Book 3 Chapter 14.5

Book 3 Chapter 14.5 - Intercept

O’Brien stood in this forest that flowed with brilliance, deep in thought towards the past. At his side were the ten ice sculptures of different postures. The Hebilu that O’Brien froze maintained the most basic level of vitality, but their life force already suffered severe damage. Only if they were immediately defrosted and given treatment would they have a chance of survival. 

The forest was currently still negative twenty degrees, so the ice wouldn’t melt at all. The Hebilu warriors could only exhaust their last bit of life force within these coffins of ice. 

The family’s communications ended a few minutes later. The research manager’s face immediately changed. He hurried to O’Brien’s side and said, “Your distinguished self, top secret intelligence from the family.”

O’Brien received the optical screen. Then, with his own genes as the passcode, he unlocked the layers of seals placed on this intelligence. As he read it, his face gradually fell. The research manager that stood next to him didn’t show any changes in his expression, but his palms were covered in sweat, and he was inwardly grumbling. In the Arthur family, his level of authority was quite high, second...

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