Book 3 Chapter 15.3

Book 3 Chapter 15.3 - Counterattack

Feeling number 7’s weakening but still abundant vitality, the giant cracked open a grin. He laughed a few times, and then as if he was thinking aloud, he said, “Even when fated to become evolutionary points, you still want to escape?”

Clear ridicule could be seen from those four inhuman eyes. These chosen had a body full of abilities, but their fighting strength were awfully low. If they were swapped out for anyone else with ample combat experience, who would ask a completely useless question at such a critical moment like ‘What are you trying to do?’

What did the giant want to do? His thoughts were simple, and it was just to smash number 7 under the car. Even if he wasn’t crushed to death, he should forget about running. For this giant, this was truly an extremely simple matter. 

The giant no longer paid...

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