Book 3 Chapter 14.3

Book 3 Chapter 14.3 - Intercept

“That is not possible. Most of the chosen are still laying dormant. They need rest and time to nurture power.” Pandora coldly rejected Diaster’s suggestion, putting the marshal once again at the brink of insanity. 

Diaster coldly laughed and slowly said, “Nurture power? If they aren’t even going to move out now, I really don’t know what those pigs sleeping in thick water need power for! Either they are being soaked until they smell and rot, or their containers will be directly smashed apart by the enemy and cut up like mushy meat. Is this the conclusion those chosen are heading for? I really have to say that the apostle really isn’t just a normal type of wise and great!”

“Please watch your words, Marshal Diaster.” After Pandora gave another routine warning, she became silent. Only after almost ten seconds had passed did she say, “The apostle has already noticed...

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