Book 3 Chapter 15.1

Book 3 Chapter 15.1 - Counterattack

The darkness and peace of night were continuously broken by unending gunshots. When the whistling of artillery shells and sounds of explosion joined in, this night was doomed to never become peaceful again. 

Su stood on top of a large caliber mortar, watching as the artillery shell drew a large arc through the air before accurately hitting a four layered office building several hundred meters out. Then, what followed was a world-shaking explosion. Flames even began to spray out from the office windows, and like cat kin, a few figures drifted into the air, sent flying by the blast wave. Even Su who was standing several hundred meters away could feel the scorching heat hitting his face!

Su lightly kicked outwards, straightening the mortar whose position had shifted slightly from the recoil. Then, he tossed the azure painted artillery shell into the cannon barrel, turned around, and walked into the darkness without looking at the result at all. Another sharp whistling sound rang through the air. The artillery shell that released blue radiance dropped down from high up in the air and smashed towards the office building on the verge of collapse. After two blasts, the entire troop of Scorpions of Disaster soldiers who used this office building as a strategic point was blown apart. 

In this era, the basic principle of a mortar weapon was the same. However, because the artillery shell’s power was several times greater, it was close to the olden era’s heavy artillery in power. However, this type of killing weapon’s effectiveness was currently declining along with the rising of people’s abilities. Of course, when used to deal with the Scorpions of Disaster soldiers whose bodies were hardly any different from ordinary humans, they still produced clear results. 

Three seconds after Su left, several large caliber bullets flew over, landing on the spot he was originally standing in. One of them even directly blew up the mortar. 

After experiencing several days of bitter battles, there were scattered weapons everywhere on the battlefield. Not only were there mortars, Su had even found a few howitzers. These types of heavy firepower might be useless against ability users, but they possessed tremendous destructive power against the Scorpions of Disaster. Su was like a ghost in the darkness, continuously roaming about on the battlefield and using all the weapons he found to kill the enemy. Before setting out to battle, Su specially spent a long time to study various types of weapon operating. Firing cannons was one of the easiest parts of this content. 

While engaging in guerilla warfare, not only did Su kill large amounts of ordinary soldiers, he even successfully lured those fellas hiding in the darkness out of their nest. 

Several kilometers out, a wave of ear-splitting friction sounds of rubber grinding against the surface of the ground sounded. As a high-powered off-road vehicle suddenly came to a stop, the thick tires drew out four deep grooves on the surface of the ground! Its enormous body could carry at least ten people, making it already somewhat close to a truck. 

The off-road vehicle didn’t even completely come to a stop when a young man jumped out from the vehicle. He looked like he had just turned twenty, and his face still carried a bit of childishness. He wasn’t that tall, but he was quite skinny, perhaps weighing less than fifty kilograms. In this type of frigid night, his upper body was only covered by a shirt, and only a few buttons were fastened, exposing a larger half of his chest. His jeans that were full of holes didn’t seem to offer much protection against the cold either. 

As soon as he got off the vehicle, he stuck his hands into his pockets, adopting the model frivolous appearance as he walked a circle around the off-road vehicle. His eyes were unexpectedly flickering with a faint yellow radiance. After walking a circle around this place, this youngster immediately shouted, “All of you, get out! Stop lazing about on the car! That cute little lamp should be nearby!”

Following the young man’s shout, two strangely shaped individuals quickly jumped off of the off-road vehicle. The young man rushed forward and punched the face of the large male that jumped off the back, actually smashing this robust man that was double his own size flying out and slamming heavily onto the off-road vehicle’s body, creating a dent in the sturdy thin vehicle armor. 

“Number 19, you are getting off too slowly!” The youngster released a cold shout. 

The robust man turned over and got up. After suffering from such a powerful punch, he was unexpectedly only a bit dizzy. After wiping away the corner at the edge of his lips, he didn’t treat it as a big deal. When facing this skinny youngster, it was as if he was facing his natural predator. He didn’t even have the courage to retaliate and carefully hid to the side. 

The youngster gave the off-road vehicle another look, and then coldly said, “Number 7, could it be that you want me to personally drag you out?”

A lazy voice sounded from within the off-road vehicle, “Number 5, if that’s what you really want to do, then just come. I’m waiting.”

The youngsters’ light yellow eyes suddenly lit up, and his pupils turned into a slit. He stared at the off-road vehicle’s carriage like a starving wolf, slowly saying, “Number 7, I’ll remember these words. When this battle ends, I will let you know why I am number 5, and why you are number 7. Even a small difference is still a difference! Right now, I am the battlefield commander, so it’s best if you crawl out of there right now! Otherwise, don’t blame me for reporting your actions to her distinguished self Pandora!”

A snort sounded from within the carriage. A bald head reluctantly reached out of the top of the back of the off-road vehicle, and then what followed was an upper body that was a bit overly developed. After that were two thick thighs that were tightly bound within leather trousers. The rifle in his hands was especially eye-catching as well. It was actually an extremely large caliber sniper rifle! This gun didn’t really seem to match his body’s build, however. 

When the bald man still had one foot stuck in the carriage, his body suddenly shook. Without even daring to turn to the side to take a look or worry about his foot that was stuck in the car compartment, he threw himself outwards!

"Hurry and hide!" Number 5 seemed to shout himself hoarse at the same moment!

However, his sudden outburst was still a bit late. A deep groove suddenly appeared on number 7’s lower back, and then blood suddenly sprayed outwards. The nearby two meters long bloody mist was just like a banner! Even though he avoided getting hit in his key areas, his hurried movements couldn’t completely evade the bullet that flew through the darkness, so he was still seriously injured. The gunshot wound on his back severed many important muscles, so even after it was temporarily dealt with, this sniper named number 7 would still have his fighting strength lowered by close to half. 

With a tonk sound, number 7’s enormous body heavily smashed onto the ground. Apart from the injury on his back, his left leg was also twisted at a strange angle. He released a muffled groan before flipping his body over and assuming a seated posture. As soon as he reached out his hands towards his left leg, his expression changed. He jumped towards the side with all of his strength, not having any time to worry about his broken leg! 

A blast of heat mixed with mud and rock erupted from the place where he was originally sitting at, and it stretched close to two meters into the air! The power of this bullet seemed comparable to a high-powered machine cannon! As a sniper, even though number 7’s body was massive, his defensive strength was not comparable to that of high level combat domain ability users. If he had been hit by this shot, a leg might have been directly blown off! However, his sudden movement still worsened the injuries of his broken left leg. The broken end of his leg bone, due to the sudden movements, moved around, making the injuries inside his leg a terrible mess. Even though his body possessed regenerative power similar to a reptile, this type of injury was already not something he could recover from alone. 

“Damn it! Why is he also a sniper? Fuck! Number 7, hurry up and suppress him…” Number 5 roared out this order, and only then did he remember number 7 already had his fighting strength crippled, as well as the fact that he was their troop’s only sniper. 

“God dammit! Why didn’t he directly blast your pig heads rotten?!” Number 5 hatefully cursed at number 7. He never expected that Su was actually a sniper even more powerful than an extremely skilled sniper. In the amount of time Su took to aim and target, he actually didn’t feel the slightest sensation. Only when the bullet whose speed was greater than sound closed in on their group did he feel something. The best way to deal with a sniper was to pressure back with another sniper. Originally, number 7 was a sniper at the same level as Su, but before he even crawled out from the off-road vehicle, he was crippled by two sniper bullets. He really didn’t know if it was because number 7’s luck was truly bad, or if Su’s luck was too good. 

However, Su’s good luck stopped here!

Number 5 stood in front of the off-road vehicle’s glaring headlights in a carefree manner, smiling coldly without any fear of Su’s snipe. He wasn’t as clumsy as number 7; with his inhuman reaction speed and perception abilities, as long as he sensed the bullet within a range of 50 meters, he could dodge out of the way. 

There was another way of dealing with a sniper, and that was close combat.

Number 5 pointed into the darkness ahead and said, “He is hiding right there, distance about 1500 meters. Number 13 and 19! You two, rush over there and drag him back!”

The two robust men gave each other a look. Even though they were a bit hesitant, they still clenched their teeth and rushed into the darkness with all of their strength. Even though Su’s sniping expertise already made them feel a deep sense of fear, rushing forward would at most bring them serious injuries and not take their life. However, if they didn’t rush forward, the infamous number 5 would kill them right here and now. 

Number 5 spread out two lines of perception, attaching them to the bodies of the currently rushing number 13 and 19. A flash of light flickered about from the distant darkness. Number 13 suddenly collapsed. Then, he jumped up and continued to rush forward. 

"Your luck isn't bad!" Number 5 leisurely stood in front of the off-road vehicle while thinking cheerfully. He took out a photograph from his chest pocket and stared at this man whose face, even though covered on one side by an eye-patch, still wouldn’t lose out to any exceptionally beautiful women. He reached out his tongue, and then from bottom to top, he licked Su’s entire face. 

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