Book 3 Chapter 14.4

Book 3 Chapter 14.4 - Intercept

What was still currently unknown was how these Hebilu who possessed high levels of intelligence appeared. Did they evolve from the original world’s creatures, or did they have other means of origin? Based on normal reasoning, if they didn’t have any other types of origin, there was no way this type of comprehensively matured, structurally balanced, and highly intelligent new species could have been produced in just a few short decades of time. Forget about a few decades, not even tens of thousands of years were enough. 

However, this era was precisely an era that toppled all general knowledge. 

At the center of their group, O’Brien who was protected within a faint yellow cover appeared calm. He walked slowly with the rest of the troop instead of leading the way like the first time they entered this forest. 

This time, he led an enormous troop of over fifty people. The two people at the front simultaneously supported an enormous protective cover over ten meters in diameter, protecting the dozen or so fully armed companions within. There were similarly people in the back who supported a protective screen. At the center of the screen were two women who carried strange instruments that looked like ventilators. From time to time, they would point the front end of the instrument towards the sky. In the direction where they pointed at, all of the floating flowers within a range of several dozen meters would begin to burn until not even ashes were left. These floating flowers seemed...

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