew that you definitely wouldn’t give me the opportunity for a fair battle, because doing so would be unfair for you. However, there is one thing I am a bit confused about. What is the meaning in challenging us now?”

Su’s pretty eye blinked, and then he said, “I want to occupy your forward operating base, and then exchange it for money.”

“Exchange it for money?” Martham’s expression immediately became a bit dull. No matter how he thought about it, he never expected this to be the reason. However, there was no need for Su to lie to him, and there was even less of a reason to lie about this. 

Only with great difficulty did the giant recover from his state of shock. With a bitter laugh, he said, “Alright, this can’t be considered a bad reason. However, why didn’t you wait a bit longer? At least, from what it looks like right now, time is on your side.”

“I need the money urgently.”

It was another reason that left Martham speechless. 

The giant suddenly laughed. He pointed towards his own head that had four eyes and said, “I spend most of the time sleeping, and now that I’ve been given a rare opportunity to be awake, I seem to have become a bit wordy. There isn’t much time left, so do your worst!”

The giant released a world shaking roar, and then the muscles over his entire body suddenly rose and fell. Then, his muscles that were wriggling about produced sheet after sheet of alloy plating, covering Martham’s body in an instant. Apart from the four eyes, the alloy plating seemed to cover every inch of the giant’s skin! Martham’s two outer eyes colors changed from a wretched green to a deep red. His pupils shrunk, and then an extremely blinding radiance erupted. Two beams of high energy lasers suddenly shot towards Su!

However, when the lasers shot out, Su already moved from his original spot. The dark red beam blasted on the ground, immediately producing a small hole. Martham’s eyes closely followed Su, sending the two beams of light after his figure. In addition, even though the color of the lasers became more and more dim, the energy they contained instead increased several times. In the blink of an eye, the surface of the ground was covered with fine intersecting grooves, and the surrounding buildings even more so collapsed one after another!

Su sped up, suddenly stopped, jumped, ducked, and continuously made all types of unimaginably evasive movements to weave between the two energy beams. Not only was he not injured in the slightest, he even had leftover time to raise an assault rifle and place the magazine containing the special biological bullet into the firearm!

Martham suddenly opened his large mouth, and then he released a silent roar! Visible ripples of energy fired from his mouth that was large to an inconceivable level, blasting at Su ring after ring! However, when the ripples reached the ground, Su had long disappeared from his original spot. 

The fluctuating ripples permeated the ground. Roughly a minute later, the ground suddenly exploded, and then endless earth and rubble erupted! A ten meter radius, several meter deep crater appeared in the ground that was originally frozen incomparably solid!

The earth that scattered down blocked Martham’s line of sight, but he knew that Su had many types of perception abilities, and that this earth wasn’t very useful in dealing with Su. Sure enough, an ice-cold aura crawled up Martham’s back, meaning that Su’s attention was already locked onto his vertebra. However, Martham had long made preparations. The alloy plating covering his chest and back respectively shifted to the side, each revealing two enormous smooth crystal surfaces. 

The crystal’s surface first flickered with a bit of radiance, and then the entire crystal immediately illuminated. A gentle yet muddled with a milky white radiance beam of light scattered out from the crystal’s surface, extending in all directions. These brilliant rays that contained powerful energy possessed substance and were even more like a stream as they slowly poured in all directions. This ‘slowly’ was merely relative to the speed of light. In reality, from the moment the crystal surface lit up, everything within a range of 50 meters around Martham was covered in milky white energy! No matter where this light passed through, larger rocks were directly blasted apart, while smaller rocks were directly annihilated!

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