Book 3 Chapter 15.1

Book 3 Chapter 15.1 - Counterattack

The darkness and peace of night were continuously broken by unending gunshots. When the whistling of artillery shells and sounds of explosion joined in, this night was doomed to never become peaceful again. 

Su stood on top of a large caliber mortar, watching as the artillery shell drew a large arc through the air before accurately hitting a four layered office building several hundred meters out. Then, what followed was a world-shaking explosion. Flames even began to spray out from the office windows, and like cat kin, a few figures drifted into the air, sent flying by the blast wave. Even Su who was standing several hundred meters away could feel the scorching heat hitting his face!

Su lightly kicked outwards, straightening the mortar whose position had shifted slightly from the recoil. Then, he tossed the azure painted artillery shell into the cannon barrel, turned around, and walked into the darkness without looking at the result at all. Another sharp whistling sound rang through the air. The artillery shell that released blue radiance dropped down from high...

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