Book 3 Chapter 15.2

Book 3 Chapter 15.2 - Counterattack

However, he knew that the closer they got to that little sheep who knew how to use a sniper rifle, the more dangerous it would be for numbers 13 and 19, because the amount of time they had to react would become less and less. 

When the distance between them fell to 1000 meters, the sniper bullet’s fiery light flickered about again. The body of number 19 whose reaction speed was a bit slower slightly swayed. The feeling of pain was transmitted back through the thin perception strand, clearly sent back to number 5. When he saw number 19 crawl back up and continue charging forward, the corners of number 5’s lips revealed a trace of a cruel smile. This time, number 19 could only be said to be lightly wounded, with just his thigh being scraped. However, his luck ended here. Number 5 believed that this little sheep named Su wouldn’t be that weak-minded and waste a bullet on the more nimble number 13’s body. 

This time, there was no flash of light, only a gunshot from the darkness. Number 19 suddenly jumped, and then, as if...

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