Book 3 Chapter 15.2

Book 3 Chapter 15.2 - Counterattack

However, he knew that the closer they got to that little sheep who knew how to use a sniper rifle, the more dangerous it would be for numbers 13 and 19, because the amount of time they had to react would become less and less. 

When the distance between them fell to 1000 meters, the sniper bullet’s fiery light flickered about again. The body of number 19 whose reaction speed was a bit slower slightly swayed. The feeling of pain was transmitted back through the thin perception strand, clearly sent back to number 5. When he saw number 19 crawl back up and continue charging forward, the corners of number 5’s lips revealed a trace of a cruel smile. This time, number 19 could only be said to be lightly wounded, with just his thigh being scraped. However, his luck ended here. Number 5 believed that this little sheep named Su wouldn’t be that weak-minded and waste a bullet on the more nimble number 13’s body. 

This time, there was no flash of light, only a gunshot from the darkness. Number 19 suddenly jumped, and then, as if a formless iron hammer struck down on him, his body turned and flew backwards, slamming heavily onto the ground! An enormous wound suddenly appeared on his stomach. Almost all of his intestines and his lower backbone were crushed together and touching, an enormous hole replacing their original positions. 

“Smart fella, just his luck isn’t too good.” Number 5 thought while producing two thin and soft short blades from his waist. When he brandished them in the night wind, the short blades immediately released weng weng cries; they were clearly incomparably sharp. Number 19’s jump the moment the bullet hit him came at the cost of all of his internal organs, but in exchange, his heart and brain were still intact. With this type of injury, once brought back and reconstructed, number 19’s ability would weaken a bit, and his status would correspondingly lower, perhaps dropping down all the way to 22, if, that is, no new members joined. However, regardless, he managed to preserve his life. 

Number 5 arched his body. The yellow radiance in his eyes became brighter and brighter, and his perception abilities began to tighten more and more! Right when number 13 reached 400 meters from Su, number 5 suddenly leapt up, disappearing into the darkness like a wisp of smoke. 

In the blink of an eye, number 5’s speed already reached three times that of number 13! Number 13 excelled at dexterity, power, and close combat abilities. If he was given enough time, he might very well capture this little sheep Su. This was definitely not something number 5 would tolerate. 

The off-road vehicle’s engine continued to rumble about, but there was no way this noise could suppress the heavy breathing sounds coming from the vehicle’s rear. The breathing sounds were like gusts of wind, but also like that of a hibernating dinosaur. Between every breath, the heavy off-road vehicle suited with metal armor would tremble in response. 

The back of the car was quite spacious, but in reality, nearly half of it had been occupied by the individual that never got out. Based on Pandora’s plans, number 5 was the battlefield commander, but after finding Su, this mysterious individual was their team’s true offensive powerhouse. However, number 5 didn’t feel like this fatass was of any use. He had seen too many fellas like him whose brains were only packed with muscle. Perhaps by relying on the terrifying power of his flesh and exceptional defensive strength, this large fella could defeat number 5 in a one on one fight, but that was only during an intense duel. On the battlefield, if one wanted to win, most of the time, they still had to rely on intellect. Number 5 decided that he was going to personally bring this pretty little sheep in front of the apostle. Of course, before then, he would definitely have enough time to do many things to this little sheep. 

Su’s sniping skill was indeed not bad, equally matched with number 7’s. However, for number 5, it posed no threat. He didn’t fear snipers at all. Number 5 believed that in this type of combat, there was no need for that idiot fatass who only knew how to eat and sleep at all. 

200 meters. 

Number 13’s luck was extremely good, actually instinctively dodging Su’s final snipe. He then rushed at Su’s sniping point at full speed! If number 5 wasn’t wrong, then Su didn’t have the chance to fire again. He had no choice but to toss the sniper rifle aside and jump out from his sniping position. Soon after, he would have to fight number 13 in close combat!

At this moment, the distance between number 5 and Su was less than 100 meters! From the way his body leaned forward, it was almost parallel to the ground. The twin blades that were dragged behind him produced friction with the air, continuously releasing sharp whistling sounds. In three seconds, number 5 would break into the battle between the two individuals, and then he would personally knock down this cute little sheep. If number 13 wanted to fight him over it, number 5 didn’t mind sending him back to the concoction pits. Leaving a corpse behind here might not be a bad idea either. 

Three seconds later, just like how number 5 wanted, he rushed into the battlefield. Only, the conclusion to the battle between Su and number 13 happened much quicker than he had anticipated. 

Something else that was completely unexpected was that the one who fell was number 13, the one who excelled at close combat. 

Su stood there calmly, looking extremely relaxed and carefree. A thin and handleless blade numbly danced between his right hand’s long and slender fingers, as if it was an extremely lively spirit. Su looked at number 5 and then smiled. His smile was just like a fox tempting a hen to come closer. 

hong sounded. The off-road vehicle’s metal armor was blasted flying. Then, a giant over four meters tall walked out from within the vehicle. He stretched out his body that had remained seated in the vehicle for a long time, causing bones all of his body to release numerous cracking sounds. When the cracking sounds seemed to become more infrequent, his body unexpectedly became even a bit larger. He was now almost five meters tall as he stood there!

Unlike number 5, the giant had four eyes resting side by side. His pupils that were like little bells released a deep green radiance that was especially striking. There was only a half cropped pair of trousers on him, exposing all of his steel-like muscles outside. 

He swept the surroundings with his four eyes, and then he looked at number 7 who had just treated his leg injury and was currently trying to stand up by holding onto the off-road vehicle. He suddenly released a rumbling laughed and said, “You all wanted to kill Su with just this group of idiots? All you guys will do is gift him some evolutionary points.”

When he heard the giant speak, number 7 immediately became stupefied. He pointed at the giant, and then with a stammering voice, he said, “You… why are you able to speak? After experiencing remodeling process A, how… how can you still have intelligence?”

The giant’s eyes were like four green searchlights, illuminating number 7’s body. “Apart from praising the apostle, you all only know how to lay inside a culture tube and level up your abilities. There are too many things you all don’t know about. Haha, actually, making it through remodeling process A isn’t that big a deal. In front of that fella, I will soon become evolutionary points for him to absorb as well, it’s just that it will be a bit more difficult.”

At this moment, the muscles on number 7’s back continuously wriggled about, gradually closing all of the wounds. He put together a smile that wasn’t all that brilliant, and then he slowly moved his body towards the driver’s seat while saying, “In that case, number 5 likely won’t be able to complete the mission, so the sheep can only be handed to you. As for the great apostle, I will return and make a report…”

Before he finished speaking, number 7 already stepped on the gas pedal of the off-road vehicle all the way down!

The engine immediately became a level louder. The four thick tires spun quickly, fiercely digging into the ground. Number 7 couldn’t suppress the fear he felt inside. He did everything he could to turn the steering wheel and free himself from this nightmare of a battlefield. His fear not only came from Su, but also from this giant that exceeded his understanding. There had never been anyone who had undergone remodeling process A and did not become a degenerate that only knew how to fight on instinct and follow specific orders, not even one! Number 7’s intelligence allowed him to understand a bit of remodeling process A’s principles, but the more he knew, the more he understood why no one should be able to make it through this process with their intelligence intact!

This was a strange battlefield, as well as a strange period of time. Everything toppled what he understood, as well as the common sense he was taught. His remaining survival instincts told number 7 that only leaving this place as quickly as possible was the right choice!

However, the engine was already at its limit, and the entire vehicle was violently shaking, but number 7 didn’t see any changes in the surrounding scenery.

The off-road vehicle didn’t move?

As soon as this thought had just entered number 7’s mind, he immediately forcefully pushed aside the gate and directly jumped out from the driver’s seat! As his body flew through the air, number 7 still had time to turn around to look at the back of the vehicle. Sure enough, one of that giant’s hands was grabbing onto the off-road vehicle, forcibly picking this 800 horsepower high-powered off-road vehicle from its original spot!

“What are you trying to do?!” Number 7 shouted loudly. He momentarily forgot that his own left leg was already broken, unable to display any force. The moment he fell, the intense pain his left leg sent back to him made his entire body tremble, and as a result, his movement speed was slightly released. However, this was a fatal drop in speed. Inside number 7’s pupils that were full of fear, he could only see the off-road vehicle becoming larger and larger!

With a bang sound, the several ton off-road vehicle smashed onto the ground, causing the enormous vehicle’s body to distort. Number 7 was completely crushed underneath with not a part of him in sight. The only thing that could be seen were the waves of blood that continuously flowed out from beneath the vehicle. 

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